A 33-year-old female passenger died and three others were injured in a two-vehicle crash that occurred late Friday night after a possible road rage incident in the Beverly Hills area, authorities said.

A passenger of a Mercedes-Benz was killed when the car crashed in Beverly Hills after a road rage incident on Friday, May 8, 2015, police said.(Credit: KTLA)
A passenger of a Mercedes-Benz was killed when the car crashed in Beverly Hills after a road rage incident on Friday, May 8, 2015, police said.(Credit: KTLA)
The collision, involving a white four-door Mercedes-Benz and gray Audi SUV, took place about 11:58 p.m. near the intersection of Swall Drive and Olympic Boulevard (map), according to a news release from the Beverly Hills Police Department.

A passenger of the Mercedes, a woman whom investigators believe was not wearing her seat belt, was pronounced dead at the scene, the department said. She was later identified by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office as Sasha Gibson, 33.

The car’s other three occupants were transported to a hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening, police said. The occupants of the Audi were not injured.

The collision followed what a witness described as a road rage incident and minor hit-and-run involving the Mercedes and a taxi cab near Swall Drive and Pico Boulevard (map), according to the news release. The two crash sites were less than 1/2 a mile apart.

“The Mercedes-Benz had fled this scene at a high rate of speed before colliding with the Audi, several trees and a concrete wall,” the statement said, adding that drugs or alcohol may have been a factor.

The intersection of Swall and Olympic was closed for about five hours while investigators collected evidence at the location. Both streets have since been reopened.


  1. God guide and keep her babies safe what ah tragedy that is why I don’t like driving in cars I met in a accident once when mi baby jus born and I could see the accident getting ready to happen but the driver could not do anything because him wrong I literally saw my death coming and couldn’t stop it!!

  2. RIP my fren Trisha. Such a beautiful person. I’m having a hard time believing this was your destiny. I pray and hope people take this into consideration and seek God. There’s no body greater. Love you Trisha. I will be praying for Gianni and your son during this difficult time.

  3. I pray to God that the others get well and live through to have a testimony. Satta it’s time you repent and be baptized if you didn’t already do so. Leave the dancehall to young ppl

  4. No seat belt, drunk and speeding. Come onnnnn. Some things I believe can be prevented. I’m jus lost for words. I’m sad and upset at the same time.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day one and all.
    This is so extremely sad. It is always incumbent on the passengers to ensure that the driver is sober because when there’s an accident, the driver will invariably swerve to save him or herself reflexively and then the passenger gets killed.
    Too often we listen to our friends saying they are not drunk and they are okay to drive when in fact, we cannot factually make that determination.
    I hope the surviving women will all be fine without long term injuries.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day MET :pertamax :maafaganwati :recsel I know your a little sad cause it’s a rough week for u losing a friend . Stay strong & positive .

    1. what the fk the price of the car affi do with anything, someone lost their life and that’s ur fking concern? smh

    2. GOD KNOW…onu is some real ratbat jancrow! May your DNA be cut short so you ignorance don’t continue to recycle.

  7. RIP to my long time friend Trisha- feels like yesterday we both moved from Boston to NY, I pray for her son Eddie and daughter Gianni who now has lost both her parents (RIP Glamma G). Wishing Satta and the other occupants a speedy recovery, this is just crazy to me.

    1. RIP to the deceased and a speedy recovery to the injured. Was this the same Glamma G that used to play on Amplex Sound and Bass Odyssey? If so, I didn’t even know he had passed away.

      1. Glamma G was a promoter who was living in Boston, he was shot and killed about 13 years ago- Trisha had a daughter with him. As for people saying drugs and alcohol involved, I don’t think we should jump to that conclusion, I think it’s stemming from a man who was interviewed on the scene saying one passenger he spoke with had a head injury and was bleeding badly and was speaking “gibberish” and he couldn’t understand her implying she was high or drunk, maybe he couldn’t understand her Jamaican accent, or if she had a bad head injury she might have not been speaking clearly- that’s my theory. Either way this is very sad, if anyone has any info on how the other passengers are doing please post.

  8. Just seen the crash site photo’s the car was unrecognizable..she was probably ejected from the car..may her soul rest in peace such a tragedy

  9. Omgosh! Both parents die now. I hope GOD provides a perfect guardian for them. I feel it really bad and I don’t know her. Also, I hope the driver stay loyal to those kids after killing their mom. Trisha, may your soul R.I.P! Worse gift on mother’s day..

  10. Sad R.I.p
    Reading this it seems senseless. Hit and run then a speed (100k) even if a rental the insurance would’ve covered it. Please don’t blame the driver it bad enough she lost a friend much more the blame fi the death. I’m sure she wasn’t force to get in the car.

    1. Yes but once she got into that car she is held responsible for the lives that she is chauffeuring around therefore she should have been more careful. It doesnt SEEM senseless IT IS SENSELESS. I dont see what all the extraness about. Just obviously one hype Jamaican woman weh feel seh she bad ! What she was running from was her destiny because look here this a bigger problems fi she

  11. The driver was evidently under the influence this could have been prevented ! seems she was running from a charge only to end up paying a bigger price! I didnt know the deceased but I always see her pics. So sad I feel this one right before Mothers Day what was she doing in LA does she live there now? Only is she had stayed home. Thats why sometimes when my mind tell me not to step outside I listen! Smh have to be more careful Just like that she one dead every one else Alive. #Tears RIP

  12. Wicked, any one can die at any given time. But I agree with you 100 hundred percent the only person to be blamed is the driver, no one else. At the end of the day whether she lost a friend or not, she had the choice to do what she did , or simply keep going without getting into confrontation that was avoidable. It is a sad situation and like you said, she is alive the girl is dead. Tears to my eyes and I do not know her.

  13. Rip trisha may you soul rest in peace you will forever be miss, you was a great friend always there for me. I met you in boston when we attend that surgical technian program in quincy mass. You was Always so cool and down to earth, .. I remember when you use too do all those hot girl jamaican hair style on me I receive so much compliments. I will miss u my friend u was such a beautiful person inside and out

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