0 thoughts on “THE $7 SHOPPING SPREE

  1. This is a disrespect to Jamaican stores and mall, an him is a disrespect to Jamaican men (the real ones).
    I know mall deh a Jamaica, an mi sure clothing stores are there so why dis claffy a gwaan frighten? why him face look like him belong ina geisha? kmt

  2. Mi deh here a wrack mi brain of see why Met say $7 shopping spree….when mi see di sign wid di $7 in di background mi almost dead lmao…Met why yuh so bad?!

    1. mi or him? u know say when mi see it mi start bus some sweat because from mi born mi neva see dem kinda people yah yet

    1. Den no dem ting deh dem wear lol if I was in dat n I thank God I wasn’t mi woulda carry out a citizen arrest to rawseeeee ugly fi a walk bout so freely man

  3. So hold on deh like is a leather neck him have y all now the bleaching cream caaa move it very very yuck

  4. Deadings to rass $7 dollar shopping spree fi true, Jermaine how you money tall so ????? :request

  5. He needs to bleach those black ass lips.. That looks like forever 21 to me…not sure but it’s in Toronto for sure

  6. Face fully made up wid MAC NC43 Studio Tech Foundation down to di jawline n lef out di neck ooooo. Clear demarcation line where the makeup stop n di real skin pon di neck start…..said wid a straight face
    As fi di lipstick, unable fi identify dat shade of Cruella Di Ville black dey. Mi see di $7 sign bout 3 times inna di video, so a inna woman store him gone shop fi body blouse n ruffled skirts, damn jackass, IG tun di whole a onoo inna pappyshow

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