THE Government of Jamaica is considering further scientific tests to “conclusively” determine the cause of death of 17-year-old St Jago High School student athlete Cavahn McKenzie, who died after competing in the 6K race at the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association Cross-Country Championship in Tobago on Saturday.

The Office of the Prime Minister disclosed yesterday that the results of the autopsy done in Trinidad were “inconclusive” immediately after the athlete’s body arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport on a Caribbean Airlines flight.

“The results of the autopsy to determine the cause of Cavahn’s death are inconclusive. Consequently, further tests are underway in Trinidad and Tobago. The Government of Jamaica, in accordance with procedures, is also considering further scientific review in an attempt to conclusively determine the cause of his death,” the OPM said in a release.

Yesterday’s disclosure came amidst reports by the Trinidad Express newspaper that the athlete died “from a massive heart attack”. The article, published on the Trinidad Express website on February 24, quoted Peter Samuel, public relations officer of the twin-island’s National Association of Athletics Administrations, as saying that the autopsy had confirmed the cause of death.

“They’re still waiting on other results. The High Commission is seeing about getting the body released and sent to Jamaica,” Samuel was quoted as saying.

Yesterday, Cavahn’s body was received on arrival by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller; minister with responsibility for sport, Natalie Neita Headley; along with members of his family, including his parents Pauline Dennis and John McKenzie.

Also on hand were the president and other officials of the Jamaica Athletics Administration Association, other members of the sporting fraternity, as well as the principal, staff and students of St Jago High School with cadets from the school forming an honour guard as a mark of respect.


  1. Someone needs to contact MICHAEL BADEN, leading Forensic Pathologist Examiner. He is based out of New York City. I hope this doesn’t go unsolved/ un-resolved…

  2. Prime Minister Mr(s). Portia Simpson, if you or anyone within your entourage is reading this thread…**PLEASE CONTACT MR. MICHAEL BADEN**, leading and world renowned Forensic Pathologist Examiner. He *WILL* get to the bottom of this!!!

  3. Metty, please call pass one this information so that it’ll hopefully reach the hands of whomever needs to get it so that someone will contact Mr. Baden. He examined a case 2 decades ago involving an Afro-Caribbean sports player whose death was suspected as murder and when Mr. Baden examined the case and all its surrounding circumstances **VERY THOROUGHLY** it was ruled as a murder. This is all the way wrong and needs to be PROPERLY AND THOROUGHLY investigated!!! 😡

    1. Inconclusive for now would mean now obvious organ failure etc..toxicology test are next in line so give that a chance to come back

      1. Exactly Met.

        He died doing what he loved so I hope his family are at peace with that knowledge.

        I know I’m at peace when it isn’t violence that takes the life of our young people.

  4. Wow, watching this clip brought tears to my eyes, i strongly believe this young man was murdered….

    1. Why would you believe such a negative thing? Young athletes die ever so often on the playing/practice field/gym in the US. In fact, before you can join most high school teams, you need to supply physicals and other health-related information. It is said that this young man died from a massive heart attack. Some folks just feed off negativity and conspiracy theories. The same ones who think every natural death in Jamaica have to do with obeah.

      Why would anyone want to harm a Jamaican High School athlete in Trinidad? I just can’t fathom this type of thinking…….

  5. So sad …the mother need to push for further investigations cause mi naw tek it . Him gone alive & return inna box? No sah

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