1. Congo man seh dem haffi chop off him head a cult music….and kartel a seh blah blah ….dem not even a repeat………………di ras dem sit dung in a group an listen to di foolishness dem weh dem yah sing …………….Watty Kartel wi chop off ppl head fi true…u on point

  2. Dem man ya comments about reggae/dancehall music align wid their beliefs and no one else’s. De man inna de glasses, one pan de far right, seems to be de most outspoken in de group. Who can disagree wid him statement when him say “Nutten nuh wrong wid de rhythym, it wrong wid de lyrics “. The same man also said in this 2011 interview dat “Kartel trying to degrade de music”. Dem man ya talk de truth. Kartel was arrogant. He writes about his activities in his songs. In one of his songs he proclaimed how the jury and the magistrate would set him free. Now him get wey de duck get, because dis time his lyrics failed him. Kartel’s lyrics also describe, promote, and glamourise murder. This explains his downfall. Kartel also believed his own hype. Bwoy gwaan like him too big and bad, and became “wurl boss” in his own confused mind, and now, look dey, “wurl boss” fe him prison cell to.

    1. Di devil is a liar….first him tell him seh him was a WORLD BOSS on an island…now him tell him seh him mus free…when in all ways it look like him a go bi a cell boss

  3. no disrespect to all who love Kartel Music, but sensible people nah guh really like him music at all….ah doe know if mi shudden quite put it dah way deh, caws again my intention is not to “dis” anyone, but as a dancehall fan, a music lover over all, of any genre all blue grass to rass, mi just neva feel him or think him talented or like him people dem whey love him musuic mi feel is just de hype dem go wid, I may be wrong but suh me feel, respect to dem big man yah, dem spek de truth…lmao @real..cell boss fi chute,,lol

    1. You like Blue Grass too? ! Gwan obara. I was introduced to it by my sisters’ grandparents. We camped out overnight in upper toronto for a festival, it was a blast.

  4. Obara! Me feel like a me alone never like him music ,me go to ah out door party couple years well and hear this duty music a play and had to ask ah sing that ,and them tell me ah kartel it very degrading I think is more people of a certain class love his music thank for satellite cause I listen to the joint in my car easy listen reggae! Listen to these elders!

    1. Dem EARN the right fi siddung su. Dem and courthouse steps, cell, batty and duppy a nu company.

      1. Phantom Met…hear ya some ppl feel seh dancehall stop a kartel and reggae done a Bob Marley dem man yah nuh sidung dem man ye tour and book out fi tours all over Europe especially ….a unu need fi upgrade unu mind dem man yah fly pass unu ….big up cedric myton watty and di res a man dem weh mek wi know seh reggae de bout long time

  5. You know sey a what day mi a watch them man ere a perform at a festival from few months ago an a think, look how other ppl enjoy we music and we take it for granted smh

    1. Yu not alone…deh yah right wid yu @ Anon

      Real, here! here!.

      Met! less than 24 hrs to go… :selamat

      1. thutty year him a face …………………….and di man nah beg di judge …and him have pickney ole wicked

  6. I am not a kartel fan,but everything evolve even music ,the way the congos see kartel its the same way brain wash jamaican Christians saw them in the sixties old duty dreadlocks cult devil worshippers thats what they say about Rasta in the pass European accept the music so jamaicans get on board we can’t think for ourselves.the Romans stole Judaism from the jews turned it into Christianity spread it throughout Europe the Spanish and the English introduced it to africans during slavery and colonization of Africa rasta wised up and start their own. Each generation will criticize the next,look at bounty killer he sings more violent songs than any other artist yet he is a icon today so we a a bunch of religious ignorant hypocrites.who talks about god and never takes the time to read the bible from start to finish.

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