I don’t know who you are behind the screen, but I appreciate you always gave Lizard credit where credit was due……all Jamaicans know about the pink wall, so you are the voice for his supporters…mi tiyad fi hear free worl boss….when half of dem nuh know Lizard or Kartel or what really did a gwan……im givin props to Wee too….that’s Lamar (key witness)…..di man a put him life on the line by testifying when no one else would…..thanks Met….I kno u neva dweet fi mi, but that makes it even better….unbiased and just talk facts!!!! LOL


  1. Afatanoon , Met! This is why I know that you are a good person. Not perfect (only narcissists demand perfection), but good. You have so many silent supporters.
    Met, I went through something awful nearly two years ago (relationship wise). I was logged onto JMG everyday. The person that I was with used to scorn me about that. When mi si certain sinting pon yah and link A to B with C I now know why.
    If I don’t get my daily JMG, I feel awkward. You representing for Jamaica and not just Jamaica PLC (jerk chicken, Usain Bolt and Dancehall). No hurry come up ting wid yuh at all!
    Blessed love to you and may Jah keep you in his graces.

    1. :kiss
      no no never perfect some day mi mad some day mi bad some days mi cant read , write etc etc :ngakak but I always try to do what is right

  2. Into: Yow Met a whappen to some DJ dem a look a pardon, dem betta go call PJ

    Some bwoy too lie.
    Kill Lizard like him fly
    Gazaite dem run een an seh him deserve fi die
    So we draw fi wi keyboard and start type
    Mek sure di killa and him fans cah too hype

    Wid di help of God a him hear wi plight
    Kartel only give dancehall an internal fight
    Gwaan like him too big
    A him own pit him did a dig
    People se him intelligent
    But he kept all evidence
    No elobartion!
    Justice se incarceration

    We Nah back down
    Kartel is clown
    Who nuh wah hear just gwaan ‘ol yu frown

  3. The “pinkwall” is a site for all, are welcome!!!!!
    Big up Met and her wonderful blogging site. U kno met u would be surprised to know is who introduce me to the great “pinkwalls” u handerstands :maho
    When me luk, d man ah skin him teet like ded dog anna laff!!!!! My response was always, “wat the hell are u reading; why you ah laff soh”? And, thats when I discovered JMG!!!!
    Met, keep bringing “awareness” to these beautiful pink walls!!!! :kiss :kiss :kiss :kiss

  4. Met yuh ah star inna my eyes yuh fully blessed and Fadda God will continue to bless you. nuff ting yuh tell wi ago happen and it happen, Some people ah live inna lue some ah dem sidung wid lizard laugh wid him all eat outta same plate wid him and still ah shout free devil bwoy dem nuh know nuttin bout loyalty. Jamaica full up ah to much wagonist but Fadda God have something in store fi di whole ah dem. Porsha need fi tek some ah di teifin money weh she av ah get ah jet fill it wid holy wata ah dash it all ova Jamaica wash weh some ah di crosses….Met mi rate yuh an yuh will evva be blessed

  5. Met I was talking to my family about you telling them how you know what you saying and when you confirm something a so it go and mi prove it many times when mi talk about you ppl might think we are long last best friend that I never met. With this blog sight mi no need no friend mi sit and laugh sometimes when mi read till mi all piss mi self sometimes keep up the good work. As for Kartel them and lizard it’s more like a one stone get rid of five, Kartel and him crew a wicked included lizard n they all kill a bunch of ppl the only way Kartel could have get what him deserve was fi get rid of one of his own and screw himself met mi know you know your thing and I want you fi have a discussion on they many victims of Kartel lizard Shawn storm kiro etc u might be shock, them a serial killer Waterford not gonna be perfect but it will be a much better place when all said n done. Bless up yourself.

    1. Never was it stated that they borrowed any guns/shoes. They were given to them to lock whey/hide/store away.

  6. A hope Bolt publicist and Management team warn him bout that gaza shit…cause if him do it ever again I will let the International press take him to task for it.

    Onu can bex but “such is the way of the world”. Him fi serve as a positive light to we struggling society and not be a show piece fi phuckry.

      1. Met, since you’re up…lol. Nu later on in the morning yu did sey a prayer and fasting? I have a unplanned early call tomorrow, but include me in spirit.

        Good night/morning where ever in the world you are .

  7. Mi sed one seh it… Mi nah lie…. Truth be told, dis a di only outlet fi his camp…. N u Neva bias… Tell nuh lie… Or cum snitch pun fi people… Shellings on di pink wall

  8. met a tru mn………………………..mi rate u as mi tell u b4 ……………………ano nuff a unnu ppl exist weh juss tlk it as it is cuz it what it will ……….. BIG UP USELF MET…………….DOAN CHANGE FI NUTTEN UR REWARD IS GREAT……………………….STR888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

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