A Who Lie to this Ugly BoldHead Monkey Face Gyal???

Olivia swear she betta than everybody. Nothing nuh nice bout har, mi hear seh she do up her body and love tek people man.

14 thoughts on “THE GIRL NOT UGLY SENDER

  1. She nuh ugly but she have a rass long face deh… di way di chin long yuh cyah see di neck…..anyways :ngakak

  2. That’s a lot of ‘hear seh’ & ‘gwan like’ sender

    Why don’t you tell us what’s your real problem with this woman. We’re here for you. Just let it out.

  3. SENDER go do yours to and tek ppl man, move wid the crowd, from u say she gwan like she better than,, oookkk mybe she is, she no want mix anytime ppl no teef an mix up u find something to cuss dem for, get a life, and she dont want ur man, ur man want she, tie up u mongrels, gal man a run u dung tekkk him

  4. She’s actually a lively girl. I see her in a party once dancing and having fun.she’s not ugly the only thing is she got a long face. Sender I don’t think you have story for us on this young lady, sender your a hater simple.

  5. No sah ah waste a time dis ah better yuh did seh shi tekh your man! Boooooooiii next story goodi body up and yours down ! Yuh sound like ah hater! Girl guh bag yuh head wait no it sound like yuh man bag it already cause em move on! Bitch bye ! Good body Olivia big up yuh self yuh jus ah maddddddd do oussy dem suh!!

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