Well uno hear by now seh a Tommylee gun kill Fowl and Oney. Di people dem a seh di man a Canada did a push di war fi dem tek out Fowl but mi nuh know how Oney drop in cause a next set a mixup seh Oney did get money fi buy man cyar and dont buy it…Now dem waa mek it look like a one man kill di two a dem…Rapunzel she collect life insurance good good and gone a farrin go buy big veetle…Rapunzel come explain to we if u hear anything cause dem waa seh dem kill Oney because him did a lick out pan whey dem do Fowl

6 thoughts on “TOMMYLEE GUN

  1. One thing tho rapuzel body nice but she ugly bad. It’s such a shame surgery can fix ugliness but she ambitions bad love that about her but ugly

  2. Why did she photoshop this pic???? Look how big her hand is and the thighs??? Horrible photo shop that is not necessary

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