The number 8
Are you currently in a financial bind? Did an unexpected bill popped up that you were certainly not
prepared for? What about those funds you were patiently waiting for to meet the needs of your regular August bills, such as school fees, school books, insurance etc?
Now, I am quite aware that many have posted at the beginning of this month of August, that this month which is the eighth month represents change, a new beginning and so on, which I completely agree to.
However, because August is the 8th month and the number 8 in the realm of the spirit represents a new beginning, or starting over, change etc. this WILL NOT JUST AUTOMATICALLY HAPPEN! As with everything else there is always a spiritual fight involved.
You see my friend, this is where we usually go wrong, we are mislead to believe that a certain number or a particular season will cause Satan to take a back seat and role out a red carpet for us and say, “Hey Mr. or Ms. Christian go ahead and enjoy what God has prepared for you in whatever season you’re in”. I don’t think so!
As you may or may not know, the realm of the spirit is all about covenants. As such, the Believer must prepare himself that be it the 8th day, 8th month or whatever symbol or assigned place, period or time that represents change,, prosperity, increase or whatever… IT WILL BE MET WITH BRUTE DEMONIC RESISTENCE!
This is why the Believer must be spiritually informed and educated properly in theses areas of spiritual warfare. Therefore, The Believer must be consistently reminding God of his word and promises that were made to them concerning a certain number, date, place or whatever. For example, You must be declaring throughout this 8th month of August, “Father I decree and declare that this 8th month is a month of positive change for me, I decree and declare that this month specifically I will rise above my enemies and oppressors,
I decree and declare that every known and unexpected bill will be met during the course of this month, because your word declares that you shall supply all my needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19. “Lord I now come in agreement with your word concerning this month, that absolutely no weapon formed by the Devil and his agents will prosper in this 8th month against my life, Isaiah 54:17, Father I will see your word come to pass that says. “you will increase me more and more me and my children” Psalm 115:14, in this 8th month. Lord I agree that the counsel of my enemies against me shall be converted to foolishness, 2 Samuel 15:31 in this 8th month. Father I bind myself to your word that says, you will do exceedingly abundantly and above all that I could ask or thing according to the power that operates in me, Ephesians 3:20, in this 8th month.
You see my friend, this is spiritual warfare, coming in agreement with what the word says, not sitting back and believing that because of the spiritual significance of a number things will automatically happen for you. Instead the number and in this case the number 8 which we know represents spiritually new beginnings only provides the stage for us the Believer, to reinforce the word of God in an effort to dismantle the spiritually demonic brute force that has been assigned specifically against this period designed for change, so that what this number represents, number 8 in this case, do not manifest.
This explains why many folks have declared and decreed that this month is a month of new beginnings but I can promise you that many of them will pass through this month terribly disappointed simply because they thought the monies, favor, opportunities would arrive in their laps unhindered or because they sowed a $1000 special seed things would just go smooth sailing or because Apostle so and so said so it will happen……. Look! You are already in the middle of this 8th month, you still have half a month more to go, so why not apply this spiritual understanding that I am freely giving to you and once practiced YOU WILL SEE CHANGE!
“The people of God are not experiencing and participating in the promises and benefits of God, simply because they lack the knowledge of God, God said that because you rejected his knowledge, he has also rejected you and you children Hosea 4:6
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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