26 thoughts on “THE REAL RICH SISTERS

  1. Mi reach a point where I have nothing new to say about dese ppl cause is the same shit they be doing…so until further notice I will just look,read nd laugh….if i do comment it will be as a reply to someone who commented something funny or new.

    What I will give Bobbette over Apple is that she is not naked 24/7

  2. it cost how much for her to look this cheap? no matter how much dem spend or how big di brand dem always look basic, nah cut no dash!

  3. So tell me something bag go pon special at 3:19am like airline ticket too? Lol when credit card owners a sleep dem a internet troll, carry on goodie, carry right on.

  4. who wan be can be BUT these lowlifes are a factor in this upsurge against blacks!

    Dem a thieft the white people dem things as a occupation which puts us into high crime stats.

    Then we have the lowlife females having children that they teach nothing of value to and then poor thing them do what they THINK is normal base on how they were nurtured.

    Racism yes, but giving them easy baits to target.

    If bobette dem expire today it would be the saving grace of a seed yet to born to their kind.

    Again onu could a bed till the creator come thus is my truthful life observation.

  5. Done with them now met where is kikiswwetness fight in the club when di gyal box har up an she haffi tek box di gyal punk her bad in front of plp last week and she and makeup Kay ah war cause di video de pon makeup Kay page an she nah tek it down but mi hear seh ah more to the video

    1. Good fi dem , no one has submitted anything so as to Kay she bout she looking fi video pan di pinkwall why she neva send it since she busy looking

      1. met dem waan imply that u biased cuz the sweetness girl always send yuh mixup and dats y she get beat up, and dats y u nah run the video cuz a u fren. I was like no the video over the next boogger page and maybe dats y it nuh run a di wall cuz met nuh wann nutten weh she already put up. my question is how dem know is she send in the mixup, cuz me believe sometimes dem dancehall ppl yah send in and comment pon dem fren post and all send in demselves fi hype and attention

        1. Never got it and will not run it now because as u seh it done run etc.Mi nuh have time fi dem and they should know that.

          1. And I do have biases a di bias mek mi did tek down Kay video when she message mi seh she mek a mistake I felt bad for her cause she seh people hate her etc. She must go and attend to her business she is a business woman

        2. fi a business woman, business must slow fi she a mek video suh a cuss. I don’t see the videos cuz mi nah gi har no clicks, but how dem know a she send in the mixups, wen you never disclose ur sources? a tru it nuh ova pon the wall is your friend and yuh biased? dem logic nuh mek sense to me.

          1. Someone screenshot n send me this morning suh mi never see either. Mi neva know mi can be friend wid people who mi nuh know but a regular ting dat fi dem because one girl tell mi seh dem confront her to bout how dem send har in and mi nuh put it up so me and har mus a fren. They have a one track mind das y dem haffi bungle up ina dancehall cause di whole a dem think di same. Why business woman kay want it pan di wall, she want to come over here and comment? Why and dem dont like the wall u nuh si seh dem dont have no sense.

          2. And if dem did send in Kay video and it put up she wudda come bout she mek mistake and she is a mother agen fi it tek down so mi nuh know why she nuh guh wash out har brush dem eno man

      2. Dwrl. Dem want someone else do the sending so dem can come bout “badmine” “haters” and all that noise?

        Okay :cd

  6. Im sorry not trying to make light of the police shootings BUT……why blacklivesmatter just pop up inna mi head as soon as mi see Robbas?

  7. Mi wear $20 blouse and $50 boot from ShoeDazzle and Robbas cyaa look classy like me nuh day. Always looking like she bout to beat up a bitch for sleeping with her man.

  8. the time Kay tek a ban the gal she need to ban Robbas weh always a diss up har hard widrive shape Simone dem seh Kay smell raw

  9. I’m sick and tired of hearing about these low class chicks. Don’t worry Robert it’s only a matter of time until you get sentenced. Hawaii is waiting for you.The obeah is running out. You need to humble yourself and figure out what’s gonna happen to you when you get deported. Low class bitch, do yourself a favor a have several seats because your stay bad to be posting pictures claiming you’re pretty.

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