1. Come sender, she’s apart of the teefing clan, remember they can’t spell anything other than the name on the card they’re using to teef the clothes. Then they can’t pronounce the designer names neither.

  2. Lawd man jezam … a one likle letter missing. Lol. But it get 283 likes tho. Guess all a dem DUNCE or dem fraid a Twinny or dem nuh petty. Mi nuh know. Dwl. Lol

    1. Him name wss Dinero, something like that. He was not her man. She was the side piece, the boy did have him woman ah Queens. The woman was pregnant at the time….so Opal was just his cocky cooler for a couple months. As confident fabulous and beautiful as she is she can’t hold a man. Couple f**k an dem gone all the time….unless them ah look someone fi mine dem WI stay fit a year. No man nuh waan no dunce, no matter how good dem look.

    2. The man name Dinero. …..HE WAS NOT HER MAN. He lived in Queens with his babymother, she was pregnant at the time. Opal was just a side chick and a cocky cooler. She so fabulous confident and beautiful and can’t keep a man. Them woman only look fabulous in clothes…..

  3. But sender your grammar not to up either “this ain’t no damn misspelt” I think the better word is typo….”this ain’t no damn typo” because it’s obvious she misspelled the word seeing as though misspelt means to spell a word wrong. I get it though sender, you were in such a rush to let us know that she’s all looks no brains.

  4. But watch bob ravers comment fi a married boy you shouldn’t be commenting love struck eyes under no woman pictures then again it deh all bout saying u a one a twinny f**k boys.

  5. Opal doesn’t look good ! She has cellulite everywhere and she ugly bad bad bad bad no man I never realized how cocky she was you almost 50 TWINNY ! go sit down or you living out ur implants? Bitxh u only stay good inna pictures n that’s ur body only cuz u photoshop the life out that shit .. Oh and TWINNY no matter how much u photoahop u face it will always be ugly yuh nuh see u full a wrinkles .. TWINNY yuh stay very bad go siddung

  6. No Mi believe di senda God know cause… Yuh can always edit di pic an Mi know she go back to look pan di pic if somebody like it an see say she damn beat-ti-ful and she neva change it.

  7. Unoo bad mind noh f**k what you all care if she is ugly can we make ourselves ? If we could then she would make herself the prettiest person on the earth.when man a f**k pussy dem care bout read and write?.I know her but not to talk to but by reading y’all comments it’s clear badmind is active.go see unoo to

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