Met, mii no know if you memba when the high school girls all planned to get pregnant at the same time, but I’m wondering if such is the case here. Dwl
All me cah seh is a whole heep a raffling ago gwan ya so Ny, NJ, DE ,Philly, MD. Unuh betta runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
Dem doh even have a pot fi piss ina good but them proud to be mommies..
–Kaka please doh turn out like you parrie/Auntie Tiana . 3 pickni and nobody no stay. Is who ah di daddy mumma Pearl,— or… mi no wah call di ppl dem name cause dem have dem woman who is mi frenz.
–Nikki what grade did you reach In school and whoofa man let loose ina you also. Meck sure you know di baby need a bassinet and not a clothes basket as WallY British said okay.
–Fret dem you no think dem stop fret yet mama? Kemar gone and off di radar. New love new baby . mmmm. Mama you know you need to secure some more things before di breeding dash out.
Unuh fi memba seh baby no hol man, cause dem man yah no believe ina condoms so dem breed everybody . Let di competition begin now. Who no wah hol position betta hol a seat.

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  1. thots on da loose these bitches dwlll so ah breeding season nobody nuh believe in a safe sex my tax dollars will be supporting them

  2. These hoes are so wack welfare and section 9 must stop giving these hoes privileges first thing dem ago do is get good stamp n wic

  3. Fretdem fi leave breeding fi pretty ppl she too bloodclat ugly all Nikki she look like she one crackhead lol like she soon dead kaka way no were a breed a way she a go put baby lord god come if yo no busy plz

  4. Unless skabese body Nikki did have Blackman sperms inna bottle,or shi a elephant,or she went for a conjugal visit…A couldn’t Blackman breed ar. Cause a year & odd now him locked. Imagine yuh alredy have the 2 pickney dem weh already a BAWL out fi some TLC,& yuh Section 8 turn inna 9 & 10 & yuh really gone breed? Mi dont know why di doctor dem never have you spaded or neutered, afta JJ bawn? A cruelty to children. All di gyal do a walk & teef. No man, this is very serious

  5. These girls aren’t preggo nuh wah day mi see kaka she would av told me dwfl jk… It has to b a joke

  6. Wasn’t sandrine (I refuse to call her fretdem cause she mek nobody fret) pregnant earlier this yr? This girl love seeking attention if that was a joke.. Who still jokes about being pregnancy these days. Are we in high school?
    As for kaka bout time u breed Lol I wonder who the mystery man is. Betta not be no wutless man u too good for that.. Mi like how u stay neat and clean and Eva put together.. Like person up top seh do Betta than yuh aunty plzzzz mi ah beg yuh

  7. A which kemar sandrine breed fah cause a COULDNT flippa bredda dont even think the girl live a philly anymore

  8. Wasn’t twixx breeding too (her so call fren Fretdem say) lmaoo these bitches is wack!!!! And claim dem a hot gal kmt

  9. A way Nikki live now from I know that ugly gal she move from here there an every were lol Blackman don’t want Nikki Blackman have up him nice pretty gal yea gal stay good

  10. But neicy was breeding too all di way to 5 months til Cory tell har dash it weh is not fi him own
    While tia quality DNA still searching

  11. What Kaka going for herself? She still live with har mother still have no papers not even a ID she still f**king shakeria what’s left in newyork please explain what she got going on mi lost woiii kaka stop come pon pink wall a look hype please undercover whore

  12. Cory nuh want neicey because him fine a hot brown girl who mi see him wid the other day. Dats why he tell har fi jus dash it weh

  13. Because somebody nuh have papers and still live wit momma nuh have nothing going for demselves?,u actin like kaka big 30something women! No this isn’t kaka!! Ppl nuh haffi mek announcement when dem ah do something and make a step inna life.. U mad because U don’t know what she’s doing? Because she’s not announcing it to the world, must she update philly dancehall wit her business so uno can chat it! Go sit Ur hating ass down! That’s the problem wit u ppl, just because uno don’t know, uno assume!

  14. So how you know neicy and di rest of people up top don’t have nothing going for them miss kaka since you keeping your business from people and still live in your mother house don’t matter if your 30 something you have plenty men you need to get out your mother house and stop making excuses

  15. 1. Never once I mentioned neicey name!! 2. I never said those ladies DIDN’T/DON’T or HAVE anything going for themselves!
    3. U watchin d gal pums that much fi kno mount of man

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