Hide mi Id deh u mi wa expose dis gold digging b*tch Sherika vybz kartel baby mother….she use to f**k a married man him have a hair store a wa mall uptown….she use to run di business fi him til eventually him help her get one fi herself and gi her car fi drive him an her a big freak use to s*ck dem one Anoda and lick out batty the man find out seh she a germs and leff her and tek back everything and left her pon her face cause she a lesbian she jus f**k man for things after the Man leff her the b*tch get a nice stay good butch weh will do anything fi her help her get back the store gi her car fi drive an move the gal uptown in a apartment a red hills a look dung pon the city lol…..she and the butch all get engage and adopt wa baby together and dem did look so nice together the butch leff go foren now this big b*tch nuh do nutin more than start **k the butch neighbor when she leff tru the boy a scamma an have Likkle change and tru the dutty gal eye red and she love hype life….the worst part bout it the bouy use to **k Mel …..Mek a di gyal weh use to work in a Sherika hair store weh the man two back and the butch help her get it back anyways the butch come back from foren and move out and by the next week the scamma boy move in lawd god the boy soon find out her dutty ways and leff her right now all spit him can spit pon the b*tch cuz she nuh like work an a woman she really love a use she a use him cause the butch leff her and she wa hype life kartel mus sorry hun breed di gal cuz she nasty bad and f**k all bout wid her big hole she shouldn’t diss the butch thou cuz she was there fi her an Mek she look like somebody wid her stay bad self she nuh wa wuk so her mouth and her hole afi pay her but mi leff her to the scamma boi


  1. I don’t condone skettel mattress behaviour. Not one bit …… but…..Why Kartel mus shame him breed har when nuff a di gyal Kartel fucc ano nuh baddie dem. Kartel secx gyal ina dem bottom (allegedly from the pics I’ve seen) suh him a freak an him nasty too.

  2. @Mamcita exactly! Pure salt, sour, miserable, karma, obeah pussy Kartel f**k. Shorty is right to go move on.

  3. Kartel nuh have nuh shame, some things me hear him gwan wid. Sender I get that she is nasty but she is doing something right, she get business, House and car and no i dont condone this behaviour. Nuff young gal nuh have nothing 2 show and dem Done/dun

  4. Mi naah ask Christ if a dutty mell send this, gyal true the same man sherika have now f**k u and left u ?

  5. Met mi naw ask Nuh body a haggi the Butch send this in !! Kartel more popular why the send keep On talking about the butch feelings ?? Girl you dodge a bullet BECAREFUL !! Mi know how the butch get Down more over thief and thief god laugh cause the Bush a scammer and a thief it thief har mada money mine the gal!!

  6. Mell and haggi real hurt yall mad or nah? Sherika been real with haggi until shit hit rock bottom. Home girl wasn’t happy with the way how haggi treated her in the end. Same way you get em same way you lose them, haggi what you thought? It was REAL love? Clearly it wuz a phase. The man was glitzy boss I cant remember his name, they broke up and yuh tek up Sherika full time what did you really expect? Money has to be up there to sleep with these girls once it’s not flowing the right way it’s on to the NEXT!

  7. Unu a gwane like stay bad Sherika a somebody the scamma yute weh she an mell a fight over live wid him woman an u Sherika weh the boy from foren shit up yuh hole ca chat to nobody all batty man yuh Mek f**k yuh fi live hype life …the boy have him nice clean woman a him yard and Sherika and big hole mell a war over him unu big an careless nuh raasclaat

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