1. Idk the history between these two women, but Terri Ann house sawt out PROPA and ar little girl preeeeeeeeettttttty suh til…that mi know…

      1. Yep I saw a video with this wutliss cutliss a wine up har self wit the baby a stroll round di house like stray cat dem tooooo rassss igle whey she find time fi shit like this wit a young chile go spend time wit the baby man

  1. doh careta if house sort out or dawta cute
    she WUTLESS BADDD and have no class stop with these pathetic videos
    she can barely speak properly its so annoying with them
    then nicki minaj guh imitate her she feel like she a really somebody now sick mi

  2. yes wicked a truu mi stumuck sick to……n a shi shi tek d gal man n him tell r fi dash weh d pickney ……..so shi cyan dunn knw

  3. Boy jmg a blaze all wk met u large oh a u site all ova the world big up!!! U exposed the thieves man tekka rotten ass kotchers di fakers a di list goes on. a dutty lean tiefing apple everything u have fake as f**k a di whole a oonu tief as f**k a suck oonu one another oonu go lock oonu self inna pit toilet cause di whole a oonu a shit a piss.

  4. she is so annoying now!!! Because she is behind the screen she has so much f**king mouth. If smaddy give her a f**k slap and video it, then she will kool. Video bad gyal.

  5. Mek Terrian go si dug mi know har long time and a never so si ghetto and stay she was a quiet pretty gal the lower har standard like Fi man.It doa look good mi look pon har different so does alot a people. It nuh fit har ! Facebook a turn people in a fool wtf go school and get a degree or something man no man Facebook a give out money??? Kmdt mi tired a dem hurry come up gyal yah WALLY BRITISH bus and people love har Terrian caah buss all now no tv interview even though nikki imitate har lol not a hater but a di chuute

  6. Memba seh dealing wid a gal like Melissa is a dutty hog suh di girl cah gwaan like sheep fi step to hoggy.She haffy galang like swine fi mek di hog understand

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