I would like to thank a few bloggers from the bottom of my heart who went out of the way go get first hand details of the Kartel case for JMG.

Psalm 2
King James Version (KJV)
1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

7 I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

11 Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

I was called by God to do what I do everyday. I must give thanks to the Almighty first.

Kaboom- I cannot………cannot repay you, that Saturday morning when you sent the first set of photos I had no idea what it would turn out to be. You followed it up by coming with a story that we can say today was 100% correct. I thank you and may God bless you for ALWAYS looking out.

Mrs ____. Thank you for everything your trust, your words and your love. Only God knows how thankful my heart is for you and for your all your help. You gave very intricate details that cannot be matched .
Lizard’s friend- Thank you for your words and the link
Lamar Chow’s ” family member”- When I got your first email years ago I knew everything that was written was correct, thank you for your support, your words . Sometimes I don’t know how to respond to thankfulness because I do what I do because of a force that is Greater than I. Thank you…….and we will overcome this next hurdle because He is Greater than all.

To Mr_________ We dont speak much but thank you for the respect and appreciation. Your worries are over.
Simplicity – as usual for keeping up with the details .
Foxy Lady- Thank you, there are no words but the connection is real, I remember your first email like yesterday.
Obara- thank you for running your little investigation whey day ..youre correct *wink wink*
Mr DanhaiSkeng- I still have many thanks to give you and still do from my heart although…………..

*I may have left out a few people but I will update throughout the day*


  1. Thank yourself too metty cos without you and this site I would not have a clue……
    Dear Your Honor: You deserve a case of Ace of Spades (can’t afford it) but I can send you a case of Rose Moet instead.

    Big up me lil country the buck stops here!!!!

    1. I second dat! Big up yuhself Metty and nuh tap tan up trang….cah even wen di evil dem come pan yah wid dem waste talk yuh nuh tremble. Keep prevailing Moderator wid di Mostest cah di pappyshow dem affi step aside! JMG tuh di Werl..

      1. :peluk mi waa know is whey dem deh dis morning dow…I mean we can se dem did shock lastnight but it look like dem nuh wake this morning

          1. mi sehhhhhhhhhh all now dem cyah even raise up fi beat wi at all because win or lose dem did a gwaan like dem a bull buck..God set aside dem tongue dis morning oo

  2. Thank you all for such a great work, it was well appreciated. Jmg was the first and only place I run run to everyday for updates on this trial. Thanks again. Met u deserve reporter a the year award.

      1. Morning/Afternoon MET and Bloggers! Me a wake from me Redstripe slumber. Did me News rounds and see sey de minions are still in shock and awe. DWLn

  3. bless up metty boo thanks all whey contribute an send on di info :peluk thanks to all di jmg lawyer dem whey explain di legalites (sp) n ting :peluk all di prayer warriors bless up caz uno neva waiver wi aguh pray harder fi di gaza sheep dem soon find dem way *mek sign a di cross*


    1. kia __________________________________________ oh lawd i have another thank u post to put up later i hope i dont forget

  4. Good work Met! you showed your integrity with the whole Kartel saga. You show your integrity anyway, but with this case you proved it. You put your head above the parapet long before it was popular.

  5. Met l loved and admired your sprite and strong will and determination to stand up for what is right, you were not fazed by Fartell notoriety in the music industry, you stood strong like Mount Zion against all odds, you were not swayed by popularity, but was moved by compassion, love, truth, and justice, that can only be led by inspiration of the Holy sprite of EL-ELyon -THE MOST HIGH GOD.

    1. Sketel I smelled the evil from afar I couldnt ignore it. How could I call for his freedom knowing what he has done and what he did to that youngman…My spirit rejected him and everything that he stood for..Psalm 2 fi dem because what God plant cannot be moved a nuh likkle try dem try bring dis website down… but a whey God say so I pushed on :peluk

  6. Inna one a him song dem Kartel sey “Babylon sey jail for me…. but de judge sey bail for me”. Not dis time you maddafcuker !!!

    ToThe Judge —— Big kiss !! Muah !!! Kartel is fcuking ugly as sin. He should get 25 to life for looking so damn ugly on top of his murder sentence.

    To the Jury —— Awesome !!! The verdict was positive for many of the “prominent entertainers” who have a history of getting in trouble with the law, though not to the extreme Kartel has. One cannot serve 2 masters at the same time. You are either a bad man or an entertainer.

    To Everyone who provided the necessary info for the bloggers —– Nuff respect everytime.

    To Met —— Yu siddung pon de case like white pon rice. Thank you so much my Dear. Just like wey Tina Turner song sey”You are simply de best!!!”

    To All De Haters —– ABAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. :angel Met this is what you were in the midst of this trial to the family of Lizard, now for sure his soul can finally rest. Justice has been served. :peluk :peluk :ilovekaskus

  8. And THANK UP MET :peluk :peluk for keeping us up dated on the happenings from stawt to finish, I know who I am and what I do, but YOU saw this guy along time ago!!…remember when he was over here as LANDLORD, all the try him try win you over, yuh stand up pon him and mek him know sey YOU know sey him ah demon…I remember the Sunday yuh put up the tattoo whey him do whey did sey DEVIL!!..your spirit spoke to you and showed you the wicked that he was before all these things occurred, yuh fi run back some ah dem long time post deh, mek people si sey we neva use to romp wid him over here!!! kudos to you and all the bloggers!!!

  9. yes man do dat. so de new comers dem can si sey we anuh wagonist, ah long time we ah bun him out ah tink sh you or danhai skeng name him shirley

  10. What this f**k is this u a put up a u try the case lol r lizard did a f**k u which one hate when ppl that don’t even come fr Jamaica have nothing fi say u sleep good last nite ur prays were answer on a next man down fall and nobody no say nothing bout lizard when him kill the yute fi f**k him gal nobody no say nothing

    1. Psalm 3
      King James Version (KJV)
      3 Lord, how are they increased that trouble me! many are they that rise up against me.

      2 Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. Selah.

      3 But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

      4 I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.

      5 I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.

      6 I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about.

      7 Arise, O Lord; save me, O my God: for thou hast smitten all mine enemies upon the cheek bone; thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly.

      8 Salvation belongeth unto the Lord: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah.

    2. Come offa Pink Wall yuh ole dead…Lizard neva deh pon trial. Galang guh put yuh name pan Kartel visitor’s list…him need fi hear yuh tell him how much yuh love and need him. Yuh damn mascot!! :bola

  11. How unnu a gwaan like a unnu a the prosecution team so ?
    Me nuh business bout Kartel ting really but me nuh business bout lizard either .When you get in Gun and crime business if something goes wrong you know is do or die. The whole a dem a waste man

    1. Genius….you are a genius…but weh unu boss do at the end of the trial …….how can you bribe someone at the end of a case …………………..this means that if they returned with a not guilty verdict …they would possibly be in contempt of court because it would mean that they accepted a bribe…..and let us face the facts 500000 jmd cannot really set up your family and or pay a lawyer….Any juror that had a doubt in there mind the money wipe it ……plus him hand light……him insult the jurors and on top of that put them in a strange situation …….now the juror who accepted the money has a court case lawyer fees and he has to return the money ……kartel wicked

  12. Blessed morning met n metters….met bigup yuh self, an bigup yuh field agents weh did out deh a put een work, di Jamaica media cud learn a ting are two from dem….jmg to di rass world, di OBSERVER can guh Nyam shit

  13. Good job Met, detailed up -as kartel would say “up to the time” coverage, keep up the good work we appreciate you



    :angel :angel

    I also would like to throw my love, blessings and prayers out to the persons MET names out above. If it weren’t for you guys we the hundreds of Metters, both in Jamaica and the diaspora would never have been able to be in the know and to follow our hearts and minds as well as God’s will on this topic. :kimpoi

    To all my regular JMG peepers, commenters and regulars, we knew this day would come, even though sometimes our faith in the justice system and in Jamaica faltered our faith and trust in GOD never did, and I was NOT surprised when I heard the verdict last night. My soul sang praises to God and once again, Good has triumphed over evil. A spiritual warfare started with this years ago, and true believers knew that GOD would come out on top. So thanks be to God, and thanks be to YOU Mumma Met, for being a faithful and honest shepherd, tending to her few flock, amidst mockery, threats, and jeers.


    MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP OONU. It’s not fi oonu fault, for many false prophets and many false idols (artistes) will continue to come, and because of the wool over your eyes and the dependence on materialism, you are unable to see the truth.
    God GO WID OONU.

  15. And Thanks a million to you Metty for shedding light on this matter, you have been reliable, I could rely on getting the facts here daily, and varying opinions which none the less was also instrumental. Give yourself a tap on the back all you blessed and anointed people (God’s army), mi real JMG Family for not being afraid of letting your voices be heard, instead of fitting in with the crowd, you stand out, you have all been outstanding. A nuff time mi defend dah forum yah against some bad mind people weh a come chat bout all the site fah a fi gossip, seet yah now, Metty a lead, a yuh fust mek most of these things known, a nuh gossip alone gwaan yah so, yuh have yuh herbal corner, Local and International News counseling fi any problem yuh might got in this world,(If yuh fraid fi seek advise fi yuh self cauz yuh too ashame fi mek ppl know seh yuh a go through a certain situation, yuh can remain anonymous, or yuh can read bout smaddy in a similiar situation and draw inspiration from it. The responses sometimes might be harsh but some ppl need to hear the truth fi slap unuh ass out a the fantasy world unuh living in back to reality, regardless a wah anybody wah seh this site to design to tear dung nobody and hate pan people fi weh dem got (or fantasize seh dem got) it is here fi expose that some ppl are going in the wrong direction, and see how best unuh can change the path or destruction that yuh going down, and turn round yuh life, but some a unuh nuh want that unuh want ppl fi back unuh when unuh a do f**kery, not round ere a nuff a unuh nah go like JMG worst like how dem Kartel guilty now, but who d f**k cares????!!!! if yuh having a problem an it bigger than yuh it certainly aint bigger than JMG & Mettty or Simply or Tawchuet, or Obs, Obara, or Lundun, or Sketel Bam or Real or CC, or Fyah Wife and everybody else weh me nuh mention big up unuh self same way, Metty and the crew unuh deserve an AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :2thumbup :rate :recsel :shakehand2

    This was a case where the mighty vs. the meek, and the meek has prevailed, high profile vs. low profile, and the Infamous Vybz Kartel/Tavares Finson vs. the relatively unknown Lizard/Jerome Taylor/The jamaican People, and God vs. the devil (and you know who always win????!!!!) the jurors have spoken and justice is served. My hope and confidence in the Justice system have been restored. This is indeed a landmark case, maybe for the first time in Jamaican history, the jury have decided against the mighty dollar, and stardom, and have made a stand for that which is right. I am so proud of you my fellow Jamaican for making this giant leap, and made an example out of Mr. Gaza Ram Pus. I hope the necessary arrangements have been made to put Chow, Lizard sister, and the other witnesses in a confidential witness protection program and fly dem out of Jamaica, where hopefully they can have a better life without having to constantly look over their shoulders and living in fear for speaking out. Tavares threw all the shit he could find at the prosecution and Taylor threw the Law book at him, Humility has risen and claim victory over greed, pride, and the feeling of being invincible. In the name of Jesus, we claim this victory!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for a job well done everyone, me feel so elated and mi not even know lizard or nobody inna him family, but I guess we became one with this story, because although some people will same , Kartel killed one of his own whats the big deal??? It wasnt just about that it was about men defying God’s will, calling people sheep, grred, money, the masses being brain washed and star struck, Justice for not not only lizard, but all the others before him who was killed by this man and his cronies, Chow get a chance fi change him life for the better, I hope he learnt a valuable lesson, from seeing his life flashed before his eyes, he could have easily been killed like lizard, but for some strange reason, he was spared, by not Kartel, but the Almighty Father to bring the gaza empire down. Let this be your testimony, trust and believe you were spared for a reason, repent for your sins, and give your life to the Lord!!!!!

    1. ”This was a case where the mighty vs. the meek, and the meek has prevailed, high profile vs. low profile, and the Infamous Vybz Kartel/Tavares Finson vs. the relatively unknown Lizard/Jerome Taylor/The jamaican People, and God vs. the devil (and you know who always win????!!!!) ” And let me back it up 13 Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.

      14 If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

      Amen Amen and thank you so much. :kiss

      1. Amen , and thanks a million again to you Metty and Metters, Metty yuh a lead by far, a dankey lengths yuh a gi some a dem, mi nuh know wah happen to some a dem, dem mussi think dem seh dem greater than God, We a God Bless ppl, BIG UP YUHSELF METTY YUH LARGE…………………….. More Love to you :kiss :peluk

        1. @Onedrop, very well written, nice summation of not just the case itself but its significance. It’s bloggers like yourself that truly make this site what it is. Much respect.

  16. Good morning Met and all the bloggers.

    Met….it has been awhile for me blogging, but I am always here as I was before I started blogging. It was the Kartel case that actually got me blogging and started having conversations with you. So without writing a book, BIG UP Met and JMG and all the bloggers that shed light on so much injustice weh him keep up. God ah God. My condolences to the family if Lizard.





    1. Please don’t forget Jeremy Taylor in your prayers. Him certainly didn’t waiver and with his energy I was more energized.

      It would have been treachery fi abandon him, hope to see him on more of these cases with the same outcome.

  18. And the word of the Lord is broadcast here daily too, weh further strengthen mi point seh is not gossip alone gwaan ere. Different strokes for different folks, so unuh hap off a JMG fenda

  19. Miss Met if a cuuda hol u and give u a big hug n a kiss I would….I know u genuinely love Jamaica and to all the JMG investigators I would like to say thank u….this is the only site I check whenever I need facts….. Ever want tell someone thank u and don’t know what to say well I’m caught up in the moment right now…….Blessings

  20. Met morning to u n the bloggers, words can’t describe how nuff a we bloggers glad say u n JMG deh bout. Star take notes from met cau unu journalism skills poor. Fi all of kartel fans unu see say god a nuh boy doah

  21. GM everyone, Met, I stopped reading the Gleaner and Observer for a while when this trial started because we know how the media is wen it comes on to representing facts, they are not credible majority of the time. I kept abreast on JMG and trust me wen stories land yaso we are assured that them truthful most of the times. That aside, please keep steadfast and continue to do what you were ordained to do. God loves you and yuh know d bloggers dem here respect u.
    most ppl could see it as clear as mud that this demon was guilty all I have to say to dem is God is NOT mocked! Justice has prevailed!

  22. Congrats Met………An excellent job, I have gotten all the updates from start to finish…kudos fi u and the bloggers who made it possible.. “We intend to do what is right not only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of others” 2 corinthians 8:21

  23. @onedrop big up yuh self!!!…Again we thank God justice has prevailed, for all who continues to lick out pon Clive Lizard Williams because of acts that he may have done while he was alive, he has been redeemed and vindicated of those sins…

    HE LOST HIS LIFE!!!…and I believe that his life was given over to put a stop to a wickeder demon and Kartel was the one….please forgive me, I am a meta-physician so this is the way I speak, NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE!!…and everything comes and happens when it must!!…we all choose our lives before we enter this realm, and WE ARE ALL HERE FOR A REASON…..

    He chose his life, even to how it would end, but he may have saved dozens by his own demise..(so sorry to his family), and the train does not end there, because Jamaica is known as the land of UNSOLVED MURDERS, SO TO SEE THIS played out so well and a conviction handed down, KARTEL’S trial and conviction may well make MANY STOP AND THINK!!!!, (It nah guh kill out evil, but people aguh tink!!) AND ALSO resurrect the FAITH Jamaicans did not have in our Judicial system, making them more braver to step forward..( we should only hope!!)

    1. Hey Obra. One of the precedents set here is that the meek can go and report crimes against them and take it all the way to the courthouse. Chow did his part by letting we people know sey being a witness has its rewards regardless of address and pass sins.

      1. exactly Phantom, this is what I mean by people lives being used for the service of humanity, even Kartel’s it is one of the seven hermetic laws!!!…which are, Mentalism, Gender, Polarity. Rhythm, Vibration, THE MOST IMPORTANT, CAUSATION (which is Cause and Effect, Karma, wha go round comes round!) and and Correspondence, we are limited in our thoughts because of the denseness of our physical bodies unless we are attuned to the realms because our vibration has been risen and can discern beyond our human limitations but yes there is a lesson out of everything and out of every bad situation goodness is born!!!..this is balance!!!

    2. Hi Obara…do you know if Busta Rhymes is still in contact with the family he has in Jamaica and where down there are they from ?

  24. Met & ur team, I would be remiss if I did not tell u guys thanks. ur postings & the metters comments gave me a clear perspective as to where the majority of us were in regards to his guilt. Awesome job. (clapping my hands & singing Pharell’s HAPPY song).

  25. Met, the gratitude is really to and for you. I recall giving you information that you said wasn’t accurate then you went on to do your due diligence, got corroboration for the information then came back and apologized and that’s when I knew I could trust you. You’ve always operated from a position of integrity and your heart is in the right place so I send positive energies to you and to this platform. There were so many times when I was fearful of a not guilty verdict depending on the happenings in the court that day, I would blow up your phone and you were also so faithful, so confident in your belief of good over evil, God above all things, that I drew strength from that.

    Now is the time to usher in a new era of conscious music. As the bible states “life and death are in the power of the tongue”, we know words can either be used as a weapon of mass destruction or the upliftment of a nation. I regret that a man with the lyrical reach as Kartel chose not to operate on the right side of history but instead is single-handedly responsible for the demise of an entire generation.

    To all the bloggers who are constant and true in their truth and application of common sense, you have made JMG what it is and its so both entertaining and enlightening ‘listening’ to you guys.

    @Obara, you know I have the world of respect for you. Oftentimes, after reading your posts, I don’t feel the need to add anything else, sometimes I actually think I wrote it myself lol.

    Long liveth JMG and to Alkaline, Amsterdam and all the others that thought there was a number one spot available to fill, take heed that there’s a new dawn, a new day.

    1. lol, den@ Foxxy, memba yuh did post something de odda day enuh, unda anonymous and when mi read it mi cudda ah swear sey ah mi, yuh nuh si mi comment and sey ANONYMOUS AH WHO YUH REALLY BE, MI LIKE YUH, until yuh sey ah you, lololol..jmg full ah some great minds, ah swear, some ah oonuh frighten mi de way how oonuh argument dem great, this is why any where I am in the world I have to log on. I consider myself a teacher, so sometime when mi comment mi ask miself, LAWD GOD AH WONDA IF DEM TIAD AH HOW MI REASON, BUT THAT IS MY ROLE HERE AND WHERE EVER I GO TO SHARE DE LITTLE DAT MI KNOW, my contribution to humanity!!!

      1. We must play our respective roles and this is a great platform that reaches far and wide. I remember when I was just coming into my own spirituality, I needed to speak to you for clarity, so you were instrumental in my growth. I now have a better grasp on the metaphysics and its application to the bible and our everyday existence, so I can fully understand and agree with you on Lizard’s agreement to enter this earthly plain for this exact purpose.
        We’ll catch up. Your presence is valued.

        1. and your also Foxy, I may not always remember a person by face, or name, but a beautiful mind I can never forget….Knowledge is Power!!!

  26. Thanks to you Met and your bloggers for all the hardwork and courage when everyone else was against you, you kept going on. I definitely applaud you for that! You are the truth and the truth is within you so just keep up the good work. I pray that God continue to bless you, guide and protect you because you are doing what you are suppose to do. NUFFF RESPECT AND BLESSINGS!

  27. Blessup jmg, MET, jmg crew, peepers, bloggers an all! The first time I heard the name “shirley” waz rite here. And I used to wonder y da bloggers dem ah do him up so..(I was a “fresh blogger” @ the time). Then the topic was about the “devil” tatoo…then it was about the video dem, dat dem tek inna dem camp..wid gaza slim…..den shorty was the topic….den the pics of d bun up house……all of this I got from jmg when I was clueless.
    Journalism at it its best, BIGUP USELF MET and your linkys, they were on point.
    I only believed he would be found not guilty due to the “corruption” theory….but the judge alleviated my fears!

    1. The judge is to be commended fi real because he took his time and was very fair in his summary :peluk thank you londy

  28. Good job Mets I started reading this site due to Dudus case, I needed to understand why Jamaican follow the wrong. we are one out of so many & was respected at one time. We are all over the world as Jamaican we are proud to say we Jamaican but there is really nothing in Jamaica that we stand for but hype. I think this prove we can start to rule on our own. Justice was serve. We were not fool into thinking no crime was committed without a body. We dont have to see with our own eyes or experience on our own when wrong is wrong. Jamaica let this be a start in moving in the right direction. Our politicians need to know we the people have a voice.

    1. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I thought I was the only one who noticed :kisss

      we must restore our image we have work to do


    Thank you for keeping us updated with the latest developments, the untold and unseen stories, that the JA media houses are afraid to touch and keeping it real … my #1 blogspot for me.

    Best wishes Met :peluk

  30. good day met,metters,peepers and others…

    The educated ppl dem wi duh the bigga speech fi me cuz i am a simple person,who simply know how to do things in its simplest form which makes me simplicity……:D

    the thank you JMG :peluk :peluk :peluk

    shani yah shat :kiss

    1. Simplicity, you were the first blogger that caught my eye. You possess the gift of gab even though you calm down nuff now….but before you were the sentinel for this site, no bull buck could pass through you. You’ve been loyal to Met and your common sense dissection of every ounce of attempted fraud, sikes and charade is SIMPLY brilliant!

      1. all dem big word sup’m deh call fe google mi likeeee e’ ..thanks fe de compliment mi a step up yuh know :angel

  31. some ah de ting dem whey you can do Simplicity me fi one which mi cudda do, like memba every body name ah end ah year time, buss dem big pretty gun deh of all shapes and size and draw fi some ole archives when we nuh even memba bout and cudde fine evenif we tried, I HAVE TRIED!!..LOL.., yuh find dem in space ah no time, just to name ah few, decipher Met riddle dem fi we, and some ah de senders dem send in whey nawmal people cudden understan if yuh Simplicty nuh translate among many odda tingsz!! Simplicity yuh ah de best!!!!

  32. @Metty, i wouldn’t even know where to begin fi big u up, cause di list long..I remember when the case juss buss, di amount a cuss dem cuss you and how u wicked fi a wish jail fi Shirley, when in fact, where Shirley is today, he put himself there..Talk about standing firm, mettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, u respect large..Jamaica needs cleansing and prayers cause di battle has just begun..

  33. i must say i am absolutely shocked as i did not think they were going to do the right thing. too many times jamaica deh pon some buy out ting…bit…THE MOST HIGH GOD IS EVERLASTING AND HE DOES NOT SLEEP, i am so elated. lizard family dem can claim justice in THE FATHER’S NAME…hallelujah. it is so great to see good triumph over evil and that goodness is still in di world

    and to you met, GOD bless you continually for the good works you do. we all appreciate it. u was thorough from start to end an totally unbias, an u did deh pon it from day one when u get di picture dem an him sheep dem a hype seh a lie u a tell. 2 plus years later, di full truth reveal, di devil is a liar. thank u met sincerely for this coverage. ur reporting was the best by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. mi can’t seh it enuff my girl GOD bless you an keep u

    i wan tell u seh mi neva watch nor listen no tv or nothing cauz school an work a kill me. so today mi deh a work a listen zip 103 an u know not a single word dem mention bout di case. if mi neva log in jus now, mi woulda neva kno seh dem find di ol germs guilty. a good! now him can get all di freaky ‘gal’ him want inna gp

    1. are you serious? The jamaican media is a mess..what a shame! Kartel was dem God man smh..thank you so much for your kind words :peluk I cannot believe zip silent

      1. :kiss awwww thanx metty

        re: zip…tru tru tru, not only dem neva seh ‘zip’ bout di case, but dem a beat him tune dem all day, all di long time tune dem too. an u kno how artist call in an voice fi di zj dem, a only kartel one dem alone mi hear today. so nooooooooo ma’am, mi neva kno seh guilty verdict reach….it past shame mi a tell you

  34. thank u very @moderator aka@met… this site really keeps me up to date.. this is my star n observer…the only thing mi read ina the star is dear lie.. god instruct yuh to open this medium for a purpose..thanks u frm the bottom of my love sister.. blessings

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