Let him go, let her stay, let them travel, these are only but a few phrases where the word “let” is used so frequently in our everyday communications. Very few, if anyone ever gives serious thought as to the understanding and implication of this seemingly insignificant word, that we are about to discover has so much hidden authority and power.
My aim today is to unveil the mystery of the word let. The unveiling of this mystery will simultaneously demonstrate for us the “Law of let”. Which will in turn provoke us to become more conscious as to what it is that we are letting in and out of the worlds that we live in.
Firstly, there are two worlds that exist that mankind are aware of. These two worlds are easily distinguished mainly in the religious sectors of our societies, and they are the natural world that we presently live in and there is the invisible world, that is usually called the spiritual world, suggesting a world that we cannot see with our physical eyes. However very much as real as this present world, and as a matter of fact it is the parent world to this physical world that we live in. The truth is everything in this world that we live in got its beginnings or origin from the invisible or spiritual world. The question that we are about to exhaust is, how do things that are invisible or spiritual find its way in this natural physical world that we live in? Also can we as humans at will bring things out of that world into our natural world?
The Apostle Paul gave us a heads up to this mystery when he said, “While we look not at the things that are seen, but at the things that are not seen (spiritual/invisible): for the things which are seen (physical) are temporal but the things which are not seen are eternal. In simple terms Paul is saying that the things which we can relate to with our five senses in this natural world are fading or vanishing right before our eyes, in fact they speak to a higher order. They are only small manifestations of what we cannot see. Instead he said, fix or focus on what we don’t see, again, meaning that which is spiritual. So how do you set your eyes on what you don’t see? Well, you focus on what is being displayed in the person or thing, and one is now able to identified the spirit in operation. This implies that the one you’re fighting with is not the origin of your problem. For example, a child that is rebellious, the physical child is only displaying what the spirit of rebellion is acting out in the child. So unless you address the spirit via prayer of course, you will forever be attempting to correct the child physically with little to no results.
Now how did this spirit get into this physical child? Very good question, because now we are about to be introduced to the law of let. In the book of Genesis chapter 1, the entire chapter is littered with two main phrases and they are, “Let there be” and “God saw. Let’s zoom in with a microscope to view the details as to the hidden mystery that is happening here. In Genesis 1:3 it reads, “And God said let there be light, and there was light. Now the word let is defined as: allowing or giving permission or authority to pass or be transferred from one region, area, place or world to another. Secondly, whatever it is that is being moved or transferred MUST BE IN EXISTANCE ALREADY!
So, in essence light existed already but through the law of let, God allowed or gave permission for light which existed already to be passed on to our physical world. Now, the million dollar question is where was light being transferred or passed from? Again, I am happy that you’ve asked. We can all agree that God is a spirit according to John 4:24, so if he is a spirit and he is the creator of all things then everything must have its origin from a spirit or spiritual beginning and as a reminder there are only two worlds.
So when God said let there be light, of course light already existed, he was allowing or giving light permission to move from the spirit world and enter this physical world where we now live, wow! But how did he do it? He did it with his words. Through his words he gave the authority or permission for the transfer of something from one world to the next.
Genesis 1:26 says, God created us in his likeness and image, again God is a spirit so he does not have a flesh body like we do. So to be created in his likeness, it would suggest we are created spirit beings like himself also accompanied with the power to let things in from one world to the next…… my God!
My question to you my beloved readers, what have you been “letting” via the law of let to enter your world knowing or unknowingly? As you would recall God did all of the letting with his words. We have that same power as Christian or sinner, the law that governs this act is found in proverbs 18:21, and it reads, “There is death and life in the power of the tongue and they that love it (death or life) shall eat the fruits (a fruit is the end result of a seed) that it produce. Jesus said, “By your words you will be condemn and by your words you’ll be justified.
In Genesis 1:2 it reads, the spirit of the lord moved upon the face of the deep, as he spoke his spirit put into action whatever he said. You are doing the exact same thing when you speak; the Angelic forces of the lord are awaiting the word of God from your lips to c ausethe spiritual things of God to be released in your world Psalms 103:20. You have them already they just need to be released. Ephesians 1:3 reads, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who had (past tense) blessed us with all spiritual (invisible) blessing in heavenly (spiritual world) places.
On the other hand Satan’s demonic kingdom, with the spiritual or invisible ranking of principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places, are consistently tempting each and every one of us only in an effort to let them in our world, via the law of let. They are tirelessly looking for an opening in our lives. These openings come about when we disobey or violate the laws of God. For example when we lie, commit adultery, or even worst when we speak things that are negative like, “Every time you make one step forward you have to take two backward”, “I only work to pay bills”, “This man or woman aren’t no good”, “These children will send me straight to hell”. It is these words where the law of let is in full operation.
My words of wisdom for this day are: “He that keeps or guards his mouth simultaneously keeps or guards his life from trouble. The sum total of your life is as a result of what you have allowed to pass from the spirit world to your natural world via the law of let.
Heavenly father, help us not to focus on what we see physically, but to be focus on what we do not see which is spiritual. Give us the discerning power to not only decipher and identify the spirit or spirits that are operating in that person place or thing but to bind it and cast it out in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
Posted by Kevin Ewing at 8:19 AM


  1. LET there be blessings on Metty, Metters, Peepers, Well Wishers, Not exactly Well Wishers (unno know unno odda name) an di Noun dem weh grace di Pink Wall (unno know unno odda name tuh). Let the church say Amen!

    1. Yes di adda name whey we doe use because it gi di devil all kinds a power fi operate in the name..same so bless dem rite up pup pup

  2. Good morning, Yardie, blessings, Metty thanks for this, I receive it, Let there be no want or lack for any good things in my life, let there be permanent abundance of great things happening in my life, Let there peace in every area of my life. Let there be a abundance of wealth and increase in my life. Let there be no sickness or untimely death or disturbance in my life, families, friends or associates, Amen!

  3. Very interesting piece of info:
    as humans put their overstanding to it: we see thru our eyes…& with the HELP of LIGHT dat passes thru our eyes into our brains…we are able to see(Physics)
    So GOD did infact knw we needed light (THE SUN) to see & for Earth to habitat natural tings all around us…Let There Be Light

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