IT wasn’t me. That’s the position being taken by deejay Tommy Lee Sparta regarding a recording of a telephone conversation which has been making rounds on the Internet.

According to, a voice sounding like the Uncle Demon deejay is said to be speaking with producer So Unique noting that incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel sent someone called Slim to collect royalties on his behalf.

The voice, which sounds like Tommy Lee Sparta, then breaks down into a whimper, sobbing uncontrollably as he describes being shot at by one of Kartel’s emissaries.

But the deejay is denying any such conversation.

His publicist Keona Williams told the Jamaica Observer that her client never had any such discussions.

“I spoke to Tommy and he says he did not have any discussion regarding this issue. So Unique also denies the claims. The team firmly believes persons are trying to mar his character,” said Williams.

In addition to threatening to quit the music industry in light of the threats to his life, the voice said to be Tommy Lee Sparta further notes:

“Mi not running down any fame or make any man feel they can style me or feel like they can tell me anything they want to tell me.”

According to the tape, Tommy Lee is one of several artistes to have been mentored by Kartel, hence the demands for a portion of his earnings.

Reference was also made to the success of fellow protégé Popcaan as it was said that Kartel was not earning anything from him.

Kartel, whose given name is Adidja Palmer, was sentenced in March to life imprisonment for his role in the disappearance of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. He will be eligible for parole after 35 years. His legal team intends to appeal the conviction.

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  1. One man can’t possibly turn a whole nation in a set a bitch niggas! Nope, can’t believe Kartel alone punk all a dem, mek dem cry like baby, kiss his ass and dick, sell their souls, sell out friends and family and still affi run up and down in fear even when he’s behind bars. If anyone had told me that one man could control Jamaica on that level, I would have had him/her Baker Acted.

  2. We’ll if this annuh tommy lee voice then anuh kartel voice pon di voice note weh sen him guh jail dem think ppl a ediat….

      1. Also to observer…It was I who got the audio…not urbanislands thank u…whatever they take from here dem always watermark like a fi dem own

  3. A Toomy Lee that Str888, im haffi deny it cause him nuh wan get bran as informer, cah him fraid a di man dem same way….
    A so that bwoy karthell have di man dem weak inna fear fi dem life…

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