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  1. lawd jesus look how dem man ya queit and dont inna the lime light and true krosses tracey this man reach pink wall. tracey why you or your frens send in the post so what paul wife can see say you did a breed oh please where your baby we she hers.

  2. wow!!! well met and pink well viewers let me give you paul and tracy history from start til end.
    Tracey and Paul met in September 2008, in china fablous party. they where introduced by Kevin (Rizzah) husband. thats the summer she cut her dry head short.
    them start talk pon phone and bare tings. any way them start deal and she give him a STD inna November them did vex for some time.then she did go do her breast fi look like Marlene Diva, thats the same time he went to Flordia for memorial day. then them make up and him buy her a small blue BMW and move her inna a basement 2 bedroom she left went to Jamacia for couple days thats when she borrowed the LV bag from Marlene (yes hot gayl borrow bag). then Him upgrade her BMW to the 2011. and from that she start hype pon her frns them cant done. she and Michelle from flatbush did ago fight inna nena dance and pic man KOR part it.

    1. So, Marlene you gave Paul, who is a male hoe, the STI and because Tracy more current a she catch blame along with the STI? lol nasty hoe.

      The 1st BMW and the upgrade alone can tell that him know a him give Tracy the STI…how you feeling MARLENE? 😀 😀

      Why you creating problems and trying to bring Tracey into it. That man should step in your ass that post @1:38 nah shake no tree if cause that is yu evil intentions. That man no look fool at all- just a good looking male hoe. Live Junior wife alone!

  3. Anonymous 4.26 aka Marlene diva and friends, Marlene never tell u say a nuff a dress dress dem she use to wear ask her if u don’t believe, Marlene never told u that she give Mikey SD two time and tell him say a yeasts infection him have, huh? Oh she leave out dat part, uuno come off a tracey now. It look like paul give u sender a one f**k and you didn’t get nothing or didn’t get what u expect that’s not the girl fault. Feel bad for y’all god know.

  4. lol Duty nasty marlene this story is tr8 outa your mouth, I remember when TRACEY got her blue car, yuh walk and chat her that she show off, like you is the only one who suppose to be driving. Its over 6 years yuh and tracey don’t talk, send in something new. Tracey any day yuh try fi look marlene yuh deserve a fat shot cause she big black and ugly malene yuh fava a transvestite, yuh fava oliver samuels. Marlene from tracey meet paul yuh always jelous yuh sit dung and chat di girl wid mi all di time, in fact yuh chat every body. Marlene I understand why yuh mad because yuh walk and talk bout Mickey buy yuh PORCHE only to find out dem tek it back and a one old jeep Cherokee yuh and di husband a drive, so I would be mad too. Marlene yuh shoud be thankful for tracey, remember when she have to lend yuh her medicade card for you to go clean your dirty teeth dem and yuh claim she yuh a yankee. Marlene don’t bother come act innocent now because we know you, its your friends you let writing because yuh cant read and write well.

    1. I doe know dem but it look like unu pick up 1 2 3 say a Marlene. Lol. This sound believable so mek mi see if anonymous 4:26 gonna come defend it. Lol.

  5. I met Paul back in 2011.nice n attractive guy..very honest at tht,at the time i wasn’t about the party seen when we met out of the blues but I thought he was very good looking for his age..i think he was in his early 40’s back then..and after meeting him..for the second he came n visited me on my side street for a quick second cuz he was always about his business and gave me a $1000..I thought he was really generous..then the next time I saw him..he arranged a ride for me to come to Brooklyn..I also thought that was sweet of him..that same day he gave me another $1000 but due to fact that I lived in another borough n him always traveling n me seeing someone at the time n was dedicated..although I didn’t refuse what he gave me..I always wondered about I’m surprise to c him on here. Cuz he comes off as a private person..wish we could meet again.. Not for his money r anything but just to see how he’s been

    1. Chin, YOU A HOE! Could have kept this to your self..HOE!

      “he came n visited me on my side street for a quick second cuz he was always about his business and gave me a $1000..I thought he was really generous..then the next time I saw him..he arranged a ride for me to come to Brooklyn..I also thought that was sweet of him..that same day he gave me another $1000”

      Yey ! YU A HOE lol

      “him always traveling n me seeing someone at the time n was dedicated..”

  6. Everytime you see Paul he is with a different girl. He only draw for Tracey sometimes so i dont kno wat the story relevance is. He talk to her like shit and treat her like a dirty rag. She take all that because she claim he paying her bills. Bitch a so u worthless. Tracey babyfather never look at her nor the pickney, a when him dead she could of showed her face. Butch u pussy salt bout u dey with him for years. U a sell him pussy for years cause u nuh get no ratings, not even side gal ratings. Paul was on Peaches boatride with him next gal and Tracey had to act irrelevant, jazzy boatride with him next gal, everytime u see the man is never with tracey so why even put the man up here pon crosses pussy who cant hold no man

  7. Lo but tracey yuh claim nuh man nah own we young gal but nuh man nah own u nor yuh old friend dem a bare man problems unnu have cause we young gal a hurt unnu bc head cause we nuh ramp fi tek unnu man n unnu cah do shit f**k outta here tracey and go get a f**king job an stop sit down n wait pon man fi mine yuh an ken ken stop walking round like u happy with posh cause u not da marriage deh broken an cah fix u need to get ur life together cause u just a big clown n old woman michiee leave di young boy alone he got a baby on the way y him neva breed u though? Oh shit u too old to have more kids. Nun a unnu weh par doh mek one a swear all a unnu need fi join the circus cause i never know so much clown coulda par. I feel sorry for unnu

  8. wow im so weak… tracey what a way it burn you why u calling chin a hoe she not doing nothing that you aint doing boo. ken ken tell tracy say God never give up on her so y should she give up on her marriage. tracy say ken ken is so fool. yes Richie have a baby on the way everybody outta a road a talk. tracy tell somebody say michelle get slim and a stress and tracy say all michelle son stressand get slim cause they always in the house fighting and michelle said things wont be the same. tracy stop chat ur frens be loyal. that y paul left you cause you chat too much

    1. You do know that by now we have detected that YOU are the main person who a carry bad belly fi Tracey and is not different people a write

      Same how all when I don’t write in my screen name the Site owner/Moderator and maybe a handful of regular bloggers know my style of writing to not even bother ask a who! lol

      You have a pick fi Tracey till it no funny, IT IS SAD!

      Sign: PHANTOMPHOENIX…BTW Chin is a hoe 😀 she wrote it and I decipher it…unless a you name Chin to. MET IP CHECK FI ME DE.

  9. everybody know say tracey a hoe. she a talk bout marlene give mikey STD. but remember ia not a year you and pau did da before you give him std

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