Mawning Aunty Met,

Yes Everyone This Is Angel and all that I am saying I’m speaking because I do know these things for a fact I was once a close person to her but I parted ways when I learn of all the foolishness she keep up and everyone was playing blind to it dem sick me.
At times in life Enuh Aunty Met the little bit of good people do them use it to cover up all the bad and wickedness they are doing or let the good deeds out shine their dirty deeds and ways. Yesterday everyone was going in about Muma Hopie and how she has X6 and stores and all that and how much award she get but people mi naw tek Weh the fact that she might help a few people and have all those materialistic things Idc about that wha the sense fi a get so many awards and be a social media mother? Yes she only take care of the kids she wants to take care of a that me a Mek Unu know and Unu stay deh defend people wid dem scammer money because a Unu same one kids a lose and them same one a bring down rocky point yuh hear ask Hopie about the gun trade Weh a gwaan a rocky how she send nuff fisher man guh a Haiti guh trade goods for gun. Yes she certainly helping people she a help dem get the machinery necessary fi kill Unu one another Ask Hopie how she Suh untouchable when everyone a rocky a get robbed,killed or feeling the wrath of them young boy dem Weh nuh stop kill people yuh hear. A she same one a fund them fi do the wickedness and a tell them what to do and when to move Suh Unu gwaan defend ar den cry wolf when she send fi Unu own family. And then she turn round a cry to stop the violence and how she love rocky and this and that eh beware Unu hear she have plans fi all a Unu she ago capture Unu hearts with the good deeds then kill Unu loved ones and Mek Unu run to her for help so she will always seem like the Good Samaritan..Mi a warn Unu Enuh just because on the outside it shines on the inside it may be as dim as ever Suh Unu gwaan

5 thoughts on “TO MAYPEN PEOPLE

  1. Sender them thing here serious. Me see di big daughter a ja wid Brazilian to batty but di big son nuh look good at all. Nuh know if a him waan carry himself so still.

    Where is G? Camele a sell her soul to cousin hopie.

  2. Dwl Anon yuh nuh easy at all Enuh but Memba mi a tell yuh seh Enuh watch and see man Hopie is no angel people will continue to be blind because she is the poor people prophet a muss that…But no like I said she chooses who she wants to take care of the song caused her a lot of disgrace and she tried to hide him but him surface back so now she a try show off like she did a mind him but in reality she naw focus pan di boy time shall reveal all

  3. U si you Angel?? Lowe di woman alone weh u try accomplish outta yuh story??? A mix up the woman! Guh open a business to man! Take all this info to the police then dear child. If i laugh today bout aunty :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak u is noo scoop! Take ur info to the cops have a wonderful today

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