Hi Met,

Inquiring minds want to know if Tifa done with the music thing and gone into moggling?Can someone asks the Youth View Awards people them if it’s the moggling that keeps getting her nominated without a hit song 2yrs running now?


  1. Airbrusheddddd and photoshoppeddddd out. Tifaaaaaa u skin dontttt look nuttin like dattttttt. Noooooo waaaaaayyyyy

  2. Karen Clark a big lesbian ina di uptown circles, is longtime she & tifa a munch carpet so it not suprising her being nominated even withou a hit song. Alot of these dutty uptowners need fi easy cause dem file stink a road. Most of the women in the music industry are closeted lesbians or bi-sexual. #Fact i got VIP tickets to a stage show some yrs ago & Tanya stevens came backstage sending her minion to look my bff.. nothing new. Karen only choose the same artist every yr. That awards show is a playgound/decoy for gays.

    1. Ok I hear yuh but truth be told, I’ve never heard Tifa’s name being called up on Lesbo ting. In fact is one time me hear some ppl a chat Tifa at Uptown Mondayz.

      I remember rating her because they were saying is one thing bout Tifa she nuh romp fi tek a gyal man and then go do song bout it.I asked my girl at the time and she sey a true story; lady Saw can testify all about it.

      U did say BI though soooo yeaaa.

  3. Dem Photoshop di f**k outta har! Lol!

    Tifa and di music ting dead long time. From Lady Saw did drop har man, and Tifa get fi realise seh him a nuh di one wid di money, she a try find har footing… all now. A bere party promoting mi kno she did a do, and still a try pon di scene like di rest a dem!

    No matter how YVA’s seh you must nominate ppl, it always end up being the same set a ppl every year! Reality!!!

  4. Speaking of YVA i notice The artiste Chosen got nominated for artiste of the year but I doe hear not one hit song from him in 2016. while all the other hard working artistes haffi sit and watch in disappointment. How u gonna have uptown kids nominate people when they barely even know these artistes, majority of them knows the songs but have no clue who sings them.

  5. MNL. Booooooooooooooo!!! senda yuh neva ask a betta question call out di ress a Dem deh cause dancehall need a new face a new flavor a new bad gal female artist yea.

  6. Tifa really felt bad bout that John John debacle cause she did feel say she win till Ppl start tell har what a dutty bwoy him is. All when dem interview her the time she said she just wanted the year to be over so she can start over fresh.

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