0 thoughts on “TIA DEM SEH A FI WHO?

    1. Correcion . she neva mess har face up, a so she bawn. lol unless you a talk bout di bleaching Dwl.

      1. I knew her when she was a teenager Tia is not even her real name and her face was not like that and Clarkie is stressed for numerous reasons lol its hard to keep fronting

  1. Di Last man Tia did a wrap up wid was Clarkie. Mi a wonder if ah das why him look so stressed latey. Tia mama a u seh bring ur picknie come mad di wife. woieee. Mi wah know dis tho, YOu no have time fi di first born and now u ago have time fi f2nd born? Di party dem see you more than ur 8 y/o dawta. You and Shakera come from di same wutliss cloth. unuh fi sew up unuu Pussscccc cause it surely ah fail unuh and unh a use it fi all di wrong reason.

  2. if only she and Roach-elle was still friend wi woulda hear by now cuz Roach-elle luv chat tia bizniz i wonda if ah clarkie breed her fi chru. tia look like she read fi give birth any day now see ah navel ah push out

  3. nothing new tia have abortion every 10 weeks the question is whos man is it for this time because in feb it was maine man

    1. Please tell us who Maine was at the time?????????? I never see Maine wid a man yet, Nobody neva cliam har yet. All now mi cah believe she breed. Maine come een like Kenya and di African Prince weh no baddie cah see yet. Maine always have man and no baddie see dem.

  4. tia have no shame she breed too often come on now the year just start . her friend tell someone is dave baby. dave you is nasty bad to go there raw loose off a you big time smh

    1. Tia no soo dumb fi go breed fi Dave when she know seh him no look back pan madda nor pickni afta him cumm. Mi think a Clarkie own cause him work, plus she wah prove something to Keisha Gangsta. What a kaka fawt . that’s why him ruun go propose fi Keisha no cut of di straying hood.. TIa darling please come tell us a who mi cah sleep di way how mi fass and wah know. dwl

  5. Dwl Dave will not be owning that tia and har fren neicy a breed same time dem can’t afford abortion money this trip neicy is who breed you cause di people dem husband say is not him. Stop guh dance inna belly skin and see through when yu a breed nasty neicy yu do it when yu almost 5 month and go prezzy party inna belt fi skirt and now yu do it again if yu nuh have descent clothes tan a yu rass yard

    1. Neicey really gone breed when she a suffa so wid di one weh she already have? Tina mi wah know if a Corey own what u gonna do this time around? You callect all a you step kids and act like it’s only a simple mistake but this one would be a 3 year on going definite mistake. Fi a big woman you fi meck Cory nyam bread and buttah some nights fi teach hima good lesson. Stop being his doormat!!!!

      Then again Neicey wah get rid and di previous baby fadda (John) who start stalk har again. Philly no good this summer cause all ah di THOTS are breeding for ppl man and the war will be on.Heheheh

  6. Dwl hoe year Fi baby TIA.shining star. Puppy face from Mafia lady’s. Lord help them because it’s not funny

  7. tina I feel bad for you I really do hun. I here neicy trying to get you and your kids out the house smh don’t let it happen tina. as for you tia nice girl just don’t have a mind of your own too many dirty friends.

    1. Which part a Tia a nice girl walk and f**k everything nothing nice bout dat har mouth stink like

    2. IS reaction a reach Tina. Har dawta Shana mash up nuff ppl house, so Neicey is reapyment..

  8. tia the beating rochell gave you was not enough do you really want a next one from trudy?keep telling ppl you gonna obeah trudy your own friends talking about the candels you burning in your house with trudy picture

  9. Tia a f**k Dave and neicy a f**k Dave light sking friend nasty neicy leave di people dem man alone

  10. Tia and Dave a f***k and neicy f**king Dave light skin fren. Facts! I wonder if a him neicy a breed fah

  11. John want nothing at all fi do wid neicy John don’t even like hear neicy name so she don’t have to do nothing to get rid of him cause him Neva want har from beginning dwl if anything is some attention she a look from him

  12. And neicy man right now is sookie dancehall queen kiesha babyfada is him she a hide and f**k from long time

  13. Uno stop tell lie on Neicy the girl no breeding she just getting fat an sexy why the f**k uno mad the bitch that talking shit sound mad as f**k

  14. No man can someone tell if mango season. Because all them gal a babies shine star TIA neicey. Puppy face I hope God give you other girl baby so them can see your dirty life styles.big up Keisha jaguar your baby shower going be like Atlanta house wife me big friend

    1. KEisha you need fi go take all dat money you a waste fi show off pon ghetto ppl and go buy a real life. Fi a gal weh no bawn rich and nah work u surely love to call dung problem pon u self. I hope ur baby fada show up to the baby shower. From him come from jail you no stop google him fi see him location. Then again him will be there him hear how you evil and him no wah go back a prison so him ago show up acting the part of a happy man.

  15. Which Neicy a breed!! NOOO and she just naked and a whine up ina the dance Sat nite? Stop tell lie. baby in fashion. Tell me she dont deh wid Sookie they people dutty and love recycle man.

  16. Neicy come off di people dem walk bout u getting fat and sexy wid yu 4 month belly we all know yu planning to dash weh di belly any body look pon dem picture can see dat yu breeding dwl if a da big belly deh yu call sexy yu need fi cover dat bang belly that shit ain’t cute

  17. Neicy say she sexy woi neicy it don’t look good! Everytime yu breed and go out inna belly skin wid di big gut

  18. who name Puppy face? Maine really a breed….damn neicy, maine, barbie, tia, shining star

  19. tina I hope you dont kiss your husband the thing’s this girl talk that he does to her makes me wonder. if her mouth so stink imagine her vagina

  20. Neicy John know who him want and is not you stop walk and talk bout yu fat and sexy big belly inna tight clothes is not sexy u look tacky in that curtain clothe need fi dash weh now yu nuh tired a mek clothes

  21. Yuh know say a bout 4 different man name mi see call pon di belly ina di comments. So wait deh- As Keisha man come outta jail she breed. Raas him did well backed up. Every ond breeding. Mi naw cut no dash man. Mi a waste time. Lmao

  22. Tia and neicy is the batty and di rest of the batty wash crew is dem breeding season

  23. Sophia come off miss jaguar name bitch. And you need to go buy house and stop pay rent. Me leave kc.to and your man.keep working so you can pay your man child support. Buy born America LOL

  24. :sup: :sup: :hammers :hammers :repost: :repost: :toast :toast :toast :cystg :cystg :2thumbup :2thumbup :cystg Sophia come off miss jaguar name bitch. And you need to go buy house and stop pay rent. Me leave kc.to and your man.keep working so you can pay your man child support. Buy born America LOL


  26. that bitch is delusional put tina out of what house? same way she walk and tell people she bounce tina in dance?

  27. Bwoy mi hear say Tia Cold but mi really cant believe she could really a f**k Maine man much less a breed n she up inna dem face so. Dem gyal ya different. Mi nuh understand dem dancehall friendships dem too loose yo. The amount a man name get call pon dem P***y it sickening.

  28. Shakeria a breed
    Puppy face a breed
    Tia a breed
    Nicey a breed
    Keisha jaguar a breed
    Who’s next … Lol
    All these girls are f**king an sucking somebody’s man so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear seh dem a breed.

  29. Barbie hurry up an guh breed tuh Mek Diddy nuh look pon yuh even more lol. Him nuh stop call mi friend phone a night time. :siul :siul :siul

  30. diddy is my man now we just not ready to take it to the public as yet, I know everyone is going to be shock but kim cant step to me so it is what it is. no baby can hold what has already left.diddy mom love me and hate you kim she cant wait to laugh in your face, we laugh at your silly ass everyday

    1. you all a make kim and diddy that don’t even live in a philly again get to you …………………………..the man move him woman to la

      1. Kim stop tell lie. U might have gone for ur bday weekend. I wonder if ur gonna continue hide in ur mommy basement when you come back?? WE all know ur not going to post on Fb/Ig as much now cause u want wi fi think u really move but in reality ah flap you flap and shame u affi gone back to the basement. booowhoo.

  31. I see a list of breeders but question is how many of these hores gonna push out the baby
    smh sad to say but tia I would like to say rip to the belly from early because I know the outcome of this.I just heard you schedule your appointment last week .tia you walk and talk blackie biz like running water how blackie man dont want her and the dutty house but now you f**king blackie man smh your life is a mess. as for you neicy you got that man at his lowest,all his woman they all got house ,surgery,money for school,greencard but you not even joes crabshack.you got nothing you getting nothing and there will be nothing in the future for you.calling up shanna name bitch leave my friend name out your stinking mouth,you told someone shanna did like you sexually bitch wake up you f**k the mother man now you want the daughter

  32. Nuff a who a talk up is no betta dan the pple unu referring to..Just the thought that unu can talk about a next human being in that context, is sad indeed..sickening!!!

  33. Highly concerned you is a slut too . go wash ur stank dancehall mattress crank . You here reading everyday .

  34. Nasty Philly girls nifiji duty hole no job having welfare infested scrum city filth .
    The end !

  35. Tia nuh look good at all mi just ear say she did a breed an tek abortion now she ah plan fi keep dah one yah KMFT ….. But di real question mi waan nuh if Kelly moggela ah breed????? Tia, Shauna, Barbie, Shakeira smh breeding season ah blow thru Philly to rasscloat

  36. Come off Shak name the girl a chill and a stay out problem low her and her baby it nuh born yet
    Stop worry about tanice Corey can’t left and Tina guh hide yuh saggy pussy him nuh want suck that

  37. who name dave? who name challis? is it the money team boys? thank you pink wall for all the info. dont forget Sue and Shauna on the summer belly list. uno dont fraid of disease? just wondering

  38. Darrelle Coats aka Carson why you don’t stop ring off my phone mi tell yuh seh from yuh try to eat my ass I stop f**king with you and mi look on you different a wah yanice ass full up a too much shit smfh yanice you live on pink wall you and Kenice stop call up neicey name

  39. Only person a breed is shininstar, Tia, Keisha Jaquar, Big mouth Shauna MOGGELLA, no man 3 In one shower Tia u better come good cause mine ugly man bruck and sucks to be you t shirt can’t buy diaper

  40. Dutty Susan come off shinin star name so what if she a breed just cause Biggs a breed 80 months now and all now no baby cahh come a road move from here with yuh scramble body yuh walk and f**k and suck like duck and why u don’t stop f**k kid u and Simone


  42. Neicy a breed fi true and shi just dash weh a belly like November cause shi Neva sure if it was fi Cory or sookie are terry man

  43. Tia yu condition want shampoo all neicy do a walk and chat u and tell everybody yu f**k Dave pon har floor and drink him cum

  44. neicy come off tina name with your shit mouth your name always calling on people man no one hating on you everyone know the man shit in your mouth. leave tina alone cause your beating nah go nice. you very bold bout 3 years and still going strong. Tina put him out o

  45. Neicy come talk up about the orgy party u and di new dat u take picture wid have at har yard everybody a talk say she a di new freaky gal a Philly yu recruit har fi give Cory di threesome dem bout unnu inna bed a kiss up Nasty bitch

  46. @fallingstar or whatever ur raas name is, u r a scumbag and no betta than the person u r talking a bag of carless shit abt.. Your vocab is limited, now go read a book u harlot and just maybe you will learn something new.. U dirty STRUMPET…Call me whatever u want,WTFC..DUNCE HARLOT..

  47. No sah Barbie too baby running away around here you’ bitch need. Sex class how to keep your legs close.some of you make Jamaica. Woman look bad.Shauna you too f**k bright the man have him good up wife.A hoe need to keep in your lane.poor married man never get file babies never hol man

  48. Barbie a breed on to the 4 different baby fathers Susan y u got that big bull ring in yuh youmouth oh so it rub pan eric Sunday best cock you not to saint only in bigs eyes f**king fat f**k all him do is walk and beg fi suck mi and mi fren dem pussy you don’t better than shinin star you just act like u good everyone know u and bigga run the most 3 some talk how you f**k eric kid yanky and rankin

  49. Mi cant stop lmof. Tia please make this b a lesson learned stop walk and f**k everybody mi see your car was broke down the other day and you f**k and suck that man d$$k to get shit car fixed. Tia I don’t know how your mother raise you but she did a very bad job she should teach you that woman should keep their lag cooled and open to one man only. Tia it’s not good to go around f**king everybody your bed shouldn’t name dancehall mattress cause everyman in Dancehall been in your bed. I even can tell you what you house look like you have all white sofa and loveseat and it’s dirty as hell please hurry up and get those out your house

  50. Tia is pregnant for a big old man that could be her father mmmmmm omg your life is a mess girl. I never see a man own you up yet Tia besides your retarded ass baby father not even your retarded ass baby father want anything to do with you. All him do it’s called up your name with Wildbunch a say u a worthless mother. That you send your daughter to Jamaica with a bunch of dirty clothes you called him and tell him to keep the little girl down there and he send her back saying all you want to do is walk and f$$k and suck everybody. Tia Tia you need help you need some kind of mental help.

  51. The girl in the picture with Tia is one ugly looking rat. I always have a question to ask when I see her is she a man are a woman? Can someone answer that for me please. I hear that she lived with Tia. I even hear that she walking around telling people That Tia and her brother put down a big fight. She even tell someone that Tia is worthless how she going to lay down with a man like that without no condom. The girl in the pic with Tia is one big mix up out of all people Tia should never have that girl in her house she a one big chater box. Tia it’s about time you learn pu$$y principal. Good god.

  52. the girl in the picture with Tia has a baby father who name I am not going to call he don’t give a rat shit about her he take his kids from her saying her pu$$y don’t have principle just like Tia. She is not loyal. Yall will c the big outcome.

  53. Tia life and the others a bun UNO Mek UNO live pon har name suh.Tina a grown woman just like UNO Madda so hav respect y UNO nuh put UNO Madda dutty nasty laundry pon here UNO old slime bag worthless Jamaicans all UNO know to do a slander people name n try bring dem to UNO level

    1. mi mudda stop go ah dance when mi start. Tina shoulda do the same when shana start go out if she want ppl fi respect her. tell granny stay home ok

  54. as far as the dirty hoe who saying ” her man skill” Bitch u have to hide and just be a hit it n quit it.if u not Chyna u ain’t shit UNO nuh hav nuh pride n shame fih Mek man use out yuh crutches n then a talk bout ur Man U sick

  55. Shit mouth neicy a talk up bout how long she and Tina Husband a f**k and she proud nasty cum sucking batty washing slut all yu do is collect sperm u are a cum bucket u look tired and disgusting and very crawny yu body fulla pot ole fi a mawga gal yu fulla lump bad yu look sick yu claim yu naw breed and yu belly bang like yu dash weh a belly every 3 months crawny low life slut Cory nuh stop piss pon yu and talk seh yu pussy stink like yu mouth


  56. But dat nuh mek no sense mi nuh like or know di gal neicy but if him a say har pussy stink y him keep on a go deh,

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