22 thoughts on “UNO NAY PAY ATTENTION OO

  1. U see how this bitch khloe smart,she preemptive stirike dem a run weh a day earlier. Yuh see har face and how she cock har head like,”snap mi best side cuz mi waan look gud pon mi missing poster.”

  2. Me say robbas a nyam lobster and her child run way, a if a fi me Pinckney DAT mi couldn’t eat the way me would a fret pan the dog, whereabouts me couldn’t sleep wuss rain fall lastnight. No sah u have a heart of a steel wood no compassion towards your child, why she running away like that what is causing it? You not even think and say a something a badda the poor dog, you are so selfish you not even try fi investigate if a daffy a illteeat the pup. Run khole run I hope you find a lovi g home RUN khole Run

  3. I cannot stand a bone in Bobette but as women there is no need to curse any woman about them not having a child or anything to do with infertility issues. Some Jamaican women are so disgusting and love to curse other women about not having kids or they barren. As wicked as Bobette is there is no need to stoop that low because not every woman are fertile Betty like most. Talk about other things but refrain from talking about a woman womb or make speculations about why she can’t bring forth kids..let’s do better.

    1. True but you need to search the archives. Robbas has been accused of doing some devious things to other people’s children. It’s that deep. So people aint saying that just to say it.

  4. Robbas dont strike me as the dog walking type. That dog feels caged up. Worse if Khloe nuh house trained, I could see her screeching at the poor dog. Dog a nuh fi everybody.

  5. I was gonna defend you ANON @8.22am but i remembered years ago Bobby did trouble someone and their child

  6. To make a mockery or curse a woman because she can’t have children is beyond low. I cares NOT abt her personal life cause it’s obvious she has deep issues. It’s very demeaning to banter someone about their uterus. Stop it it’s mean!!

    1. You need to read with understanding.. Who is mocking her because she can’t have kids? Go and rwad again with understanding goodbye

  7. I never knew Robbete was my neighbor in Rosedale coz i live on weller too,i jus drove around weller an 147,148,149 an i dont see a missing dog poster on any light pole i even went in town an theres none in the laundromats an the library is jus right across the street if they needed a printer. …i hope one of the kids from ps195 find the dog and keep it……..does Robette shop at the keyfood in rosedale coz i saw a girl in there that look exactly like her only thing is her face wasnt as clean as seen on pic

  8. Even though the person in question is questionable -its great to see as a collective group (black woman) we are now taking a stand on ppl shaming woman who experiencing infertility issues or just dont want any.

    1. She fi blasted shame, yessideh when dem did a call tricia son slow whey u did deh or di res a uno did deh?

  9. I know what you mean @met, that why i said she is questionable and not to be defended on the pregnancy stance. No shape or form defending this one

    1. Never breed yet and waa class someone pickney when not even a little dog she can care :travel. I saw the comment and never seh a word because mi waa see how far dem did intend fi go. The woman put her name pan di line and u have/had vehicle a drive and nuh waa pay fah..threaten her and when she call the law u mad? :travel

  10. Big and serous doe some ah dem, as a matter of fact, more ah dem fi barren, and dem fi tank God tuh chuh

  11. @Met I am missing so much of this story. What keyword me need fi search pon the wall to read the bckground on Tricia and Bad Drag. Also when did Bad Drag talk about ppl pickney slow? Please advise cause I need bckground, pls and thanks!

  12. Dwl 10,000 fi breed lmao….das why sumtimes it nuh mek sense yuh try help an put noting inna yuh name fi nobody cah look deh. Pan a serious note doe sumting a gwan in a di yawd why di dog nuh wah stay or deh round.. mi luv dog an mi have dog dem sense tings and we protect yuh an once dem see seh a yuh a dem owna trust dem wah stay dem nuh wah leave….dem energy nuh good.

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