You see how dem gal ya dunce… By the way strolling thru her IG page and she has never spoken about god until now because her corners are dark… And I thought battle was spelled “BATTLE & NOT BOTTLE”


    1. :hammer :hammer :hammer ..dat champagne splasher typed exactly what she meant..maybe ah the Hennessy she ah refer tuh; mi seh dem good man ca dat den liquor strong fe real :ngakak

  1. Mi haffi really reallyyyyyyy wonda a wa spelling do dem bitch ya no sahhhh it’s a shame yowwwwwwwwww kmft

  2. Dumb Bitches! Another one bites the dust..These people take all this risk with their lives for what? Clothes and shoes and to be popular.They deserve to get lockup and the stupid bitches along with them! I feel sorry for a man who can’t do better and hustle to pay bills for his family and invest for a rainy day or legitimate business.That is who I feel sorry for! Imagine these people won’t learn from others.They even land on JMG so many times and people dashout dem business and they still can’t humble dem only get more hype!
    This is where”HYPE” will land you straight in phucking jail! Every move you dumb asses make you have to document it on social media(fool fool much) Kerry what can you do to help your man now? Not a phucking thing because your a little dumb gal not a real woman who would think to invest in house hide some money for the kids..Cause the fast life never last. only want material things to showoff your short unattractive ass!

  3. Senda, thank yuh fi crack di illiterate code fi mi. Cah dat ting baffle me bad all migraine almost tek mi. Ah how some gyal dunce suh???? Sumting as simple as Battle yuh confuse wid Bottle???? One last question or two, den is Father sen yuh man pon dat mission? Ah missionary wrerk him did deh pon when him get busted??? Ah dem tings deh reach unnu sake ah red yeye and lickly lickly, and nuh believe inna honest living!!

      1. Nuh ride weh suh fast Metty cah mi hab ah question. Shi seh “God give is hardest bottle to his strongest soldier” Mi not even ago touch di gramma again, cah Senda done decipher that fi wi already…..but ah wha kinda battle Father send dis soldier pon an now him inna Babylon custody??? Ah wah gwaan wid creation….kmt

          1. Metty, maybe she was making reference to the Last Supper where Jesus did serve wine…maybe hers was a lil bit stronger than the others at the table..

        1. Yawdy…she a har man is a solider who is tasked by god to distribute cocaine to destroy other people lives.
          These bitches should have reach inna one bio-hazard bag before nine months.

          1. PP yuh si why mi affi luv mi JMG family. Cah more time unnu just bruk it dung mek me understand how di ting set up :ngakak

  4. Dwl let’s see how she how a guh manage now.. Every thing have a expectation date .. Maybe Kerry ago return she channel bag fi bail him out Dwlll and please nuh bother bring god in them life style

  5. Damn I wish prison on not even my enemy !! You can’t grudge people all this time I thought it was phone scam him do like jaycon. !! Prayers to there family everyone needs prayer all sinners

  6. fi real yow……………..u cyan run dung vanity cuz prison r d graveyard is always the road it ends up on

  7. Phone scam enta 7:34 yuh need fi stop it… A dwoah wish prison pon anyone but Lawd mi never know dese ppl still into di angel after the times we are living in especially we JA whey nawve Nuh luck… Mi know it more Dan CC sc they both do the same thing jay and jue the scamming is just a front but mi tink a weed. Nasty dunce bat Kerry Ann yuh cawh 7 nor 11… You a one dem whey say 1wk and 7days gal go find something constitutive fi do wid yuh tired looking self… Di fuss man whey own yuh up and yuh can’t even steer him in di right direction bare clawt and boot like idiot apple whey Nuh relevant. Mi Nuh know whey ago become a all Unuh cuz Unuh hype pan nuttin a whey Unuh woulda do if Unuh di rich?? Just fi look pan di money would sen all yuh go alms house. Set a dunce!!!whey fashion police??? Paging!! Yuh nawh go bail yuh man? Cuz ih look like a you a di smart one.

  8. people will have a bag of shit to say yes Kerryann is a dumb hype bitch she might not be able to spell she live day to day flossing but jue is humble if u look at his pics you can tell he’s not into she throw herself at him dun Kerryann all unnu want for being a dumb basic type of bitch but leggo jue name he is not the first nor will he be the last fi get bite stop chat shit people mek mistakes

  9. all a uno wey come a rejoice about the man get lock up need to phuck off. never rejoice over a next man down fall. ano drugs alone put people in jail. uno too badmind. nuff a uno wey a talk shit wish uno know how to buy and sell drugs.

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