15 thoughts on “TORN UP FROM THE FLOOR UP

    1. :ngakak Senda nuh badmind nonetall. Senda jus want tuh highlight a fashion tragedy. Yuh fren nuh stay good dawling. Not ah Kanye West clothes line….more like Dawg Bite Dem Incorporation :ngakak The flask ah rum ah shot doe.

  1. She need a 2 yr gym membership that all. she don’t uglay.. Fat just stand up so under her skin and not moving. She have to bad up har belly and cellulites and get serious on the underline fat pockets

  2. That bakkle of Wray n nephew White rum look sexier n more appealing.Met ur analogy brings me to when them a renovate the flor fi true,it rip up n all these things.

    Poochie the sad truth is some men will find it more appealing to stick Dem Dcik inna the rum bottleneck than inside YOU….Some men!Go siddung with ur curdle up milky body,too Damn Disgusting now mon!

  3. Up top seh a Kanye West clothing line so a bad mind the senda badmind :ngakak :ngakak yow mi wouldn’t want u as a friend because dis look like the worst knock off version of the said clothing line u talking about look like a Conway distribution clothing line dis yah….

    1. Yes ukkibit a must conway coulda never Kanye tear up mad ppl clothing baD to bad! :hotrit :hoax2 :cendol :request ……when u can bag the face,not so the sour milky boDy!!!!

  4. Gal yah know pink wall wouldn’t miss har… She know wah she a do… She tink di fucci slippas an dog choka woulda balance off di f@#$%€¥¢y she try pull off… Looooooooooooooo!

  5. it look like shit cover she one mess,my girl stop doing your self so is not every style uno to follow ok, cause you surly nuh look good.

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