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  1. I totally agree with your statement. The sheep who wrote that he is going to head office to bomb it should be locked up for making terrorist threats. Also the one who said he cut of head him to. They don’t realize that like their world boss dem chat too much.

  2. u si how dem intelligent like di fool fool dj….everything dem tink or feel dem use media fi distribute it….dem need fi go pick dem up because nobody nah tek dem deh threat deh……..a bunch of fools ………………..

  3. And di one wha seh, we the people of jamaica, please speak fi yuh dunce self and lef the people of Jamaica outta yuh ignorant statement, mi shame when mi dem f**kery yah

  4. oh my..the threats dem…boy me did know say some a we Jamaicans dem dark an fool fool but this is a next level a stupidity…

  5. “The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing and threatening is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it” sameway how di voicenote dem sink unu “daddy” a same way unu baboonery a go sink unu di person wah write wha him a go do a di people dem New Kingston office a dat yuh beg credit fi do? Cause guaranteed nobody wah work hard an buy dem credit a go tek it do this type a *uckery

  6. Digicel fi report dem to the police wtf is wrong with these dunce head ppl why them a threaten Digicel a neva Digicel tell Kartel fi go kill Lizard kmt these ppl are so f**king stupid

  7. “dem bun informa cut of dem head and hide it where it cant be found”?
    Oh really, dis is wat u have learned from your ‘worl boss’, your daddy….SAD!!!!

    Now i know y him call oonu sheep…oonu is so simple-minded dat him cyan mek oonu follow, but not lead!!!

  8. what bunch of ignorant fools? some unoo cyan even buy food fi eat bout unoo a cuss digicel… go do something constructive with yourself.

  9. Onu see de mentality? Onu don’t bawl bout police kill innocent ghetto youth when onu hear say couple a dem pick up lead inna de backside likkle more from this.

    Now, if digi fi pickup and lef de Island who a go get blame? government? lolol But these niggers need fi know sey digicel bigga dan dem and kartel. Lime fi tell dem sey dem business isn’t needed to keep dem afloat.

    BTW, dat shelly gal still have ties to digi? cause this should be the last of she has a representative of kartel and him minions

  10. Is Gaza Slim put credit pon deeze eeediats phone? Unnu bad guh dung a Digicel wid di fukkry mek dem fly unnu crown. As fi di fool bout him have up 9X19, expect a visit from a AR15 real soon. Dunce F#@King retard.

  11. I hope these ppl are reported to the police by digicel. i hope these threats aren’t taken lightly. i hope arrests will be made soon. come on jcf, many are hoping you will continue the streak your currently on, of riding jamaica of these pests.

  12. I want to know how many of these retard Kartel fed, clothed, pay dem pickney school, rent, health care bill, bills,,,, Cause If I was digicel all a unno a go jail an share a cell with unno so call boss. Unno is a set of phucking fools. Kartel don’t even know 90 percent a unno exist and unno wan give up unno freedom for him…Kmt by all means guh thru. :cool

  13. This club on board level is abysmal and I for one would like to say the only way we will revive the canon in our crest is by protesting and boycotting the games and demanding for Stan to leave whilst Usmanov and Dein reinstate to board level and have full control. I have the upmost respect for Dein an Arsenal man through and through, he saw the vision that was needed at the time and still is on pitch level, but Hillwood and Stan are greedy fu*ks! And all this time the current board along with Hilwood have hid behind Wenger and let him take all the blows and knock downs while sitting back in luxury of millions every year. The only way you can ever demand someone to step down is by protesting and boycotting, history shows you this, and if we don’t do exactly that our club will be in the hands of soon to be Stan’s son. Let us regroup all as one, end of the season, NOT RENEW SEASON TICKETS and make it clear that we won’t until attend matches either until Stan steps down along with Gazidis, reinstate Dein back to the board and get some actual ex-footballers on there too Pires and Ljunberg would be ideal additions.Next Wenger, I really love the man with all my heart and sympathise with him but then again on the pitch sometimes I really don’t. Age 7 I was when he came to the club and have always supported him 150% through the good times and the bad times, he grew with us, the teams and fans too but something has changed miraculously. He isn’t the same person that I can tell you for a fact. I know I am not over thinking things, maybe it’s the lack of trophies, the admittance deep down that he’s failed and he’s been let down by players over the years and also the board and it is just all too much to handle anymore but how does a team that were doing so well collectively from the start of the season until Febuary go back to the previous seasons when we never had Steve Bould working with the defence and the team shape and just looked awful. Wenger isn’t innocent fully on those aspects either, and questions need to be answered. How do you set up a team so slow and so weak in midfield away from home this season on numerous occasions? How do you get figured out through the same tactics by your opponent season in season out? How do you let it pass so many years and only now you want to investigate injuries that reoccur along with setbacks every season? Why do you leave it consistently till the last few days to make signings every transfer window? Why play players out of position that they don’t like playing in knowing too well that they’re so much more effective in their natural position?You see these are important things that we fans need to know, like I said if we don’t protest and boycott they will never change their ways, actions speak louder than words that’s why we’re still being accepted as hopeless sheeps!

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