Met all a this a long time convo she a pull pan the girl dessi move on from Brina look like she still have up the girl dessi change her life and a live good now a NY girl say she use to struggle and now her thing up them badmind the girl met brina need to get life and leave dessi so what if she use to f**k girls well it look like it never did a work so gal married and a life nice unno a try bring her down a so friend stay when them and people not friends no more people is brina unno fi worry bout she a snake anything she send in and post a dessi past life dessi from her and start play for the next time .


2 thoughts on “UNO GET IT TOGETHER

  1. I heard of people being gay for pay but it seems like a lot of Jamaican girls are gay for free and straight for pay lol. I feel sorry for the sucker who married this broad who lust after other women, that situation can’t end well.

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