0 thoughts on “TESHA MILLER TO COME OUT 2016

  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    a wonda if a dis Alkaline been waan seh but cuden suh him jus sidung pon de 2016 suh like its no badi bizniz…:nerd
    sumadi a w8 fi naam him “afta release” food

  2. Good morning Simplicity, it look like say me and you a think alike. So, 2016 = will be a very important year for Tesha and Alkaline. These are 2 Special education homies who relies on shock value to get the attention that their poor withered egos so desperately craves.

  3. Dip right away. I wonder if him can juss waltz back inna di donship? Him gyal Skirtel gawn. This aguh tess di New Commish.

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