Me seh Met the other day Renee come ah Kingston with her friend dem. As per usual come f**k down the place.
Me believe she f**k every dancehall and reggae artist you could ever image.
Poor girl , you pum pum nuh tyad and run over mileage? ☹️
Stay ah Miami with your dirty ways

Kindly , an angry Jamaican wife.


  1. :cd :cd Sad thing, she probably nah get no money out of it. These young girls nah get no money from these top man unless it’s from Mr. Cohen overseas or Instagram. :travel

  2. When she’s old and has memory loss this will keep her happy.

    Sender sorry but blame your man.

    Happy New year

  3. Angry Bird, I mean angry housewife. First of all the young lady is attractive and man ago look har. Secondly because she tek pics wid di artist, no mean she deh wid dem. And if suh she borrow you front fi tek dem? She nah put mileage pon fi you front. And last and more importantly. Leash unnuh mongrel dog, me mean husband. Trust and believe dem out yah a loook, seek, hunt and destroy. But you so insecure your alternative is to blame di woman. As a pet owner ( pit bull ) if my dog outta control mi a muzzle it & if it bite me, well mi ago carry it go vet go have them put it down. There are classes on How to traine your dog, I suggest you tek the class, you problem inna you yard Mrs.

  4. Hold up Adonia cheating on his gorgeous uptown wife? I thought he was a faithful man. I guess those uptown men really are hype .

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