So why goodie upload ar goody good good pics dem . And den private r page and den unprivate it after she delete dem 😂 a who jerk up goody . A who tell goody seh she stay bad . A who mek goodie step put inna dat wid dem 2 long breast deh swinging

5 thoughts on “THERE IS A BRA!

  1. OMGGGG i saw this pic and was soooo uncomfortable. Thats a slip dress but true she shape suh bad it look like that, its a damn slip dress I just cant. But she young and her body jus a form out now cuz she use to likkle an neat.

  2. God made us all with faults and flaws who is this big pussy sender to judge???, dolly u stay good in what ever u wear u slay them well and I love your confidence ….. keep it up its 2017 for god sake !!!! NEXT…..

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