The class room of life
There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting over. The key to starting over is to make certain
that you do not repeat what you did in your former situation and to avoid treating everyone as a suspect in your current matters, based on what your former situation has done to you.
I view starting over as a test, meaning, after being taught a lesson a test is then given to determine what the student has learned or extracted from the given lessons. It is so unfortunate that in a lesson of faithfulness, love, compassion and unity the average person comes out being bitter, angry and hostile and fully prepared to pollute future relationships with their venom that would have come about as a result of what they extracted from what was intended to be a lesson of love, faithfulness, compassion and unity. A relationship not working out does not mean there was nothing to be learned from it.
You see my friend, you should not let the participants in a lesson such as a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, Boss etc distract or pollute your understanding of what the lesson is attempting to offer you. Instead you must look beyond their behavior, attitudes and whatever else they’re trying to distract you with and observe how it’s attempting to developing you into a more patient, faithful, compassionate and loving person in spite of their non-sense.
Life has a built-in mechanism in regards to dealing with those that have given you a hard time during the course of the lesson and it’s called “What goes around comes around”. Do not judge others based on how others have judged you. Do not beat folks with the same stick you were beaten with. All of the do not’s that you have become are evidence that the lesson has polluted you into being hostile, corrupt, resentful, bitter etc, THIS WAS NOT WHO YOU ORIGINALLY WERE! DO NOT LET OTHERS CORRUPT YOUR ORIGINAL!
Give others a chance, however scripture says the following, “Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right” Proverbs 20:11. In other words a person’s repeated consistent behavior is revealing who they truly are!
My words of wisdom this morning is simply this, you must view life’s situations as lessons preparing you for something else. Do not allow the characters involved to pollute the purpose of the lesson that will as a result cause you to misjudge people, places and things in the future. Those that fail their test after the lesson, will always repeat what was intended for them to learn from day one!
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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