11 thoughts on “THE NEXT MAN IS ON THE WAY

  1. This post is dripping with something unsavoury. Who says a woman’s worth is tied up with a man? Who cares which earthly man want her, God is enough. I never forget that story, A Woman of Substance. Nuh laff at nobody cause you don’t control dem destiny, nuff who ppl write off a shine glorious today.

  2. Just wait a little bit, the sender usually start dash out the story in the comments section and a gwaan like a nuh dem sen in the story. Sender the gal pretty and can get whole heap more man so what is the real issue here?

  3. Sender, this is a pretty girl, trust me woman luck deh a dungle heap. Trust and believe she can and will get another man. Bitter and jealous much?

  4. I know her she is with the guy who was gay. he was on the video with bebe and the call him gucci.He use to dress up in girl clothes but after a while him start behave and dress like man since him and her together, so when mobay people start see them together everybody start talk and say she good but she said she dont care. He even bought her a car for her birthday

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