No man Mario yuh sick mi now! Every two months yuh post a diff gal pic pon fb n IG bout a king n his queen r some love shit yuh cumin like sum gal nigga if yuh nuh sure bout a girl nuh post unno pic just last year them time yah yuh a get ready fi married afta everything gone down hill and the gal them see this and still a deh with yuh if them fool one more time but sum a them just a live fi the hype a hope Dah one yah last cause yuh cyah keep a woman nor keep a man smh yuh cumin like sum careless gyal



  1. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, Dopwbwoy really did a # on u Shorty. Hush mamma hearts were meant to be broken so brush uself off and move on. Message to the sender

  2. Lmao a really pretty dunce nakisha him go tek up? No sa this sad bad. Nakkisha cya read or write. All har madda joy use to do a prostitute har out from shi about 12yrs ole. Frisco kid a f**k har from shi a 13yrs ole. Nakkisha is no body to call a servant much less queen. Shi pretty but vulgar dunce n done out.

  3. cosign wit what truth said…i been known abt nakkisha for years now since mi live a portmore but i thought she was out of the dancehall and a sekkle her self…wishful thinking i guess smh…and she so pretty its a damn shame

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