A man, alleged to be of unsound mind, last evening killed a two-year-old boy in Lewis, St Ann.
The child, whose throat was slashed by his attacker, was pronounced dead at hospital.
Two other persons, including the child’s father, were injured by the accused man. They were last night receiving treatment at the St Ann’s Bay Hospital.
According to the police, the accused man went berserk and started attacking several persons in the district, after which he held onto the little boy and slashed his throat.
He was set upon by residents who tied him up and beat, but was rescued by the police. He, too, was taken to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital where he was receiving treatment.


  1. Mental illness is too stigmatized and not addressed properly in JA and this is just sad when an innocent child has to pay with their life.. R.I.P Baby Boy.

  2. Bwoy mi nuh like wake up to dem yah sinting at all..just can’t deal. RIP little man and condolences to the sad/heartbreaking.

  3. Mi used to so fraid when mi likkle fi pass di mad ppl dem wah juss laid out pon di streets, never liked it one bit, and ever so often they became violent and attacked innocent ppl walking by. I am all for asylums, every one a di mentally ill ppl who are dangerous should be locked away from the rest of society.
    I pray for strength for the family to bear their loss.

  4. I could barely read that. I really get emotional especially when it’s dealing with children. I can’t imagine how could anyone slash a child’s throat, I get that he was mentally ill but I still can’t fathom it. I thought watching the US Journalist being beheaded was horrific and I’ve seen a few Cartel beheading but this has me a way! I R.I.P baby. I felt a bit uneasy walking in Jamaica with di mad man dem. One time one ah dem came at me, while wi ah walk and mi madda and auntie draw dem ratchet and cuss him. My madda and auntie always have dem ratchet pon dem.

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