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Yohan Blake
11 hrs ยท
I just want to give God thanks. He works miracles no matter what the outcome.
I just want to say thanks to everyone who has been supporting me. It has been a tough road and I am happy I am injury free and I can compete again.
God doesn’t give us more than we can bear. We shall run and not go weary. We shall walk and not go faint. For the Lord goes before us and his joy will be our strength. I will never lose faith no matter what the circumstance is, no matter what happens. God is always by my side.
I do not have any excuse or complaint. It just wasn’t to happen. And I am waiting on God. So anyway thanks for all the support and I just want to wish all my teammates all the best in the finals. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “THANK YOU YOHAN

  1. Personally I think Yohan put on too much muscle on his upper body, this could be hampering him as he don’t need one bag of muscles up top to run fast, he got too much and that has slowed him down with too much extra unnecessary weight… Maybe he should try weightlifting if he wants those over sized muscles…. They are good too get the women them still..

  2. @Real, no it is not his body type, he pumped a lot of weights to get that muscle and plenty of protein… Take a good look at him now and see over his shoulders, his neck, they are for weight lifters not 100m /200m sprinters… and it is not fat or his natural built… Enough said…

  3. Well he has another chance in the 4×100 relay tomorrow, 2ndly did anyone see how allison felix throw the baton and say a brazil cause it and go file appeal dqing brazil who lost anyways and now them a go run relay by theselves tonight, all mi lnow jamaica is going to win wid world record times come tomorrow night the usa team too disgusting.

  4. One of the worst feeling a human can experience is wanting the body to do something it cannot do. The brain, desire, is functioning, but the body will not comply. One of the worst feelings ever!

    Wish him well.

  5. @anonymous 1:19, the US appeal was justified because felix’s strides was impeded when the Brazilian bumped her leg. That’s enough to throw off a runners rhythm, had it been Jamaica we would have done the same. Don’t be bias

  6. Candida
    Then they (us team) need to redo the race with the other two qualifying teams. Why are they getting a chance to run alone. That whole entire thing is straight bull. I hope they drop their baton again. Too teef and damn entitled. YES AND I thought the same thibg that YOHAN BULKED UP TOO MUCH AND SO DID ASHMEDE. THAT MIGHT BE SLOWING them DOWN

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