Police list dancehall artiste ‘Tommy Lee’ as person of interest


Detectives in the Kingston Eastern Division have listed popular dancehall artiste Leroy Russell, otherwise called ‘Tommy Lee’, and Rohan Smith, otherwise called ‘Dawg’, as persons of interest.
Russell is wanted for questioning in relation to a shooting incident on Saunders Avenue, Kingston 2, while Smith is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of woman Corporal Judith Williams on Thursday, April 28.
Russell and Smith are being asked to report to the Elletson Road Police Station at 16 Lower Elletson Road, Kingston 16, on or before Monday, July 4.
Additionally, those who know their whereabouts are being asked to contact the Elletson Road police at 928-1261 or 928-1262, police 119 emergency num

7 thoughts on “TOMMYLEE WANTED

  1. A Nuff different, different types a demon cause him ano di bad one him ago go station go flood dung deh now

  2. A him seh him a badman su him have to live up to the reputation..Hey me i think then wanna catch him fi put him with st Ann killer to see who have more power….Hahaha

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  4. But why these people don’t understand that the police is no longer ramping wid dem artist here. Was kartel not a prime example of what can n will happen. Worst off some of them cruff here won’t even have half the luck kartel get. Mek dem gwan

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