The British government has abandoned the idea of Donald Trump addressing the joint Houses of Parliament when he comes to Britain for a state visit later this year after objections by MPs led by the Commons Speaker John Bercow.


    1. Mentally ill. And there are people around him like kellyanne who enable him. The British nuh ina whey Trump ina and they are not taking no chances with his mouth. Hopefully he will be gone by the next month or so because Russia is catching up to him

      1. Marie is right because him have no shame. You soon hear him sey him talk to the British Priminister and cancel. Never know sey USA would reach this.

        1. The country is being dragged in the dirt and Republicans so power hungry dem jus a mek him gwaan. Trump is being used to carry out many agendas him dont even know seh him a carry out some a dem .. His supporters dont see that the other world leaders wouldnt be in such an uproar if something wasnt amiss.

  1. Dat me a say to, now yuh have some a dem a call fi impeach him. Same people weh vote fi him enuh….yuh hear say Russia waa turn over the yute snowden ? Met i just have a bad feeling about this…something aguh just buss out!!!! And kellyanne she weh a follow back a chump like when fly a follow cow batty. Big big mascot!

    1. I dont mind Mrs Conway following behind him because they will all go to jail . She did seh she nah go a di white house and now she gone deh gone kak up

  2. Morning Met & Metter!

    If anything massive happens to the US… it is all because of Chumup!!!

    Dat Kellyann she dumb tuh. Yuh nuh si shi violate Federal ethics code to defend chumup dawta ova sumting whe nuh have nuttin fi do wid politics.

    Chumup only wants YES men/ women on his team which means the next four years will be scary and unpredictable!!!

    1. Morning. That blonde hag have the right last name. SHE is gifted in the art of verbal and on her “WAY” to no place good.

  3. Kellyanne wants to be Secretary of State that’s why she’s doing all of this. The woman is a soulless piece of trash I don’t know how she lives with herself. No soul no heart she no have.

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