This is di man whey dem say tekking all di girls from farrin to every last part a Jamaica..Mr Waldyy. Di picho look like a mugshot..but das all di sender did have

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  1. Brap Brap Ms. Met, yuh a the boss how yuh get this is beyond me. Listen Waldy dont do crowd him don’t do photos so for you to get this is just because yuh thing don’t normal at all. Big up Ms. Met.

      1. past baddddd ohhhh mi luv it. Him and him first son weh Juline have fi him resemble bad looking at this photo. This man is like a phantom enuh Metty.

  2. What type of oman is him type? (someone seh “plank foot” a wah dat?) Because I want some money fi start a business, mi hear him buddy a neegle suh dat means I can safely and honestly tell someone the sex never happen………cause it seems bitches are wining an mi deh yah a guh a school like professional student.

  3. Mi sey Juline have a piece a foot deh it nuh normal, har heel back is so broad and big it need liposuction. Toni-Ann foot is way pass lunchtime she have a right fi start sell shoes wid dem deh forgotten feet. Doneisha on the borderline wid fi har foot.

      1. How Met a endanger him, Waldy been wanted and fi a wanted man why live such a promiscuous life style weh di same gyal dem can set up yuh life.

        1. Ispy, I believe what blogger perm meant was we might be endangering him when the hoomens dem fine out and dem all decide fe rally, gang up ah beat out im bloodclaat…that is some serious endangerment.

  4. Y do you all constantly make reference to Toni Ann tho? That f**kship ended longtime. Waldy isn’t the one financing her business if that was the case Matterhorn wouldn’t be promoting her business on his instagram page. I think Matterhorn felt sorry for her and gave her a start Waldy and Toni Ann dun longtime!

    1. Badgyal yuh really think sey she nah slap him and cum on he has the fans so it would only be right of him to help har after all she is the mother of his kids. I dont think him can hold it against her him just get new baby so why him woulda still be hurting and him move on clearly.

  5. @pmrm that was a picture the picture they premiered Jamaica most wanted in 2009 I believe. It was all over the television so his face was put on blast before now.

  6. @ISPY You have a point she could be still a slap him under the quiet. The only concubines I know for sure he’s dating are Sanchi, Doniesha Loud fashion and Julene!
    Unno feel free to add to the list.

    1. to bloodclaat quena is who yuh doah knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nuh bawn yet ………yes sah mi a drink weh leff a mi tea but do spill yours mumz 😀

      1. That is one man mi would not want fi breed fah in this day and age no Quena yuh brave no fart

        1. How old are you talking when you say old mugshots……then I’ll tell you his age.
          Joke mi ah mek peeple, Wlady is no Babydaddy of mine, just a one time parrie.

          1. maybe the late ones like now look different but most a dem ina di database look like this

  7. Quena yuh condition waah shampoo! Yuh know say is nuff man yuh did deh wid dwoah… Waldy have a dose a summin fi all a Unuh whey love dutty money cuz di mount a bbm mi hear this man have… Mi Nuh understand some ppl before Unuh run from di nasty free lance cocky man deh Unuh waah dem wheel dem transparent teely inna Unuh. Him not bad looking doe. Did someone say this pic is from 09 so how old is this man really? Met why yuh never put the matey and wifey pics roun him from número uno to número Diez… Hi Waldy bbm Quena did I spell #10 correct in Spanglish? Hmmm

    1. @Bubble, yes thats correct “Diez”, only your count is way off as to the groupies he gots. Him being my BBF was a joke, Waldy never had the pleasure of sleeping with me. He was anold friend along with a few others…….R.I.P. Ricardo Thomas!

    2. Whooooop! it is!!!!!!!!!…QUENAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Come talk up now Mrs. labba labba mout…Bubble, please tuh tek time wid wi puertorican friend :hammer :hammer :hammer

      1. A so when heat tun on she disappear she know every top man dem is her good friend n none had the pleasure of fuxxing har if Quena a no one a di regula dem mi u know meck a :travel

          1. Then with all the house whey u own u have a 9-5 too beg pardon u see true mi have fi go work a daytime I can’t do the late night, have a very productive day my dear bye

          2. It would be wise to always allow uncle sam to collect his taxes. You acting like you don’t know the code……add, subtract and multiply nuh!

    3. Suh Bubble, what Quena really look like? she pretty like she say she is?..she got that good hair?..can she dress…is she ah slimmas, maampi or in between?…give wi ah brief synopsis…

  8. Waldie go by another name Jah B… Him live up a redhills and have several apts weh him rent out. Him inna drugs big big. Juline did have one store inna di airport don’t know if it still open. Ishawna a geh foota bun long time cause and love likes

  9. Waldy yuh fi stop Leggo yuh self so doe… Fi a ambassador :ngakak :maho yuh baddy dis free so….

  10. Yes @quena do tell if a chue deh him summin really small and him like watch it a perform???
    Chuety whey yuh deh??? Si di mistreee man yah ooooooo… The rolling cock!

    1. Bubble dawling mi a coma mi inna n thank u fi call me out mi not even ago address Waldy n him eva roaming neegle but Quena Quena mi say it already n won’t say it again but U ahh boiii meck a gwaan read.

  11. So wat is that writing in the front to the right side, him name?… first I thought a passport but a mussi mugshot fi tru….Is this a big man now or lickle bwoy.This is a mystery like Dudus to baxside, a same way no recent photo neva deh of him…Is he a wanted man or not?

  12. Met him wanted fi chue ??? Wanted by who? Cuz Nuh free man dis whey a sex dung di place…

  13. pink wall a get dangerous now!!! fi get inna di man buisness, who and who di man a sort out,, put di man life in danger and not tuh mention indictment,, a old picture,, reasons why di man a move a certain way!!!

    1. move wha kine a way? unless u doe know..u cant a move certain way and a meet a certain portion a woman and every big show u deh meeting women so nuh bait up di wall oo

      1. u eva hear anybadie seh dem see dudus or skeng all bout or u eva hear dem name call pan one bag a woman?
        put tunya pan di list oo and maybe angel mi haffi go check good

  14. Mr. Harley should have thought about that before him choose fi live careless lifestyle. Yes him a 35

    1. di full hundred deh road long time but now dis dash out…mi a go really ask agen because mi still in doubt…… when foota did go big up bully…is shade him did a shade waldy sake a ishawna mek him get di box dem? Well if I neva :travel

      1. Mi say from yessiday mi see the ashes not the smoke n mi hask u Met if dats y the badman teck Foota face tun it into drum but u nay answers me eno

  15. Quena look here is when u did move to JA to start the “heavy machinery” business is them times u know Waldy??

  16. Met nuhbaddie never have to know, but him woman dem love run dem move perioddddddddddd. As him start spend pon Doneisha har mouth get diarrhea when she was f***ing Buju she chill. Yuh nuh see she tek time off the partying scene cah him page har

  17. Met mi comment disappear…See if sumady can tell Ishawna fi guh shankle dip a one a dem cave deh weh have fresh clean water weh a float, nothing stagnant or salty fi har hole too much demonic “angels” a follow behind har and buss di wanted man

  18. Yep pie use a bombo to bombo eno…. Dwl!!! Rayyyyyyyy mi fren Chuety. Metttt yawh di bosssss!

  19. Dudus use to frequent nightclub Ispy.Mi cousin know him because he was contracted to do a certain legitimate job for him (a professional one weh u guh a school fah) he moves alone, a him alone u see no bag a man and of course he nuh lef out him headback.If him neva employed fi duh work for him, him wouldn’t know him if him pass him pon di road.It was a business relationship fi mi cousin.Him see and blind, hear and deaf pon purpose and just do him job

  20. Met put up the pics of all his females surrounding the King please and look fi Quena own and put up to. Thank you!

  21. Metty fi real dem man yah ano real bad man cuz Dudus name never call up so yet, it look like is bare loose dancehall girls him like. Him cawh wanted and av him sexual tickler out deh so.

  22. I have been saying it long time now, Miss Puerto Rican Princess Quena is NO RASS PANISH! This Fool is a Regula dancehall tae tae, I know that one day she is going to dig her own grave but met always say no badda wid har so me lowe it. I am from Jamaica even date entertainers, I was IN THE DANCEHALL and leff it! NOW somebody PLEASE COME TELL ME HOW THIS Quena knows every dancehall personality and Jamaican? is that I waaan know. You think you a fool the massive but trust me, YOU IS ONE LAME MOFO. KMT. Why the fronting though? LOL.

      1. Head hurt for what? STOP TELL PEOPLE YOU IS SPANISH WHEN YOU ARE NOT, bout head hurt, LOL. with your fronting ass.

    1. Anon, please tuh tek time and tread very lightly wid wi Puertorican putus…for a Puertorican Quena, you sure do know a lot more than me..and I’m a Jamaican

      1. How long have you been in America Yeppie and please excuse my assumption of you not being from here, what I am getting at is if you are around a group of people for a very long length of time you too will know a lot about them.
        I am no longer going to dispute that I am in fact Puertorican as the masses want to believe I am not……I am that I am!

        1. @ BEING AROUND A GROUP OF PEOPLE. Yow. This gal really tek we fi idiot enuh. We no need your justification Miss Panish lady. You lame like the Kratches you hab unda you.

      2. Yeppy? All I am saying is, why the front though? We all know she use GOOGLE TRANSLATE to come on JMG come front like she know spanish, But why? every bad man and woman she know? she know people who lives in Jamaica, this Gal think we a idiot enuh. As me say, she dig har own hole. Eventually she going to buss har self trust. From I was birth me neva see nothing like this. A Puerto Rican who knows everybody and dem mumma in a dancehall, she all know the Man age???? No sah, Mek the puerto Rican Princess gwan wid har concubine self. Me no know who she a try fool.

  23. Badgyal come here deh is which sanchi deh wid waldy. Is the tuff turbit whe wear braces n it look like the surgeon whe do her batty n breast dem shut dem eyes while doing it . R is the brown sanchi whe do her belly n breast wha day n she keep dance name blue n white

    1. I doubt that, Sanchi money is from selling from every now and then and her husband/babyfather inna di business

  24. As much as uno cuss Quena and she do get pon mi nerves more time, mi loike har…..I don’t blame her to go incognito, she seem to know a lot of wanted, scammers, robbers, killers and the list goes on..Face it, if she surface dem probably put a hit pon Quena caw she know too much…But fi di years Quena deh pon ya, she know nuff bout Port Royal, I would think she come from deh and move guh LA.Gwaan chooo Quena, gwaan chooo

    1. Dem done know di code already so mi nuh know why everytime quena comment a di same ting all over agen…

      1. Now that you say this me go lowe har, I honestly didnt know she was undercova. OK. Gwan through Spanish Lady. Me get it now.

  25. Ispy so is the sanchia whe keep dance wha day then. If u know who me a talk because if it’s her, all a waldy woman dem kinda look alike r have a plank of a foot.
    Ispy me a read yesterday post n the link u post of Julene all along I never know is tht Julene fr Brit bran days, yes she do have a son for him n she did strt work a airport fi tru because wen me know her fr Brit bran she did tell me she’s goin to strt work a airport, tht time she was driving a black rav4. She has a nice shape n very tall. Waldy u really love woman whe wrk either inna store r u open up store for them. Met big up yuhself n the bloggers dem because a bare truth talk pon yah all wen the gargoyles dem tlk bout dem nuh read jmg r a lie pink wall a tell. Me prove everyday a bare truth tlk over yah

    1. Sge same one from Brit Bran and I don’t know the Sanchi person they talking but mi know anno di midget one.

  26. Quena consistent with the mix up and wat she know ppl, mi nuh doubt har desso…but she constantly haffy a mek up story fi gi uno who she be, it doesnt matter family .She have to lay low fi gi we di 411….Quena mi nuh mean fi cut u, but wats the latest wid Stacy Bashment luv

    1. Anon a like u, u know a da sed stance deh mi teck but sometime mi figet say mi no business who what r why she be she’s very entertaining I give har that much so I can ignore all the other shit

  27. All bloggers here are anonymous even met herself, suh why is it that people always deh pon quena case about who she be….let her be man…

  28. den triston yuh really cum back wid de same fraidy fraidy phuckery i kin rite oba in yah :ngakak

      1. den yuh nuh c weh him comment dem a gwaan wid mi seh a laff suh till…a u mek him tek a long break enuh mek de man tink yah c him chue yuh screen dwrcllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  29. Yea man Chuet, read between the lines…If Quena seh she a Puerto Rican Ambassador she is, we ago lowe it as dat….caws clearly wink wink we know she nuh fram deh.Quena write bad more than mi an u…Big up Quena!!!!weh she deh?..Uno run har she neva even ansa mi question bout Stacy…..QUENA COME BACCCCCCC

  30. Aye mi say anonymous shake me hand… Quena write bad yuh fretttt! More time mi affi meds when mi si fi har patois cuz mi bawn a JA and mi Nuh chat so bad. Quena a mi blogging fren still so Unuh Gwey and Lowe har :hammer

  31. Quena u too sensitive man, CHO……Half a u blogger fam is bipolar like mi self nuh pay dem nuh mind or explain to dem nuh more…..Come ya man
    Can somebody tell mi which high school Waldy use to guh fi see him mi can dig mi brain likkle more..Come ere ISpy

  32. Anon she too thin skin fi true a play we play 🙂 Quena hon come here likkle so when u n him did a par him did already rich or in the process of amassing his riches

  33. Quena ah mashup met pon ar own website; met don’t av nuttin on quena, she soon tek over the “walls” as the new administrator.

  34. But what mi fail fi understand is y these girls allow this man to be how he is. I mean he f**kibg Doneisha he also used to sex Kareem Aphilia Rickeisha and they all talk and Sansie and Julene used to be friends and Toni Ann and Ishawna are friends. Then Ishawna and Ayanna used to be friends so it’s like a freaking circle smh!

  35. Hola! I could never do what Metty does. @Chuetty, Waldy was on the come up when we met, he wasn’t filthy just yet but was a warrior so hubby kept me wide most of the time.
    @Anon…Bashment is well, looking after herself and working on a come back. Saw her hubby a few months back in Cali, he seemed to have moved on without her.

  36. Ah boi! If anybody a real spy on here is that puertorican chick. She is case book has all the trappings of a professional provocateur.

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