I had to scrape parts of my brother off the ground’
Family of man killed in St Mary turn to UK media to shine light on murder

THE family of Delroy Walker, the man who was killed after he returned to the island to retire from the United Kingdom (UK) a few months ago, is doubling its efforts to bring attention to his gruesome murder.

On Tuesday, Steve Walker, brother of the deceased, phoned the Jamaica Observer to say that a press conference was called for yesterday with major news outlets in London to give an account of the tragic incident, as well as information surrounding the investigation and its pace.

“The British media are very keen to get a record of what is going on. They are also conscious of the fact that there has been a rather high number of British Jamaicans who have returned [to Jamaica] and are being subjected to crime, robberies, murders, and manslaughters. The number that the British Consulate told me, it shocked me. It’s not good for Jamaica,” Walker said.

“We arrived in Jamaica on the 6th of May and on the 7th was the hardest thing because we had to go to the property [where his body was found]. I noticed that the cameras outside were shifted upwards and it was at that point that I heard a scream. What I could say is that I am not used to that sort of scene nor anybody else that I know.

“In a perverse way it was useful because you could see where the incident started in the house and where my brother’s life ended,” Walker told the Observer.

“In a very crude way I actually had to scrape parts of my brother up off of the ground and clear the whole building. I had to clean blood and other bits of body parts that came out during the altercation [that led to] his murder. As a family, we had to clear that up from the UK a week later — that was what greeted us in that home,” he added.

Delroy Walker’s body was found with multiple stab wounds about 9:15 am on April 19 at the house he purchased just months ago at Rio Nuevo Resort in Tower Isle, St Mary. Police told the Observer then, that a resident noticed a trail of blood leading from the house and raised an alarm. He had only returned to the country eight months prior and his wife was expected to join him in a matter of weeks.

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“I know whoever came into that house came with the intention of killing my brother. They didn’t go there to steal because large value items were still in place, and if they had come to steal they would have taken that. It seems like his good nature and wanting to give back to Jamaica was partly his downfall,” Steve Walker stated.

As if he knew the suspects, Steve Walker insisted that “Jamaica cannot let the two or three people involved beat us”.

He said while he would never criticise the Jamaica Constabulary Force, his family is fighting to prevent his brother’s murder from becoming just another statistic. They are also hoping to meet with Prime Minister Andrew Holness in the coming weeks in order to raise the matter with him.


  1. Horrendous WICKED act, the cruel nature of these people is mind boggling. The demons see you come down with your things and automatically you become a target. They dont know how hard people have to work abroad. I don’t know any success stories that happened over night, it took BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS. SO WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE IT SO EASY, TO JUST TAKE SOMEONE’S RICH AND FEEL ENTITLED TO IT. Why should they have what a next man work for. This upset me so much, fellow Jamaicans when you are going back home BE CAREFUL. If you are in a position to license and buy a gun do it. People shoot first and ask questions later because dem a demons and don’t have NO HEART. RIP Sir, may the Lord strengthen and comfort this family

  2. They didn’t steal anything? This is personal look at family, friends or whoever was working on the house

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