0 thoughts on “TUH [email protected]@#CLAAT………SO KAKA DASH SOME GI DRAKE TUH??

  1. Good night MET IG a pop up wid dis…u member when him did dis her bitterly say she a act thirsty fi him dick pon christmas day when him n RIRI step out go d lakers game?? Dis dutty gyal we did know fr long time say she a nobody but Chris him look like him tongue longer dan fi me

  2. Drake is a piece of shit. U see how as Blac Chyna n Tyga mashup him start follow d girl n a like her pic he’s a fuqing fag na lie dats y RIRI no want him

    1. a so likkle buddy man stay…das y lira tek a next baller pan him whey day n him weak bad but they know how him is das y no woman nuh loyal to him either. mi link say him a mad ova rihanna bad same way but she nah look

  3. But out of all these Male celebs y she had to choose Drake eh n she gwaan like she better dan RiRi n classy , me know dis ya gyal a tief fr long time, no oman na stay wid no man so long unless she did a wait pon d right time true she establish ya now – it look like her head game mussi strong mek him did have her so long

    1. But during that time Drake n Rihanna did a gwaan so how she find har likkle self ina at?? She know what she is longtime as chris seh dem did a try fool di world..chris stay there because him maybe think that did a hurt rihanna but he realizes that she really dont care this time

  4. Chris gave this whore a platform fi tink say she can b Rihanna a when she step out in a d same Boots as Rihanna whe cost near $20000 me did convince say she waan b RiRi

  5. Yuh nuh c him dash out har nude pics, three a dem ….bwoy mi nuh know why kakaraochy waan di sed kine a man dem riri did deh wid
    (Simplicity soon sign in

  6. Morning, boy I’m shock I’m shock the celebrity rapper them pon Twitter sey dem ago ask Them woman If dem and Drake a do the things cud drake a go hard no sahhhhhhhhhhh
    Mi sey this gal all go pon talk show go bawl bout Rihanna fans and Rihanna a trouble har and it’s heartbreaking noooooooo Chris buss nuff shot and everyone a den ketch har

  7. Chris seems like him just salty seh the girl leff him. I hear that she find him wid a next artiste in bed that why she vex. If she was all kinds of Thot and hoe why yuh neva leff her chris? I actually believe karrueche on this one

  8. This has got to be the dirtiest break up of 2014, they are going in on one another. Chris will bounce back he’s the one with the talent and the career

  9. Riri dick she want ride.. Soh everyman Riri tek she find har self there. Riri Bajan she guh as far as saying she has Jamaican roots. Har godmother Jamaican soh how she get Jamaican roots?

  10. Kakaruccha chile..tut, tut,tut, us is one ole jezebel. U and Chrispy Brown playing a dangerous game, just walk away and leave out di celebrity men dem especially di one dem weh Riri did ride..Chile need fi find harself and har own truth. Dah bwaai Chrissy Brown is sinting else..mi feel seh his talent is just wasted on him..ole fart.;

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