1. Tracy high time yu behave like ah big ooman. And while ur at it choke yu nose hole so we nuh haffi look up ina it

  2. Stacy tries to look classy but in reality you are just another old dancehall germs! Sad, Stacy not everything you do you need to put on social media for likes. You look dumb! Maybe that’s why no man naw wife you. You too slack mama!

    1. It could be an innocent mistake that u mixed up Stacy n Tracy posts..but since yuh have the time TODAY,can you kindly double check n find Stacy’s post fi guh cuss her pon n lef Ms.Champion alone!!??

  3. Desperate middle-aged woman who losing her looks and seeking some of her lost relevance. Her teeth dem off centre – them not lined up with the middle mark of her top lip. Go get some sleep

  4. Tracey, you fi have sense enuh. What kind of energy you going to attract with a post like this? You dying to settle down and have the security of matrimonial living. But with a post like this you likely attract a man wah choke you and nuh stop until you brain shut off. Furthermore, the quality man you would love to show off with will think you are a damn streggeh with a post like that, him want to be the only one who knows that about you, not the whole word. Is 2019, try a new formula to get what you want, instead of repeating the same shyt that has not been working.

  5. A wonder if it run through the family. She an Zuleka big like some trong men so choking caah hurt dem. Damn Goofies.

  6. Tracy Teckaton with the prison hole get a life you would a think this worldwide gal change her duty lifestyle after all the mishap with her
    Sick stomach

  7. Yep mi hear seh man looking zuleka a breed fi pearl lol what a passa passa dwl. 4 different pickney with 4 different baby daddy lol.

  8. Nope pearl from philly lol dwl, and she a try hide it from pearl woman ctfu like everybody nuh already know seh that strong looking man a breed

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