166 thoughts on “UNO BELIEVE WHAT UNO SI DEN

      1. Met, what a way Bolt bredda look good, no sah, mi know Kasi wish seh a did Sadiki have the money because mi know seh if a did Sadiki she deh pan baecation wid, wi wouldn’t see har none atall she would be too busy enjoying that fine young man.

      2. notice all the pics from this so called vacation, no hugs, no kisses no laughing together, you know, things people do when they are in love. This pic is so cold, I can feel the chill from here.

        1. That’s not true. They have been kissing and cuddling and definitely laughing. Lots of inside jokes. Some of it is corny, but don’t say they aren’t affectionate because they are.

  1. Interestingly tho, bolt seems to be pushing his brother to the side. All for Kasi? They don’t seem to be close. I note sadiki, sadabolt on ig, took down most of his pic, even ones with bolt.

    I like sadiki tho, he reminds me of nelly, lol. Anyone has tea on him ?

  2. This is damage control I believe. He is starting to look stupid now and I don’t like it. Better he didn’t say anything at all. One thing though, the contrast between American/British/Foreign girls (Shaderoom, BallerAllert, DailyFAIL, the comments on his page under this picture etc) v.s Jamaican girls (skkanme, sleekjamaica, miniorty on Pinkwall)is alarming. The foreign girls a cuss Bolt and Kasi saying it is wrong etc but the Jamaican girls a seh people just jealous and hating. Very troubling.

    1. Cause we come from a matey and a lickey lickey culture..It became ok to have a mate in the 90ties..and di lickey lickey ting get ten times worst..him cudda control all he wants he should have done so when the pictures came out with him and the other trix…not now

      1. Him shudda run and do damage control, send fi har a england..kept his ass quiet after the brazil thing but he did not..He was doing him so him cyah go bade ten time and mek she oil down and a come mek it look like we neva saw a thing.. :travel

        1. Met him remind me of me babyfadda wey did a kill mi wid bun left right & center, i couldn’t prove it for awhile so was still in it. Until one night after him come from farrin and a young lady show up a di apartment him did a stay a claw off the door while i was inside wid mi baby, short of it him and her did deh full out. Man get mad and a try convince me it was not what it seems like. Kasi heart strong because nobody never know what go down between us and i tek way myself once i had the proof cuz me nah play with my life that way. He publicly embarrass her not once not twice countless times for the whole world to see, you not married, you no engage, you no share no kids and you all chummy with him gal strong bad.

          1. Di money grabba dem run in and a cheer her on and whether dem have agreement or not no woman no want no man dem a sleep wid fi be up on any woman like that. Why tek him back only because he has money??Why is that even a reason?? Har heart more than strong because di way mi love bawl all now mi wud be bawling

        2. Me me a tell you man before the proof i was so paranoid, bawl night and day, once i had my proof that was it & me a tell you met i did love down to the ground that man walk on, but i could not stay because to do that was bad for my health mentally & physically. Man mek me deh pon antidepressants fi bout 2 rass year straight sake of him behaviour. I am afraid of stds & all these things i could not stay cuz if i had i know somebody would have gotten hurt physically & me know a no So i just walked & that was that see me here now, now him is another bitch problem & my ass sleep good every night She is one tough girl to be all okay with the public humiliation & no public apology & he will continue to treat her with contempt cuz he sees that she can not do without him no matter the degrees she has she can’t do without, and he knows this so she has more shame to get.

          1. Mi said it many times here..real women jus dust off when a man u love have a woman or is seen compromised with one is not easy unless the woman have another goal. I understand exactly whey u go through because dat is how it shake you up when a man u love cheat ..nuff man mek woman mad and visa versa…and dem neva mad because they did not love their set your mind a way..Kasi more dan tough har stomach is reinforced , lined and coated with more than guts

          2. Bo I know all bout di bun, so mi agree wid u. When mine bun me mi go straight to the toilet go sit down, was of no use to miself for about 2 days, mi Neva cry but mi felt wounded in mi soul. I want to be cheer leader for this girl kasi. U know give him a hard time, stand up for herself even for a little bit, but to just accept being a doormat so…, unacceptable. No kids, no engagement, no ties…she should run for the hills. It’s okay to love him from far. Mitzi left him and continued to be a kept woman (I suspect by her movements). But not this Kasi, public humiliation then vacation and act like nothing happened. It’s a shame on some of us women, to think soo many encourage her to not leave because of his wealth…shame shame on us. But yea she strong fi Tru, cauz those pics alone would send me over the edge and for a man that’s not my husband, for one I’m only dating for 2 years, who embarrass me on the international stage….self esteem need a boost. The idea of being with him is the compensation. I need peace of mind and no amount of money can give u that

      2. Met from uno say the vacation boring u no see them start act like dem a have fun everybody start put up phone now once snapping a gwan me a dwl how pink wall a control dem

        1. Yes man the two clowns bout dem a go jump off boat Inna shark infested waters….MNLLLLLL :ngakak :ngakak KASI a you say bun life nice…you truly are a retard for saying that and a gwan like the what’s app pic don’t exist.

          1. All ina Kasi mind seh she really a hurt some feelings and mi may haffi thank har fi di best laughs pan di www fi 2016 .

  3. Somebody please contact Ricky and him management team for me…mi ah beg you. Them looking like two ediats. Everything is just too fresh…one minute u nyamming off a girl face and now this…I beg them…unplug from social media for even just a week! Please.

    Yes it’s very disturbing re the comments and I see nuff of the uppercrust Jamaican dem dem want new fren wid money…mi see unno.

    But is Usain smarter than us? I mean…he’s referencing the engagement right? Cause we know that’s the last thing we read lol :travel

  4. they belong together

    lets just leave it at that

    this bringing kasi down campaign not working and its getting tiring

    dont you think usain knows she slept with his brother already ? and him still choose to go there and wife her up

    and kasi know he sleep with other women – she is there watching most of the time

    so done now man

    she good – i watch their snaps and i couldnt talk to usain

    him seem very annoying, boring and silly but she just gotta grin and bare it

    go KASAIN !! lol

      1. So you post negative stories about the girl all day and encourage negative comments for profit and you have the nerve to say this is not a take down? Come on don’t be a hypocrite.

        1. You know more about my profit than me. Come outa mi watsitnat claat pocket are you a pick pocket?? Take down from where to where? What pedestal is she on fi mi haul her off it ? Tell me because I am waiting

          1. Come outa mi pocket pick pocket …Kasi and Bolt has not affected my server and jmg gets clicks regardless so regurgitate my clicks outa u belly and gwaan bout u business.

          2. Dancehall Celebrity pap dung dis server Bolt cant do dat we used to him so when u a go talk like mi put up story fi clicks..unswallow whey u did a try swallow fus before di friggery whey u come type yah choke your silly ass.

        2. Aye aye Simon please go boom flick back innah you mumma and lowe met mi deyah n from foundation and mi and met war like husband and wife don’t disrespect mek u nuh go pon di “other” sites go type dem same sentiments who a slay dragon kasain fi a month now foh, unuh uphold too much dutty livity it’s utter disgusting and we tip-top typing away nuh bigger than the STI kasain will transmitting betwixt them, in no shape or form in a million years a woman who respect herself would switch places with kasi, AIDS is very real and these 2 are on a path to self destruction, sure he’s a great athlete but fame has finally blumptuatte his head and now he looks like a common child with all this social media pandering. If he do stick with kasi he will eventually leave her for the other white meat damn bright bout you coming for met fall back idiot.

        3. @Simone please don’t speak! Bolt mix up get some clicks and comments, even slow up di page likkle. But him never mek pinkwall crash yet! We hav dancehall ppl weh mek ya suh crash fi however long we all start get worried if di wall dead! Because u see di likkle 100+ comment dem u feel dat a ntn! Supposed u did see the one dem wid di 500+ comments pon every post weh mek! And dem wasn’t bout Bolt! Pinkwall reputation deh yah long before Bolt feel him shit can mek patty! And will be here long after Kasi get half a everything! Smh! Good Morning Met!

          1. Morning oooooooooooo tell har fi mi bout clicks..When Bready tear dung di server there were 2 servers plus CDN plussssss cloudflare but is a talk dem sidung and mek all di while because week before last someone come to me on facebook bout the same…but when dem nuh understand blogs they sit and run with the shit they hear so mi nuh blame dem..People cant run story for clicks and den pay it back ina law suit ..stories put up because dem CAN put up…clicks should be the last thing on a blogger’s mind because u can get the fame today and pay twice for it tomorrow.If some a dem did a study a book like how dem study dis wall dem Jamaica wudda tun uppppp

  5. I’ve always wonder how sadabolt never fly out to any meet b4 as well but I also see kasi post sadabolt and him girl on her snap saying in laws b4 as well so they must be over it…..sadabolt girl and kasi also be in each other comment on Instagram too.

  6. Dat caption mek him look so damn stupid.Usain a try too hard yah now,i would come off social media for a while after all the trashing on Shade Room and Baller Alert yuck.Kasi can’t do any better because she is Usain puppet.Kasi have no shame and self esteem!!

  7. The real problem is she is class less. I would never tell another women to leave their man. I would tell them to be careful and know why you staying just don’t loss your self respect. This girl needed to just stay out of the spot light why comment on the media. He is for a fact disrespect her. He made LEGEND and she was not there. He was kissing strangers on the lips thats some big diss. However she wanted that so just keep quiet and be classy.
    On a next noted why shaggy wife commenting under Kas pic.

    1. U think is just shaggy wife alone lmao nuff other uppercrust ah comment too lol all one next one @iamjamaicaun or whatever she name bout “wedding” she mussi looking the stylist work for Kasi lol and what the next one name…Silvera girl that had the baller boy fren and was on the show with the game…she making sure nuff up herself real real quick…what happen to she an her baby father????? Kasi….careful wid that one….she will tek weh u money bag usain quick quick cause is she pretty like money an she is the real deal come up..but he couldn’t rise to the top…not yet tho… :cystg

      1. all daryl vaz wife a comment, nuff more jamaican “high class” gal under her pic since she get the flyout, cause lastwk dem same one did a laugh after her wen bolt did a kissup the next girls ova suh. but a suh it life, if u know wat i know then u wouldnt surprise wat them uptown gals hafi do fi ring & wife life. Them mek JA stop use daylight savings time because a di “rape wah did gwan, nuff time them face get busup enuh, nuff time dem “hubby” get ketch wit the boys/man dem but u neva hear that from me cause it gets worst. me nuh follow ppl with name/money nor fame, they are the worst kind.

        1. You notice seh all a dem weh unnuh a see don’t work and a man wid money dem deh wid suh dem can stay at home or drive up and down Jamaica wen dem bored! All a dem woman deh haffi tek disrespect at one point or another from who dem deh wid! From u man hav money and a likkle hype u can get in wit this crowd! It nuh hard! But she fi be careful cause dem uptown woman ya deh inna di spin long time! Them will fren u and sit dung and chat u and if she feel she better than them, them will done har! Oh and remember them was the crew who did a snub Bolt before!

        2. Lol ah true…Kasi betta careful cause them been playin this game longer than she and 60 million net worth ah drive them mad inside so them haffi fren up first….good luck Kasain!! You right…”and so it begins” :games

  8. Exactly MET. She a read the comments though for sure. Because I commented under one of Skkanme or some other Jamaican picture site on Instagram I didn’t even at the girl and mi go pan her page and I am blocked. lmao.

  9. So him have to keep quiet cause bolt a support him ? No sah,

    I agree bolt need proper PR management…. Bolt Rihanna say a now she not looking at you. You too childish….

  10. ok let me say this:
    we all have a past, fk a few no good men, some still do. We dont know wat kinda relationship them have behind closed doors, what i do know is, he wanted a woman who is open to watever, dating a rich man not easy hafi can putup with the most crap to keep up appearances, kasi used to him with other women, hes not my man so i care zero, but if i were her i would step my game up, the clothes & shoes nah cut it, get some real assets like a house, car, money & a career, keep a low profile on social media & upgrade myself outa him, after all, he was the one who claimed her publicly, full time she wise up & use her pu**y power, her fu***kng the bro irrelevant now cause none a dem dont care. I want to see Bolt growup & just settle down, respect is everything so him need fi know say him cuda rich likkle more, if him ago style her certain way it nah go work, but at least them know each other good & bad everything in the open.

    1. People missing the point. If them have an open relationship that is fine with them but everybody didn’t know that. He blatantly moved from girl to girl to girl. He didn’t try to hide it. Problem with Kobe and all dem stars is that them sneaky but did get CAUGHT not rub it in the girl face. Bye.

  11. How dem say crotches nah no power??… I was just on SADA’S page Saturday and several pics of him and BOLT was on his page , today is Wednesday..I wonder what really went down…HMMMMMM!! That’s interesting.. Everything else is all played out now tho, I agree with @A DIFF ME..I really couldn’t date him and they both deserve each other..they both act childish and look stupid. He’s so pathetic on SC and she just…oh boy can’t find the words like she annoyed but a try hard fi tolerate his annoyance. Me no know if dat mek sense but me really see say dem deserve each other. They both sleep around, both attention seeking whores, both acts frighten and stupid. They do have stuff in common, let them be.

    1. Mi wudda agree wid everything u seh except di let dem be..dem nah let us be so how we fi let dem be? Here you have almost a nation of people saying that if you suggest they shouldnt be together then you dont like the girl and you dont like the man. Some are saying he is young and what he did was ok…women are saying this…forgetting that at no time in their life whether it be young or old that it felt ok to be cheated on..Now lets shift the cheating aside, if Kasi’s feelings are genuine then hats off to her and if his feelings are genuine, hats off to him too but would she be with this man if he wasn’t who he is? If he were poor would she take what he did and would people still feel that its not so bad about what happened? Mi si Mr. Bolt mek a move to someone I know and I told them hell no but I knew she wouldnt even give him a second thought because she on her sh*t and she claim him ugly but respects what he has done for the sport…If she did tell me she want Bolt because a money I would say no same way because after seeing what my friend went through and money couldnt save her…I would not tell no woman fi go tek a man they wouldnt in their right self/mind tek if him did bruck. No one wins because you will be forever unhappy.

  12. what yall think Sadiki ago do?? him neva plan fi wife up kasi so Bolt step in & dweet, Bolt a mine the whole family so everybody kool. i like kasi & bolt together, them both know wah gwan with each other, none a dem anuh saint so them just a work with it.

  13. Goo morning!

    Let’s clear up a few things Bolt a mine Sadiki, always has, along with Kasi! If him drop dem, dem probably starve!

    Now them 2 here should just hav vacationed under the quite and stop pose up for social media.

    The funny thing is its only ppl in Jamaica who defending Kasi, foreign ppl a done har cause dem seh she nuh hav nuh shame, pride, self esteem, or ntn! Ppl did all a seh it wouldn’t hav looked bad if them did break up likkle and then get back together! But this is proof that she jus there for the money and that the 2 a dem a attention whoring clowns!

    They keep posting because of the little group of ppl that boosting them up. The reality is most ppl love see them post so they can laugh at them! And them so caught up inna di likkle spotlight it a spin dem head!

  14. Met, Kasi put up pic with her and bolt bout “all that matters”.

    Ok Kasi , here’s some fPR advise. That pic that bolt put up , the one with ur leg up? It screams trashy, trying doing another one in a more sultry pose. Remember at all times we must remain classy. You both should try to do more romantic pics, hugging or playing in the ocean, hand in hand walking down the beach, etc. These pics look more like friends. If all else fails, after all it’s damage control time …. Just leave all social platforms for a couple of days. Do not feed into the hype.

    As prev meter said, Kasi upgrade yourself. Bolt please tone it down a little to “seem” more settled. Imaging is everything. You all can maintain your true personality on the download. That is all for now…. Pls send my cheque to met …

    1. Mi a go start call dem pinky and di brain. Every morning dem get up plotting to take over the world…what time is it in bora bora?

      1. Its 5:24 AM there now and you mean to tell me dem get up ina di miggle a night a upload pics fi tek ova di media today? Mi a go stop post dem because dem love the attention

        1. Mi have a feeling say shit just call real for Bolt….between his brother removing their pics together and this stupid caption…sumn a come….smaddy smaddies a give him a reality check….From him release that statement yesterday shit got REAL.

          You know mi really a wonder if apart of Kasi’s plan isn’t to shame his ass and him not realizing….cause this is a disaster


          1. Marie u know mi did fi ask di minions dem seh when Kasi did a ask fi inquiries what dem did think of her then..Mi a wonder if she did plan then fi talk di tings..something ina something.. not one pic a bolt pan him page ..maybe people investigating the brother and kasi claims marie..

          2. Yuh see when this bora bora vacation dun mi sorrrrraay fi Kasi God know…she Betta try ask for her salary for her years of service bout 2 millionish and keep it moving…Bolt a go feel nuff ppl wrath she lucky if she get a phone call….this will not end in her favour at all. Imagine bolt did not issue any statements when he should have and the one rumour of their engagement and boom statement write up fast fast fast…IDIOT GYAL KASI LEVEL WITH THE BWOY GET WHAT U WANTED..SOME MONEY AND GWAN YUH WAYS….

          3. Same ting mi seh and I know with all the cameras they must have asked him about kasi..dem mek mi tired and sleepy I kaint

          4. People were not tagging Sadiki before I saw that happening two days ago…people on IG have ZERO chill who is to say who else is being tagged mother father baby Madda etc etc..old school Jamaicans are private ppl and nuh like dem tings yere….a next thing how are we so sure that this has not affected his businesses or his endorsements????? It is overall negative in America what Bolt is doing. Notice since Rihanna got her deals with puma and that designer she calm right down….no more foolishness she is all about her brand.
            Bolt a gwan like an immature fool…bigger than him has received and lost endorsement deals so mek him continue.

          5. ______________________________________________________________________
            Something a gwaan whey bigger dan we ..I going to watch and see..From Usain si seh him mek front page a physical news paper him shudda cut right down …..Kasi and him shudda dip low and then come back..whoever handling his PR not telling him nothing right

  15. But wait. Is photoshop kasi photoshop the man pic? cause mi refuse to believe a soh him foot dem fugly. Hey kasi you a ramp too ruff enoh…

      1. Met!!!! Seh God know!!! And you betta kiss the cross to oooh. Mi bomboclaat and him naa bleach. Him foot dem look like batta chicken foot wen you throw hot wata pon it, but di wata Nevada hot enuff..

          1. Omg no man kasi you stomach strong noh f**k cause if you a lick out usage bottom then that ugly foot with those ugly toes Goin into your mouth YUCK. John crow no Ave nothing on you boo.

  16. So..anybody know if any of the squad like or comment on any of the pics??? I’m curious again lol because if kasi win the ring the squad might be in danger of mash up…wait…but him did have a new “squad”on him snap wid the bora bora performer man dem…I guess that may be his new squad for real cause Kasi not gonna share him with Tara, Tahirah, Samantha, Rene, and the others….squad where u at!!!??unno save Usain please!! Save him :tkp

  17. Please post d snaps met because mi nuh have SC n mi tired a reading bout dem now yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawnsssss.

    Whore a take trips n living d life in dubai, nothing new. Kaci only looking a come up. Met memba tag-the-sponsor show up all a dem all range a bentley whore a get. A da level deh kaci seh she a head towards now.
    Snaps pleeeeeease met!

    Ppl saying she should do this n that but did they stop to think kaci name is not on any statements or title so she can only take what shes given.

    1. But she a boast bout which hotel she at etc why she neva tell di man fi tek di money buy piece a land gi har mek she start a house?

    2. Dem whore deh pon tag the sponsor hav more brains and ambition than our Masters degree fren (it sad fi see). Dem gal deh f** one man fi all a week and get all US$50,000 + some expensive car…dah gal yah a f**k Bolt fi how much years now and nah push down nuh big money vehicle or some brand! And it obvious that’s what she wants. Dah Bora Bora trip ya a di first real big ting him gi har (di likkle red bottom dem a nuh ntn)

      Wen u tek man wid money, money fi show pon u!

      1. can i tell u. The crusty bwoy is a great athlethe yes, but him no mean her no good, all the freakiness in the world & public humiliation & him nah spend no money pon her??? kmt before we flyout him wuda hafi put at least $2mil ina my account for starters or buy me a NHT 2bedroom house (if is even that) then we can chat, all these nowadays girls want a hype, designer clothes & fame!! hungry a kill some a dem unda quiete enuh. If my man did deh pon Bolt level me try secure my little much. Him woulda hafi buy me peice a land mek me build a house pon, nuff ppl a cuss kasi say she a gold digger but, u hafi dig fi gold if u man have money like bolt, weh u ago do? mek hungry kill u?? hell no, STEP U GAME UP KASI, dont mek di bwoy clown u, tek weh u can get & build up yourself. u cant jus a tek di bun dem fi nothing have sense.

          1. MET u right bout that, the relationship neva start right from morning, the history between them all ova di place. But then again a it them want & them no feel bad so me nah vomit. She better get a house outa him cause red bottoms/name brand clothes anuh life nor do they have value. If i were her i would mek him take me furniture shopping upa Ashleys, clean out di store, buy a new house & then take the trip. Mek him send me go do a next degree, build up myself so i have more to offer. in a dem yah time yah woman fi wise mek no man tek u fi menkeh or fool. Be wise & smart.

  18. A dat mi and mi sista did a say di jamaican gold diggers get hypnotized wid boot and clothes and table scraps, they rather buss a breed and siddung home a wait fi di man dash him buddy all about, at least di yankee one dem want tings in dem name and rather go open up business

    1. :thumbup and yankee gold diggers will hold a meds not the jamaican ones..dem a dig gold fi be seen with someone with a name…dem want di money and pretend like seh dem dont want it because dem want di man fi buy into their bullshit so they dont get nothing more dan some pose wid a name brand man…ask di groupie dem cause not one a dem have anything today..NOT 1

  19. OFF-TOPIC!!
    ever notice how the local IG stars buy the most clothes & shoes fi model & compete with one a neda. As 1 a them post a pic the next one post 10, saying where them shop whofa cheap makeup them buy & all these tings lol di whold a dem pack up unda kasi pic a comment when lastwk them same one a laugh after her lol nuff a dem drop dung when them see her a Bora Bora with the man enuh. I rate the PR move on Bolts part, mek nuff a them gal deh chat, them wah be Kasi unda quiet. Ina dem cheap hair & 1million ediot followers who boost them up, kmt me have 9-5 & them nuh work & deh pon IG daily dressup, dem dont live nuhweh tan good, them life messy & nuff a dem teif. Errice, Aneika, chromedoll, fashionenira kymberly meegan etc….

    1. Those are locals gabby grabbies without a 9-5 so they gonna feel some typa way yes. Kasi herself is an IG watchie peepist too looking at what who a wear what…is a clique of them.

          1. Di whole a dem funny! Everybody a show off clothes and boot and party pics or the little cafe/resturant them guh! Or in some ppl case di man car! Mi role inna some UPT crew wen me ready and it funny fi see nuff a dema try be UPT and it nah happen! And di UPT crowd a try blend in and get the hype to!

            That’s why mi love the real money crew! Dem nuh see nobody an dem nuh inna dem things yah. Dem keep inna dem circle and nuh mix nuh matter what! Cause dem ppl deh now reputation a everything!

  20. Ricky! NJ!!! Somebody please…save wi legend please!!! He was already hanging by a thread regarding his off track behavior but kasi turning him into a real and bigger fool!! Please please! Find him somebody better that will lift him up! Somebody that clearly not about the hype and just want the best for him. People saying she have an LLB and MBA….but what she doing with it? Think that doesnt make her a goldigger? Not one rass…she just trying to secure moneybag Bolt. Squad!!!! Save him!!! Knock just a likkle sense in him tuff head :sorry

    1. You saw no such thing when Sadiki was posting videos on snap chat from his living room cheering his brother on.

      People really make up things to fit their own imagination. Follow dem you look like an idiot. Swear

      1. Cassidy you cloudy mind trick, what is your problem? I didn’t make up anything. I said I can’t remember but I believe he may have been there. I didn’t say he was there for sure.
        Go play with a puppy or a find a real friend.

  21. With Sadiki taking down his pictures and Bolt coming out saying don’t believe everything you read, I wonder if the stories about Kasi and Sadiki are about to come out in the media.

    1. on the international blogs/websites maybe but that a stale news to us locally.. kmt kasi & bolt need i just vacay secretly & put down the phones. we get it, dem nah lef dem one another “big deal” who would lef them biggest meal ticket without a little something something??? if me did deh with him i would not lef him either. Thats main reason why men like bolt dont look women like me cause me ago want too much & me nah do no major freakiness for it, him would have to show me some respect & that anuh fi him ting so woman like me ago forever work my own funds & be simple cah me cyah stomach fi nyam out no man a$$. i would probly faintout & go ina hidding. a bawl dung di place.

      1. I saw someone comment on dailymail bout woman and evolving into a form of lowness….I dont remember it all but its true..Now, youre pretty, shape good and educated you say..You slept with the brother who is local and move on to the superstar brother who has pissed on you and used his tail to fan it pretending it was water…ok we got that part…Women/young girls who are less beautiful and not as educated and shape as good…what are they supposed to take from a man….This is 2016 now, I would love to know

        1. I agree and mi go say this, mi love dutty berry but him a fall in line with this situationship and say how we don’t know what kind of understanding kasain have, I’m screaming my head like what kind of message is this to young girl who live breathe social media on a daily basis.

    1. thank goodness fi di “filter app” no matter wah dem do or wear them cyah look good!!! if u comment seh dem no look nice their followers drag u & me dont want pull them file pon IG mek dem go ina hiding. funny thing, u hardly see the real store owners hyping or carying on on IG. Some of us were actually brought up with morals & learn something at school. Not one a dem gal deh cyah keep a man fi save them life, nah pickup fi kasi she a one a dem to but at least she 1% above them cause as bad or whorish bolt is him “claim” her minutely which is a big deal to her. If she (kasi) has any ambition she will upgrade herself majorly & regain her morals if that is even possible. We live in a world where if u give your honest opinion on a topic the say u (hating/badmind). lol silly generation.

  22. @anonymous 7. Jamaican man never really show affection anyway. They not romantic. The only time they’re romantic is when they want something. Everyone knows Jamaican man lines are wack. They only fool the desperate women dem.

    Jamaican man are more daggers than wine and dine. If you just want a good slap and thats it, Jamaican man is good for that.

    If you want a good suck, kiss, lick and talk real dirty, get an American man.

    Met, do you agree. I love to hear your opinions. lol

    1. Present!!!!! Mi see say yuh present too but yuh always sit down way a di back of the class so mi always a miss yuh….gwey money cho

  23. Errice , kymberly and fashionenira have a business suh how dem nah work ? Cromedoll work her 9-5 . So what if dem a dress up pon instagram ? Isnt that whats its for to post your pics? When ya call the people dem name mek sure yuh know if dem work or have a business before yuh decide fi mix the people dem and seh dem not working. a unu a boost dem up because unu stay a call up dem name and a talk bout dem.

    1. dont come for me cause dem nah no ambition, di hole a dem a tek the same man/woman & showoff pon IG like them life perfect, my thing with them is this, dont gwan/act like u life better than a next person own because u a sell/wear cheap fits, their air head minions like yourself swear seh them up deh. kmt stop cape for them & get u life in order. If u working for clothes & shoes to model & compete your life sad. None them a invest ina house/land stocks????? i am entitled to my opinion. as if. How the hell can i badmind a gal who sell them soul pon IG fi one like. I can furnish you with my volume & folio number for my land go check it out & even then me nah hype cause me still ago dead lef it wen God ready fimi. Them not humble.

        1. talk truth MET glad the day me did tan up ina di sun fi di likkle visa cause i had to work fi awhile fi di funds fi pay for it at the time, nah come yah come showoff like say me have nothing big lol is wen my relatives send di plane fare & i go farin & clothes ova deh fi lite & nothing, i neva shop ina no gucci nor LV straight cheap clothes me buy & nuff to cause i living to impress nobody. Thats when i know say nuf a di clothes weh dem a sell out yah them deh farin a dash weh & nuff a dem go Bloomingdales go teif the clothes dem to. kmt

          1. Whey u seh yuh find out deh di clothes dem deha farrin a dash whey?____________________________________________________

  24. Met something inna something sadiki deleted all of bolts pictures off of Instagram and bolt unfollowed sadiki. Mi nuh like usian bolt nuh more cant stand him never see come see country boy weh need fi go fix him teeth and him ugly toes.

    1. _________________________________________________________________________Mi cyah badda wid di up and dung oo it a wear mi out

    2. Blood thicker than water, nuff time me nuh chat to a some a my family members for watever stupid reason but i know, me nah go style them or mek our cuss cuss public, that is private matters. Hope them fix tings & nobada with the folishness. Di 2 dem dun fk kasi already one choose to continue & wife her up publicly, if kasi did stay with sadiki she wuda still be his secret side chick & plus a bolt money a mine di whole dem, thank Goodness him fast cause sadiki & dem wuda dung yah a live regular life & kasi she wuda just be regular & go work like everybody else. Me nah no time fi follow them up. MET more interesting.

    3. Nothing more than Sadiki say yuh idiot bwoy a she you a do all a dis fah my yute…memba a mi f*ck ar first and she nuh worth it…Bolt say a my yute memba a mi buy yuh ouse and yuh car…..hence the deletion and u following..

      All mi auto correct upset wid yuh bolt cause every time me type dis it change it to disaster :ngakak :ngakak

      1. Marie u need a beating___________________________________________
        the media is on dem ass so sadiki a lay low..him page soon private but due to how me a follow him long time :maho

  25. How yuh know them dont “own” anything. Yuh seem to work at the bank or nht fi know weh the people dem own from weh dem dont own. The thing is that unu think unu know everything bout the people dem but unu only know weh dem put out there. Yuh seem to have a problem with the people dem. When yuh can run the proof seh weh dem drive and live is not inna dem name low the people dem. Ambition is when a person is trying. Yuh claim yuh nuh business but yuh clearly business

    1. yes i care because just like u me deh pon MET a comment, me neva say me know di ppl dem ownings i was making a point about their fake IG postings, me refuse fi waste my good good lunch break defending or cussing ova them, u eva see one a dem a defend any of us?? relax u self, this a gossip blog, if u dont like wat i say move right along & go read observer or Gleaner

  26. :hammer :cd

    Errice stop mek har mother sew (it says taking a break from work and dat deh deh couple months now)! Kim store nah dweet, a she alone a wear d shoes dem, and a shoetease a d lick! And Fashioneria a gi out clothes fi likes and fi keep the ever changing circle of besties around!

    Sorry but your statement is not valid!

  27. Weh di file deh wid she an di bredda? even a pic dem need fi surface back ooooo cause a so alone him ago know say ano di track dis an a Desso alone him Can win. Boy blood ticker Dan wata youth….fi a pussy Yuh deal wid Yuh bredda so an a him did a f**k it first… Yuh career dun my youth dun!!… Mi know Yuh nuh play games pan Di track so mi nuh know why Yuh feel like Yuh fi play it off di track u ago regret this usain.

    1. MET, why we can’t see all the archived stories. when you put in them name only few stories leave. all during the Olympics none of the articles dem a come up. FIXXX puhlease.

  28. Everybody a sell the same clothes so clearly minuhbusimesswiththem have a issue with these girls on instagram. All a di store owner dem sell the same thing suh if some wa dress up and tek picture why the f**k not. A dat instagram mek fa. The gyal dem habe ambition and a try a ting. If smaddy a try a thing weh ya try bring dem down fa. Yuh dont know weh dem own from weh dem dont own. Seems like yuh need ti guh the bank weh the peoole dem use and inquire bout wa dem own from weh dem dont own since yuh suh confident dem dont own nutn

    1. nothing i say hear is personal, it seem as if me nufi say nothing bout them cause them a shop pon ali-express & sell the same cheap clothes & hair for more than market value kmt why unuh love katch up unda dem gyal yah ass suh??? nuff a dem a nyam out man battyhole fi get ahead &when ppl talk the things unuh jump up bout badmind & hater!! lol stop it man this is a gossip blog, if u dont like wat i say then just scroll along why the need to jump on my opinion & act like them a saint, at least kasi file pull & deh a road, nuff a unuh file need fi dash out too. I am no saint, i dont badmind a damn soul for nothing, i shop downtown wear pure cheap clothes, fuc**d a few no good me, got tested, pum pum clean, i get nuff bun in the past (still do), working a regular job, dont hype nor do i hate anybody. I have a cheap honda car weh gi nuff problem more while, i pay my own bills, watever my man gimi me satisfy & go true. i tried IG but the hype thing not for me so i read/follow MET.

        1. can i tell u MET them think say clothes & IG filter frighten me, thanks to your blog cause its the only way to know or find out about nuff a dem gal yah, they go to same kfc, burger king plaza’s & places we do, we see them all the time without the fanciness. I saw errice in pablos buying the cheap fabrics so me no ant unuh tell me nothing. Dem a tek taxi same way like anybody else but u wouldnt know based on how they act hype. Them can do watever they want yes but dont come gwan like u $sit can mek patty true a man gi u $20g’s & a next normal girl get $10g, put u money to use & upgrade yourself cause men a dogs more while & if u got nothing going for u chances are u gota take his disrespect. We dont hate them, we just cant get why they do the crapthey do for little & nothing.

          1. All dem want is clothes and shoes..because not one a dem have anything solid outa any money dem collecting..Today mi did a wonder if a only clothes alone can sell :travel

  29. Leo love the power but crash and burn when powerless…. Him need fi all know say di bredda f**k har Betta Dan Him an dem tings, and a di bredda she love but cause usain money… How she love di bredda an but di bredda look pan har like a load a shit and lowlife usain degrade har till him nuh know wah fi do nuh more… But chu him batty a get wash an him like it… Battyman!!!!! Let’s put the brother in the spot light…. An watch dat pussy usain crumble just mess with his ego..

  30. Met and Metters , question

    what would make ya’ll happy and put an end to this ?

    for Kasi to make a public statement that she has found what left of her dignity after all these years and has left Usain empty handed ?

    and for Usain to be single all the days of his life and become celibate ?

    because dat nah go happen

    dem nah stop live

    dem nah stop post

    so ya’ll just gonna keep judging them and waiting for the worst to happen ?

    i love suss like the next person but come on , when will it end ?

    how can usain and kasi mek unu happy ? lol

    cause you know, they are living for you all after all

    1. No one wants Usain single..we a laugh and talk why u assume seh we unhappy?
      If Kasi choose to be with Usain or visa versa we cant change dat mouth mek fi talk and we a use we mouth fi wha we get it fah..

      1. Mi have one single question to u..If Usain was your brother what would your HONEST advice be? Memba u ask we question oo

    2. Is shape bad look bad stay bad Mizty dem like because she was with Usain before the fame. That’s why they are hating on Kasi so hard. But it’s not Kasi fault she look good and bolt want her. Mizty is what you call a starter wife. When the man upgrade he upgrades his woman as well. They won’t blame Bolt for that though, it ALL KASI’S FAULT.

    3. Wouldn’t you be more happy ignoring the posts about them all together? You seem stressed out by us more than anything.

    4. Do you intend on polling IG SC FB and Periscope as well? Mi nuh get it a diff me…when you selected this post you knew what the deal was. A regular blogger…Yardie said he will not post another comment and has not…why don’t you follow suit..whether it is here on the wall or IG people are interested and for different reasons. If MET stop post and mi hear say Kasi a get dunne pon baller alert mi a go fass …bottom line you are tired so find a next topic why are you here on this one???.bloggers like you are tiring and annoying..

      Go ask Kasi when she want it to end because a she stawt the social media manipulation/blitz and a monitor every blog spot like she wok wid Scotland Yard. When Kasi and bolt shut it down completely and stop give people things fi chat that is when it will completely die down.

  31. @ diff me what would make me happy mek Mi Kim ova pan Di grung an skin out…. Is dat Mi find out say she still did a sex di bredda and di ediot usain neva know and him kick har rass to di curb and she bawl publicly pan di sed ig and after we get di video she delete herself from social media only to be heard from when… Met ask where are they now. That’s the only way it will end and it will very soon but don’t think it will be a good ending. The devil is real Betta know dat.

  32. But Met i just watch his snap Bolt say a Kasi get all the bun look here no man :tkp mi no know if is a play on words or what but being for what go down why Usain why?

  33. Oh I never know met being or a run devil site where devil come in it miss hype Latty kmt no weapon form against me shall prosper and u no going to run me from over here cause met know a over 6 yrs mi a peep

    1. Latty never direct the devil is real statement to u, it was about them and the gernearl behaviour of them! Please reread the statement! And nowhere in her statement did she run u, bad u up, cuss u out!

      She was joining the discussion and simply @u!

    2. A diff me dis a type? :ngakak :ngakak so why Yuh neva put back yuh name….. Poor Latty! Yuh see how mi deh yah good good a laugh an a enjoy miself doe… A budwud Yuh want Mi cuss an dig up undaneath yuh like gynecologist but mi naw dweet…. A diff me.. Yuh nuh see Mi a laugh mek Mi laugh. go find a topic fi laugh tuh… Wicked nuh hell! nothing happened an yuh stawt quote bible verse. See say yah wicked… An a when Mi get powers fi mek ppl run from pinkwall…poor mi! Girl Mi a have fun and Mi bipolar nuh bloodclaat so wen Yuh see mi inna mi high leave me… Cause Mi a Dutty jancrow when Mi low so leave me be please.

    1. Yuh madda pussy neva did a chew and spit when she push Yuh out germs! go suck out a batty wid nuff shit nuh… Get a name bitch! Yuh nuh see Mi have one till u nuh stop call it up das how boring I am :ngakak
      :ngakak :ngakak Yuh ago tiad fi see Mi comment :kr Dutty bitch! Cause Mi naw tek nuh check just cash lol gal Mi just skin out Mi batty gi yuh… Yuh seeit! Lol

  34. Mi go faast ova sadabolt page, wht hypeness pon whe him bredda gi him. Bout him clothes not bought everywhere, and all stand up pon di Range mi sure Usain buy him and live him house him bredda buy. Bwoy look like a selfish, cockity, egotistical pos. Probably secretly a thumb him nose at him bredda tht make him kno goodlife. Bwoy always a show off cloths, car an house whe him nuh wuk fah….again piece o frighten shit

  35. The comment when him him in Joseph Coat of any colours shirt bout not available at a any corner store” piss me right off.. like if a never Usain him would be glad to shop at corner store. Frighten hype bwoy. Anyody know what him use to do before Usain riches mek him smaddy-able?

  36. I am convinced that that bolt have Kasi on his pay role.One gal can’t so fool.Steongly think this is an arrangement it can’t be love or maybe,stomach tek.when you just click with someone and have a connection.Nothing more.
    This too much.Who to tell if him not playing her for a fool.
    At the end of this him might just be done with her all together and leave her looking like a fool with nothing to show but some memories.

    I just find it hard to belive that he could really be serious to steeple down with her and make her a wife..sigh
    Jamaican men are very jealous with real big egos.I just can’t wrap my brain around the thought that he could be serious.Maybe he even thinking to himself this can’t be real I dog her and she still not leaving she must want my money because she have nothing.Maybe it would look different if she was somebody that was well to do or has her own.Put the freakiness aside.
    In the back of his mind he must be confused saying damn me really like her but what if me give her a ring and then she chose to leave and try take all me can be very vindictive,we might forgive but we don’t forget..I know I dont.
    That open relationship is bs,why not just stay single and date.
    Bolt not sure of her he seems confused and caught up in the openne3ss.They say when in doubt dont and that goes both ways.She have doubts and so does he.She only saving face and holding on by the possibility of what she might can gain.
    No body not wishing bad for nobody or bad mine .They put their business out there on the world stage so there will always be speculations that sometimes will come to life.

  37. I I I u miss Simone come yahhh! Wahh mitzi do u fi u a style di girl??? How mitzi shape bad? How she stay bad? Di gal shape good naturally! Di gyal shape goooodddd from before breast hip & batty start wear! From she young young & deh with bolt she have a nice black woman shape! And she is nowhereee near ugly!!!! Just because mitzy nuh all into instagram hype where she a paste her face with makeup & photoshop her body u sehh di gyal nuh stay good?? A idiot people like u mek this ugly fake shape a tek over!! People like u make gyal like kasi feel like she look betta than anybody else & kasi been a photoshop her pics! How is kasi an upgrade from mitzi??? Mitzy have class! Mitzi have degree too! Mitzi did have genuine love fi this zutupeck bwoy! Mitzi never inna it fi the money or fame because she wouldnt left him when him start get bad! Wahh a just tru mitzi nuh mixed or have “pretty” hair u feel like kasi a upgrade?? How kasi a upgrade when a bagga man name deh pon kasi??? Mitzi was GOLD cause at the time is him alone did get her! So gtfoh with ur dumb ass comment. U know how long me a follow up this thing & u nuh comment & u come draw mi out f**king idiot. And guess what Bolt naaah stop respect mitzi! Kasi haffi go work hard fi gain di respect wehh him have fo mitzi

  38. Mek dem lef mitzy alone. Decent girl dat. Har name Nuh call up in a Nuh threesome an sleep wid Nuh Bredda. Nuff a dem gal deh lower Dan low. Nasty John crow dem.

  39. Not hating just mad as hell at how they both handle the thing. I was so glad when the little dry foot country boy turn LEGEND. Felt like when Obama win. Kasi I was hoping you had class ( don’t care if you slept with the brother, just make it a true love story). However you classless bad. You had a master degree, you color high(lol stupid me) I just think you should have just take the country bwoy to a different level. Him ugly is nothing I myself love ugly man and he has the ability to shine. You should have stay off social media, polish him up teeth skin care and some education. This little hype is nothing man. The hype mi want fi him is generation of his kids having tea with the presidents, king and queens. You and him just a f**k up the thing for F**G LIKES. CLASSLESS set of ass. If not often one of us burst weh so HELL YES HIM NEED TO BEHAVE RESPONSIBLE worst him ah JAMAICAN. Man when you reach deh level deh YOU ARE YOUR PEOPLE KEEPER. Take a page from Jay Z and Bey even Puffy trying to be the Kennedy. All Kim trying now KEEP YOUR DIRTY BEHAVIOR SECRET man.

  40. Met the more mi see them IG the more mi want drop kick them. Him family can’t talk to him. The way the thing set the more them play them-self then she get left ah suh the PR management ah go come in an try set him on white women to polish him up. Then it look like black brown light skin women no good. When its him who start the sick behavior but he is a product for them. And the little gal love LIKES HYPE then the white man love when black women are stupid. Suh they push the white women as tropy.

    1. Dem nah go listen to good advice cause dem is about winning ..what we dont know….him better tek notes from the black men that have kept their wealth

  41. They always say money can’t buy class…and she just ah prove me right 🙁 why answer where u staying so people can know how much? Are you that frightened by $$…like come on man, we already know Bora Bora is expensive but to really go answer u just as low as the people or dumb as rocks. I guess the more important question is did you or did he pay for it? Lol or you save up the money he gives you hoping this would seal the deal…none of my business? Sorry you made it everybody biz, tired of telling people you invite people inna u private life so it going go! I trying my best not to dislike the young lady but when foolishness ah gwan…. :mewek

  42. Is better dem did pretend like dem breakup and that Kasi left him after his antics and then two or three months later or even longer, resurface liked reconcile and Usain is a changed man! Dem fool bad. Now all that happen is that Kasi looks so disingenuous, worthless and lacking in self respect! As for all the Upper class people dem weh a comment, you are all a BIG DUTTY DISGRACE! Natalie OH! Dont bodda met me come read you file ova yah!

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