8 thoughts on “TOE DEPATURE

  1. I doan care much for her toes but she can get IT!!her legs are smoothly spotless n shapely.

    Sender yuh grudge the lady fi her stairways to heaven legs!!Guh siddung yuh damn disgusting self one side.

    1. No Yardie she can’t get it! The toe dem black which means is a bleacher who clearly nuh care fi mek sure she bleach good! Up under deh goodly black like midnight! And I don’t want you to get lost!

      1. Golden one ….clearly you use to ur high end nail polish hun…yuh never know Qtex comes in black? ?

        A cutex that Spoonie look again. It sell a Mac by Sovereign mall a Ligunea..besides when we a do we thing at no point in time toes come into play. …unless she making my own dem curl up.i ain’t touching no one’s damn toes and foot pon shoulder is overrated so toes stay out a sight outta mind.

  2. Oh n I sincerely appreciate your concern n not wanting me to get lost in deh oo….rest assured though its no biggie or Tupac deal. I’ll just light a candle,sing a Sankey n find my way back home.

    Thanks again. ..good looking out. :thumbup :peluk :mahongintip

  3. All now a only imagine mi can imagine wah di front a di shoes look like. Di toe dem look like sumting alien…. like it wah do it our tour a di place wtf.

  4. :ngakak :ngakak mi did affi click back di heading toe deporte. Dwl gal Trump deport yuh toe dem :ngakak :ngakak whooiie.

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