1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      She look like the pool toy should have be on top of her ass.

    2. Yes Willy. You can. When she lie down the breast dem will part like the red sea …. so you can still manage to lie in the middle. And I’m sure she’ll be kind enough to hold on to them so they won’t hurt you. Big titties need missionary too. Be nice. :peluk :peluk

      1. :ngakak Cita is dead yuh waan Willy dead :ngakak All when dem two breast deh part nuttn still caw fit between dem :ngakak No sah, mi feel it fi di inflatable swan :ngakak I know she had to put a deposit down before dem mek she climb pon it :ngakak

  1. Her man say Yay, so thats all that matters. Beauty comes in all shape and form.
    True beauty is loving yourself and having confidence to embrace who you are…

  2. She is fat,so what??? When ppl duh dem body unnu call it self hate..when dem embrace dem natural body unnu aim fi stick out dem flaws so sender what is it????

  3. she big and fat like cow. if this was just an ordinary girl dunce head apple would have so much to say. would have so much to say. the only thing kay has going for her is her make up. she needs to visit the dairy farm and groom.

  4. She is beautiful and she embraces her curves and flaws and that is rare for some of us black woman to do, so I applaud her and as long as she is loving herself and her man loves her that’s all that counts, so I do not understand the moral of this story at all… You go girl continue to love you and stay humble…

  5. Mi nuh see di big deal! She fat and she was confidence! And she hav a man (whether a fi har own or borrowed goods, it nuh matter at this time)!

    Sender gweh!

  6. Anonymous 10:05 low the girl alone go see how u favor mongoose. Kmt the girl is fluffy and beautiful, she seems pretty confident and minding her business.

  7. The prettiest fat girl? I dont think so. Y get a tummy tuck but dont try to lose weight naturally in other area. Are u going to deny the tuck, Kay?

  8. I’m only here for the flamingo :sorry…. It was later discovered a few feet away busted remains of that pink flamingo who didn’t make it… last seen this day barely floating on water with its head down carrying major weight.

  9. Is fat a crime? Kmft! leave the girl alone a bet if she go do surgery and cut off the big gut unnuh same one ago dash har bk up yah n rub har out like Chark pan school board.

  10. Shes beautiful and what makes her even more beautiful is that she accepts that she is a full figure woman. Herclothes that she’s wearing fits her. I don’t see anything wrong with her. Good did not make everyone slim and trim, it’s about having high self-esteem and loving yourself for who you are. Why try to make some one feel bad for who they are. As long as one is comfortable with themselves Im fine.

  11. Saw the first pic yesterday an I had to gal u waist trainer a stifle everyday u in IG a talk bout pretty fat gal lol. Just gwaan take care a the man an bring him in vacation

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