1. Nuh bwoy cyaan style me certain way and me deh back wid him. Bassa stay bad and him nuh worth shit. Him have di gyal a Jamaica a spend har money and him nah tek care of di six pickney dem weh him have. Prettimiller the last babymadda call him out as a deadbeat. Dem deserve each other still. Dumb and dumber!!!

  2. She look a good 45 plus. Grow up and get a life babes! You can’t go back to a man that diss on social media at that…AND he don’t take care of his kids. Oh hell no! You can’t think you and him will live happy. It does not work like that! Next thing he going to be talking is marriage so he can get a visa to come up and have more kids now on you. You have low self esteem babes, get it together Ooo! :tkp

  3. All a unno either sound like a mate or one of the mate dem friend. Y’all need to come out of the ppl dem life, unno don’t know how dem relationship set up but maybe true him upfront with she while the others were not unno vex. BTW I’m in total agreement with for taking care of his kids but unno need to stay outta ppl life!

  4. Bitch get last me no want bassa or me and bassa never den and plus if me a seh with bassa a must me yard me ago want him clean him

  5. Mi nah lie Kanisha yuh stomach strong. Anybody ever see inna Bassa mouth? Di way how him mouth set up him mus have bad breath. Kanisha stop mek Bassa tek yuh fi fool. Him have a bag a ooman a Jamaica and he has six chidren and 5 babymadda.FYI he has another baby on the way which makes you look like what? Bassa don’t have anything to offer anybody, football nah work out fi him, when last yuh see him play nuh match? Him nah guh get no work with the limited education him have. All him interested inna is flossing and partying pon your money while him pickney dem dead fi hungry. Kanisha yuh nuh fraid yuh ketch something from di nasty bwoy? People like him will mek man f##k him fi tings. Anything fi stay inna di eyes of the public unu dweet. Yuh and him put on a big show down pon Instagram few weeks ago and look at you flying to Jamaica fi prove what? Stay deh mek Bassa clown yuh out,you’re not the first and mi guarantee when him done wid yuh a mad house yah guh reach. Yuh seh yah first lady but yuh nah act like one. Yuh self esteem deh pon zero and yuh mek dis uneducated nasty bwoy deal wid yuh like shit. This isn’t love, this is abuse. Yuh have up yuh job and seem very established so find a man weh rate yuh and love yuh. Nuh waste yuh time pon dis chink weh not even can read and write.Yuh a pose bout wife, watch and see how him a guh treat yuh when him nuh get weh him want. People tired fi warn yuh. Bassa is an opportunist and the King of lies.

  6. @misspinkprint you telling ppl to come out ppl business,why you on pinkwall though am sure its to be in other ppl business and fasse coming here posting comments that makes no sense…..sounding stupid oh right you must be one of Kanisha friend girl pick a struggle go away!!

  7. Bassa stay bad he beg all a the woman them back fi deh wid him back but kanisha is the fool fool one nuh boy can’t style me and social media like that and talk back to him she love him prettimiller is ok nice baby girl the baby is pretty she is happy now leave her out of this .bassa naked like bolttle he don’t mind none of the kids a wonder how he feel about that I’m tired to see bassa in same cloths he wear them too regular .

  8. @anonymous I rate your talk girl truth about bassa no lie king of lie bassa mouth stay bad he only posing pic on social media like is somebody he’s worthless I don’t rate no boy that don’t mind them kids I bet he don’t tell her that is 6kids him have but kanisha is so stupid don’t even take the time out to know him kanisha only make more laugh at her remember you did warn kanisha how u happy with a man that don’t mind his kids hes looking you back after he disrespect you and flap you and social because nothing nah Gwaan fi him he not getting no match his career done fah as what prettimiller said deadbeat daddy lol that’s why prettimiller did put him out of her house with his scandal bag and put them on social media dwl and say him have 3under pants lol suh yuh duh bwoy and leff boss girl lol

  9. Bassa can’t take a pic and smile a wonder why,oh his false teeth stay really bad cause it ain’t all his teeth, haha kanisha pick the worst Genna fi deh wid,does he really know aidionia because he makes Genna camp look really bad,every man in Genna camp progressive not bassa.

  10. Lol no sah the Genna them need to run him out of them camp him don’t fit the camp him teeth dirty bad kanisha need to pay a dentist to fix his teeth man done pan kanisha a foreign Mek she choose bassa she desperate bad .

  11. Man clown kanisha the boy flap you and say you fake and him leff you one month and him gave him life and you need to do the same wata Shame and disgrace man dinging a him sweet mouth trick you poor you .mascot Gyal laugh at you bassa life is a mess 6kids and don’t know how them eat are drink .

  12. For a high complexion dude,bass is too nasty…..thinking of the situation kanisha mentally ill I swear serious help needed she really gone to the dogs woof woof police must lock up cougar kanisha for entertaining a nasty man like that smh.

  13. He’s gonna keep having these kids because he’s obviously having a problem protecting himself. Kanisha,wake up and walk away from this nasty excuse for a man. He just wants to know him have you in his corner so when him need a money is you him can call. You live in the US and yah tell mi seh you can’t find not 1 man through out the 50 states? Yuh love the hype man dem. I wonder how much him spend pon you while you were in Jamaica? $0.00 yeah cause him can’t even buy gum or mint fi him stay bad mouth. Most of his children are girls and he isn’t doing a good job of being a man or a father to them. He will never respect you as a woman. His agenda is to get what he can and take what he can. It will be a sad case if you marry this vulture.

  14. Bassa don’t have respect for his kids he bring and expose everybody to the kids five babymother and not one he together with so kanisha should be smart and think that and he is the problem walk around and use woman no man a foreign don’t want kanisha cause she is nobody cause look who a take her for fool a little eidot baller weh don’t live no where and don’t mind is kids what kind of man that Annette don’t want bassa him a waste man he not even a play match team don’t want him he is the only footballer that always and media and drama life that girl make bassa feel important like he is somebody a man can’t be a and playing a part in his kids life a papers him look from her as him get that him gone leff you eidot gal but one a the babymother have a court a which one ?

  15. You why him draw back for kanisha nothing not going for him football done for him so he want someone shoulder to lean on that’s why he sweet talk you and convince you damn clown and you fly come to Jamaica to prove with a man that flap you sad bitch you come Jamaica I bet he don’t have one dollar to spend take you some where nice you spend girl you crazy stop turn your self in clown kanisha plz we are all woman I think you did smart is friend in the Genna is laughing at you

  16. Kanisha how you feel a man dis you put your picture on his social media with about three thousand people and his page disrespecting you saying stuff ……how how need to get a life because he move on and let you sound like a crazy bitch and turn around posing back his picture and talking about what God put together the devil can’t tear it away God don’t like ugly and need to be the woman with class and make a man feel he can’t do you anything and take him back so easy shame on you .

  17. I need to see Kanisha on a reality show, produced by Mona Scott Young because she would bring the craziness bunny boiler style. I hope it don’t make me a bad person. :angel

  18. Sender you sound big hurt i guess the man f!!k & let you go? He give you a 1night stand? oh yes it hurt you! i bet your sorry about getting that cunt wet & ass slap up with pure diss & ignore behind it as well” stupid girl no you desereve /GYAL\ stop involve that man kids in your waste discussion, “& if you do make sure yours are well maintaine are the dad of yours are 100% supportive”. roger ratchet.

  19. Mi nuh rate nuh boy weh nuh mine them kids and me nah support nuh boy weh don’t deal with there kids so why some of you all in this so true about bassa he don’t mind none of his kids his life always about drama ….and woman mi nah see the truth and hide it a man who don’t respect his family are kids will not respect a woman and kanisha you is the foolish woman I ever see a man disrespect you like that have no chance in your life again poor you .

  20. Bassa need a good dental work up,a hope Kanisha love can pay for her boobie dental bills…..come to think of it she just as nasty and has no dam ambition,what secret bassa has for Kanisha why she can’t do any better than that boy cause he ain’t a man.not working and don’t even have a future plan but fi follow behind genna them ass poppyshow.

  21. Cesspool mout Bassa Skeng, gwan guh figure out weh yah guh duh wid yuh life. Football is all you know and Kanisha think seh yuh a sumaddi. Look at di two a unu a hype pon people. Unu life sad like funeral. Gyal Kanisha fly come a Jamaica and she nuh get nuh knowings. Yuh nyam out every red cent, literally. Gwan guh siddung pon di corner and stop gwan like you mean di world to people. Your court case a come up, wonda if yuh have clothes fi wear guh out deh. Yuh is a dutty disgrace to yuh pickney dem. Bout Genna, yah di worse a di worse.

  22. Yes yes a which one of the babymother have him a court lol bassa mouth stay bad fi true but kanisha can’t pay for a dental care for him my god but she come Jamaica weh the different it make bassa nah change nuh new cloths a halfway tree she go lol and eat a fish her vacation did look boring thou and bassa have a weed in his hand dwl that nuh look properly

  23. But look pan bassa skeng.and kanisha two eidot kanisha your vacation was boring no spice to it come to Jamaica look regular in halfway tree at kfc and your hairstyle weh tired we tired to see that one look with thousand dollar yuh tear in two kmt bassa kids them need it yuh here weh one of his babymother call out for him deadbeat father lol a papers dutty teeth bassa want kanisha talking bout less announcement damn right cause bassa hate when you tag his page stuff and he have your head lock I bet is him tell you to stop put up stuff cause he don’t want you upfront with he just want your money and help .man done pan you a foreign my girl a wah fight yuh fi ago head over heels fi a boy weh nah mine his kids and don’t have nothing to offer you but headache and stress and more kids .and your name all over social media get real girl be wise and smart woman must not fool suh .

  24. No can’t somebody get this girl some psychological help like seriously.. Can 1 person be so SAD.. No sah what a gal sad bad like funeral.. Met I feel sorry for her bad bad.. Kanisha you need some serious help.. Man style yuh and yuh fly go ja to man dem shoulda acid yuh ugly makeup face down deh.. Why don’t you put your interest in your SON??? Two a dem fit too rasa poopy show dem… She and Bassa fit 2 a dem stay bad nuh rass… Bassa wah some clothes naked like water bottle… The things Kanisha do fi man desperate ugly bitch..

  25. Kanisha fly come a Jamaica nothing about her trip her hairstyle did want to change and that ugly shoes that she have on with the black tights suit never pick look cheap for someone who a travel kanisha need to spend more time with her son and stop where the bag of makeup …..bassa bruck and hungry better you did send him your travel money because he don’t have a job football is all he know and football done for him now arenett garden club don’t need him .for a big man he waste time too much and change relationship every 3 month kanisha yuh sad cause I bet you can’t name one good place bassa take you halfway tree kfc lol and sit at jungle at bassa endz you should shame yuh vaca tacky go the real way girl that never pick bassa teeth stay bad the one in the front of his mouth need to change .

  26. bassa naked him cloths them tired now but like how him nuh mine him kids them he should have cloths bassaskeng yuh think a Fame you fame this is a disgrace to your kids I think you need God .

  27. Nasty kanisha you a talk bout Gwan lurk yuh stay bad .like you look good use the money weh you a mine bassa cocky weh deh all bout the place a better go buy some sgape cause you all in one we looking how stupid a fool you are mascot gal this boy with a bag of Pitney and nah mine them dwl we go head over heels with boy weh mine we not a dirty teeth man lmaof you desperate bitch yuh tight set cheap what your posing up common gal when we step in Jamaica all eyes on us Laing duck you nasty gal yuh dead.

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