LESS than a month after her husband was killed, the wife of slain Chaguanas used car dealer Sheron Sukhdeo was arrested by police on Friday.

Rachael Sukhdeo was charged on Friday night at the Chaguanas Police Station with the offences of using obscene language in a public place, and assault.

On Friday night, Sukhdeo posted on her Facebook page that she needed and missed her husband.

A video which captured part of the incident which led to her charges was released on social media.

The alleged offences occurred around midday when police officers and a bailiff questioned Sukhdeo on the compound of one of the used car lots located in Chaguanas over the ownership of two vehicles.

The bailiff allegedly had legal documents pertaining to the vehicles.

Sukhdeo allegedly got into a physical altercation with those making the inquiry when questions were asked about the ownership of the cars.

She was arrested and taken to the Chaguanas Police Station.

A post on Sukhdeo’s Facebook page read: “Why was I just charged for assaulting this man in the black an white tshirt while clearly he was assaulting me for my own documents? If my husband was alive this wldnt have been possible. Where is he when I need and miss him the most. He’s wasn’t the police. He was the bailiff #godforbid🙏#saynotoviolenceagainstwomen”.

Sheron Sukhdeo was killed at around 8 p.m. on March 26 at the corner of Mahabir Avenue, Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville.

His killing remains unsolved.


  1. PROBABLY THE SAME SET OF POLICEMEN WHO USE TO EAT A LOT OF FOOD FROM THE THE DECEASED HUSBAND. Now that the husband is dead, they will ramp up the pressure on her so that they can maintain the lifestyle they were accustomed to when they were getting their weekly supplemental income. They will be coming at her from all angle, including family members and newly discovered relatives.

    1. Same way Anon! If she was smart enough to kill him, she should have been smart enough to think about that…

  2. The woman is still grieving and them a harass her smh the worst thing is losing your husband & then all him problems drop pon you .. it ruff girl but me a pray fi yuh

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