Who remembers when this b*tch Toya 2 ugly was pregnant with her third child ______. This b*tch went to great lengths to get a free abortion because the baby father realized that you were a dub, that you were a crazy b*tch and told you to abort it after your friend fu**ed your baby father behind your back and leaked the video. Fast forward to present day, and nothing has changed you still running down a man, and your children are still fatherless. You continue to post about this short d*ck man who you swear a run yuh down but in reality its vice versa your stocking him. You sound very pathetic every time you post something about him on Instagram venting as someone cares, you should be turning all this pent-up loss energy towards your 3 fatherless kids, summer is coming and you should have a lot on your hands, like looking for activities to do for them rather than run back of this man who CLEARLY doesn’t want you. He treats you like dog sh*(t and embarrasses you every chance that he gets, but you can’t see thru the shame you just keep on going, someone needs to take these kids, and you need to get mental help cause you’re not a stable parent. SMH, I feel sorry for these kids, and you claim the boy have a short d*ck and he is broke, but you still struggle to hold the man, that’s a shame that you cannot keep a short dick man…lol, no sah, so what the f**k can you hold? Answer us that.


  1. She nuh ugly but goodie if mi even mek an attempt fi write a post like dat goodie yuh affi look happy all when yuh sad nuh blowwow

    1. Which part of Toya is not ugly ?? We looking at the same bleach out face gal ?? No sah check again

  2. Which Lavar this?
    It can’t be Wall street Beverly son, smh. No way this is not the same Lavar

  3. Toya please go back to school, you is a ugly dunce. You always on this site crying over a different man every week, no man wants you girl you f**k and suck too much.

  4. Toya is ah disgrace to di world !!!! She need do just chuck off Inna one pool n drown like seriously yuh nuh stop shake yourself over man and yuh do this w every man n don’t none of them want yuh wen u gonna love yourself cuz clearly don’t love urself y every other week u writing up on instagram bout man

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