Wendy Williams has been getting schooled by Roland Martin after backlash she received for criticizing historically black schools and the NAACP.

“Over the past few days, if you don’t know, I’ve been facing some really harsh criticism from our viewers and other people in the media because of my comments regarding racism,” she said on her show Monday. “One of my biggest critics was a journalist and activist Roland Martin, who I’ve known for several years, but he did what he thought he had to do.”

The daytime talk diva caught major flak when she critiqued Jesse Williams’ “poignant” BET Awards acceptance speech on racism.

“[His] speech was very poignant. On the other hand, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP,” she told her silent audience.

Chevrolet reportedly pulled out of an exclusive deal with Williams over the comments.

Blogger B. Scott reported: “She’s been sobbing all week over the loss.”

Meanwhile, Martin gave her a tongue lashing on his TV One show, referring to her comments as “silly” and suggesting she “shut the hell up . . . You do realize that the NAACP was founded by a mix of folks that were black and white. Do you realize that the first president of the NAACP . . . was white?” he asked.

Williams invited Martin on her show following “a very interesting conversation . . . regarding race,” she said. “[Martin’s] educated me quite a bit, and I hope [he] can do the same for all of us, and we can begin to heal and stop.”


  1. Good For Wendell arse, I cannot tek Him. Not because you bleach and wear Becky hair MR. WENDELL WILLIAMS you are not white. Man looking Gal, They need to take him off TV, Teach him a lesson.

    1. Bleaachy Wendy, even up to the common haaair she wears she has a colour issue with!((( blonde))) Met u shudda out r up side by side with the big chested bird and skinny legs agaaain :ngakak :ngakak

  2. I am never one to experience schadenfreude or give in to the feeling of it when things such as this happen to deserving people, and so I will try to contain the feeling. However, I must say that Wendy Williams did need to be checked, and Roland Martin along with others on the Internet did well in checking her. I must admit, I do watch her show, (I am in Africa), and she keeps me current on what’s going on in the entertainment world there in America, but to say the things she did about black colleges, the NAACP and more made me realize that her education is lacking, except when it comes to gossiping. She does know how to intellectualize, yet I expected her to be at least able to have decent and sensible commentaries on important topics such as the ones she made herself a fool about. She has stated many times that she is a college graduate, I took it for granted that through her speech it would show. I blame her ignorance on just that, rather than her being a suck up to white people. I have noticed many times While doing her show, words she made up, and I at first thought she was just being funny, but now I realize her vocabulary skills are lacking to say the least. I pray that she once again, eat crow, and try her best to educate herself, on issues affecting the world and all within, having a college degree does not say much for some people nowadays.

    1. :shakehand2 I too watch her show too Obara, because she does keep me updated & I don’t mind her generally, but I agree she needed to be checked. I also agree with you that she does not intellectualize herself well, but how intellectual does someone have to be to know not to repeat Stacey Dash’s utterances? On which she (Wendy) herself had commented at the time basically checking Stacey on it – and for that I am thankful someone knowledgeable checked her.

      Now she needs to go back to gossiping & not offer her views on issues that are clearly outside her ability to address.

      Also, while Wendy has stated many times to being a college graduate, she also admits abusing drugs during & after college (marijuana & crack cocaine).

      Wendy will pretend to be humbled, while waiting for the day that the people who checked her will stumble, then she will get to highlight their stumble while saying “well you had checked, but look at you now, haha”. Her head tough, she will really learn nothing from this.

  3. It is said the top exec at Chevrolet who had pushed the deal to advertise on Wendy’s show is a black woman who attended Howard University (a black university). So can you imagine the office that lady took when Wendy was uttering her non-sense.

    1. A think a Lincoln University she went to which and i don’t get how Wendy she did that being that her father and brother went through lack University because of the shit she do knows both her parents are teachers and spend their lives teaching her history. When yuh ass on fox network and yuh duh everything just to plz the white man,tomorrow Rolland will be on her show cause she call him a beg him help tek the heat off her

  4. Good. Black people need to show our displeasure with our dollars, votes, presence or absence, words – anything that will ensure that we are taken seriously and respected. You could never say these things against Jews or gays.

    I noticed the U.S. embassy spoke against killing of gays & the police. The dead black men & hurt that blk ppl feel – silence. A waa talk up pon them site but me have too much family a dem place.

  5. a fi we long time Cindy this? From Serenity Days? Lawks girl, glad to see yuh.

    Now that i think about it, it was probably someone who wrote the ‘check’ she checked Stacy dumb ass Dash for her.

    Thanks for remiding me that she was a substance abuser (of hard drugs), but mi naw go gi har ah pass choo har brain cells dem fry out. She has a platform which she can use to make a difference,she should use it as such, I am beginning to dislike her and that is not my character. I hope this shakes her up and she begins to do better

    1. Same ole Cindy Obara. Every now & again a drop in to & pree the metters – old & new.

      But Obara, this is the same Wendy that will slaughter a woman for breast feeding in public, but say how smart another woman is for getting pregnant for a man just for the money enuh. I watch her show, but I take from it what I will with no expectations of better from her. Much like how I deal with the church thing nowadays. lol

      1. I won’t lie I watch it too for good laughs every now and then but she is extremely bias…Taylor Swift a phuck out the whole a hollywood and cross seas but when Rihanna dweet she a whore fi har she is so far up the white ppl dem ass nd dem don’t into har just the fact that during the hours of 10-11 the network crowded nd thats dem meal ticket the views which brings money

        1. True that Simplicity! She’s always dissing Ri & she, nor the general public for that matter, can say for sure who she’s been with outside of Chris. Even the Drake talk hasn’t been proven. Ri smoke weed. Wendy was a crack head that ppl say Biggie used to run through (hence the start of her beef with Kim). My point is she needs to stop ridding Ri’s behind because she doesn’t hold a candle to her.

  6. It use to bother me Cindy, how she would ride OJ Simpson and Chris Brown. Someone who use to intern for her at the radio station told me that the husband harassed the women who worked for her and when they complained Wendy would tell them to give him what he wants. The person interned there and told me herself this that she witnessed , so I’m am not giving third party information. This made me realize that she is just a “mean spirited” woman who does whatever it takes to please her sug knight looking, prisoner looking husband. I use to Brest feed my children dem in public, any whey mi deh and dem waan Brest mi haul out de titty fling inna dem mout, so how dear her!

  7. Wendy needs to stfu, bc the naacp is for ppl not just blacks. I worked there for 3 years….its all races there….she was trying reach out to her whites by clowning her own, i hate ppl like tht…yes blacks kills each other but so do orher races..dont truna make black feel bad. Bc all races r the same

  8. Wendy Williams is an absolute idiot. It is all about context. Is she not mindful of the fact that there was a time was blacks could not attend white schools?

    “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots…” ~ Marcus Garvey

    It is true, the nincompoop is trying to placate white people, at the expense of revealing that she is a dunce.

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