0 thoughts on “TIGHT ZUM ZUM

  1. metty elephant man a big woman long time unnu just a seet weh him a go in a dah tight skirt and tights deh

  2. Wat puzzle me is how him take off him many ring dem fi put on the fingerless glove n then put on back di big dutty rusty ring dem don’t even mention the big bangle dem whey kotch up pon him elbow dem smh
    Mi no like pronounce but Ele u looking very very u know what :travel

    1. Hayyyyy uFoxy me n a fren was saying the same damn ting yessiday battyman must neat n nice fi tru man big crusty rusty man ya a go inna tights n skirt him fava Chuchus

  3. Metty, where is he and why are all those men hanging out in such tight quarters? ..and why him head ketch up against the wall?..who he in love with?

  4. Anonymous yuh Mek mi spread am cuss bad wud@ “a di ugliest batty man yuh ever si” … Fi real mi never si one so ugly.

  5. Mi sey Ele a turn dancehall inna real poppy show…Now all dem rumors bout dem catch u wid a tranny now mi believe back inna early 2000…u beg everyone fi kee it pon a hush hush…look how u dress shows it is try…U is definitely bisexual

  6. a first mi see fish wit so much pickney.. him couldnt even fix up himself fi show off pon Beenie.. two a dem a bait

  7. :mewek :matabelo A wahappen to dis yah lobster yah???!!!! Mi nuh know how some woman have d heart fi sleep wid much less breed fi dem yah sinting yah weh dont even know which 1 a d sexes him belong to eh nuh. A swear fi dem heart and tumuck trang lakka lion! Not fi love nor money I kaint do it bra bra! Nopes :hoax2

  8. unno nuh memba seh it did stink some years back seh elephant man did deh pon di peter king tape a swing from chandelier…an a so di man dem did name him ‘energy god’

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