The phenomenon of change

The word change is used frequently in our society, with little or no regard as to how or why a particular change came about, better yet, who or what were responsible for the change.

If asked, the average person would tell you that change is doing something different, or rearranging something or someone, which clearly places the responsibility of change from their prospective at the feet of someone else. In observing the dictionaries view, it states that change is to make something different or to become different.

The latter meaning of the dictionaries view began to spark my curiosity, in that the definition placed the responsibility of change to the one that desires the change.

The truth is one can not change what one tolerates! Because in essence, you are literally fueling the very thing or person that you desire to see change in by accepting, tolerating or entertaining whatever it is they’re doing that you feel needs to change. In actuality your behavior makes you a co-conspirator to the very thing you desire change in.

Therefore, we are the principle ingredient in whatever it is that we think needs to change. We’ve been armed with a vision (a better way of doing something) that others don’t see, only to become the reckoning force to bring about the change that they will see.

True change is not dependent on people, situations, circumstances, or how you think others should behave to satisfy the change that you want to see. However, the contrary would suggest that genuine change is dependent on the modification of your view, attitude, position, response and most of all your perception of the situation, which are all initiated from your “MIND” again which clearly indicated change begins with you.

The facts are, situations and circumstances will not change because you feel it should change or because you feel as if you’ve had enough of whatever and others must conform to your anger, abusive language or behavior. You must take the vision of change from your mind coupled with humility and convert it to action (beginning with you) to produce change. The phenomenon of change is observing where change is needed, adjusting your perception and behavior towards it by being constant in your action, and patiently waiting to see the change you desire in the person or situation.

Now, for those that refuse to become the change that they want to see, have simultaneously volunteered for the position that they’re probably not even aware of, and that is the “STATUS QUO” mentality. Status quo is defined as: the existing state of condition or affairs. So, the status quo mentality would be one who accepts their present condition (even though they don’t like it) with the delusional thought that someone or something would change it, with no input from their end.

Folks, God’s word is abundantly clear, he said that we must be transformed or changed by the renewing of our minds (Romans. 12:2). The word renew means to repair or restore. To repair or restore anything strongly suggest that its present condition is damaged or out of order, which now makes change the inevitable for it to operate in its proper functioning state.

The thoughts of wisdom for today is, bring to a standstill, attempting to change others that will only produce a false change to satisfy you. Instead begin repairing and restoring your mind towards that person or thing which will automatically convert to a change in your action and behavior towards them which in turn will cause them to change towards you.

“The change we want to see in others is normally a reflection of God pointing out, the change he want in us”.

By: Kevin L. A Ewing

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