There are more with us, than those that are against us!
“And he answered, be not afraid, for there are more with us than those that are with them” 2 kings 6:16. These were the words that the prophet Elisha said to his servant, who became overwhelmed with fear when he saw a host of soldiers surrounding himself and his master Elisha.
My main purpose this morning is to encourage you, and to assist in pulling you up out of that place of despair and utter hopelessness. Yes! I am fully aware there are times one becomes so depress and tired of the same old roller coaster ride day after day, to the point you don’t want to hear nothing about God or his scriptures.
The truth is, we all experience this from time to time, especially when it appears as if God just isn’t hearing us while we’re screaming out to him for some form of help or relief in our seemingly endless cycle of misery that we’re currently experiencing. The good news is we have help; as a matter of fact we have tremendous help. Unfortunately, the help that has been made available to us is not visible, however very much real and ever present.
Every challenge for the believer, God has in advance outfitted him with overwhelming help. This is why he said he will not put more on you than you can bear, and he’s made a way in advance for your escape to your situation 1 Corinthians 10:13.
The problem we have is, the only help we recognize is the help that is tangible, meaning help we can see and feel, “our fellow human being”. To a certain extent you are right, put our greater help are the thousands of Angels that protect us from dangers seen and unseen. In my opening sentence I mentioned briefly the account of Elisha and his servant. The servant got up one morning went outside and saw physically the Syrian army with their horses and chariots surrounding the residence of Elisha and his servant. The servant ran back inside, obviously visibly shaken, and said to Elisha what he saw. Clearly they were out numbered, strangely enough, Elisha said to his servant, “Fear not, for there are more with us than those that are with them”. I am almost certain the servant wondered if Elisha was demonstrating signs of old age. Nevertheless, the servant did not question Elisha. Elisha then prayed and appeal to God for a strange request. Elisha said, God open his eyes so that he may see”.
Now maybe I read that passage of scripture wrong, but wasn’t the servant eyes open when he saw the Syrian army surrounding them? Yes it was, and that is what he physically saw, but there was another army that by far out numbered the Syrian army that could not be seen physically, and that was the Angelic army of the Lord waiting to do battle on behalf of his people.
I am saying to you today who feel as if there is no end to your drama, or the hopeless feeling of despair and the false idea of there being no help readily available for you. Firstly, you must believe, rely and depend on what God word says about your help he’s made available to you.
The word of the Lord for you on this day is: THE LORD IS FIGHTING FOR YOU; YOU NEED ONLY TO BE STILLExodus 14:14. In your resistance, complaining and murmuring of what’s happening to you, you are polluting the will of God for you and interrupting the assignments of his Angels to fight on your behalf. The invisible hands of God are presently at work in your life. Scripture reveals that “The Angel of the Lord encamp round about them that fear him, and delivers them” Psalms 34:7.
Finally, scripture encourages us further that God has given his Angels charge or command over us to keep us in all our ways, and if we as much as dash our foot against a stone, they will gather us up in their arms Psalms 91: 11,12. As the word of the Lord was issued to Jehoshaphat, I now repeat them into your understanding, ” Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: relax yourself, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord 2 chronicles 20:17
Heavenly Father, I ask you on this day to open the spiritual eyes of the readers of this article. Let them see how you are at work in the midst of their seemingly endless cycle of misery. Cause them to understand that there are more on their side than those that are against them. I thank you and bless you in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin Ewing at 8:14 AM


  1. I do not know when the scripture was posted but I needed this reminder in the morning. This posting suits the situation I am in right now.

  2. Thank you met! God appears to be using u to inform and comfort some of us on this blog! God bless you

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