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  1. Yes him did dey wid the bristolbella girl who sell hair and the poor girl just fool to him cause she use to pay him rent and mine him and all him do a carry gal go sex and sex off all her customer dem

  2. He was with Bristol?? Thats Fashionenira friend and business partner, they rent the shop together. He also f**k off all of the promo girls that work for them. He’s a part of the TNS, who keeps sultry inna quad, like the next batty man one who dem say Javana a f**k, the same one that was feature on here two days ago TINO TNS Right now one of the promo gyal a breed for him, abt 6 or 7 months belly. But I heard Errice was f**king him under the quiet. I don’t know what women see in these bruck pocket, fake brand wearing idiot boys. They are not even high rollers and the likkle fool fool gyal den a war over dem. dem hype you f**k and not even live no wear, not even drive a good car or wear nice decent clothes. A pure China fakery dem wear fr Zela pang or di trends. You fi see dem out a party, you would think them money nuff. them bruck and hungry huh bloodcloth. what women doing with these idiots, because they keep two likkle parties, pure gyal chasing them. I don’t know how dem yah women now a days so fool.

  3. Yes a nuh lie met I heard Errice was f**king under the quiet so wait dey Errice a real dog shit cause me swear she put it the bristol girl on her page and she knw she a f**k the gal man.. Errice note to yourself man no keep ntn to demself lol

  4. She was f+**ing Dexter and she and Bristol a friend smh…Errice cannot deny this cause a no allegations me a throw me knw for a fact

  5. plz, err ice been a queen up clean long time, queen of threesome, clean up of everything. the way she hype and f**k everybody she should have a goods gyal apartment a Norbrook, a audi or x6 driving and a nice clean store in the plaza dem. bitch swear she’s all that, hype and don’t have shit. I tell you JA ppl are so set of idiots cause i don’t when Errice make her THOT wearing clothes with her cheap clothes from Pablos, them behaving as if its a top brand they are buying. oh plzz. All this bitch know to make is spandex wearing clothes bout designer. designer mi rass!!! She don’t care if it was Bristol man she f***king. dem bitches don’t care who them hurt when they walk and f**k ppl man. him and Errice muss f**k off all of the likkle promo gyal dem. And instagram followers fly up in a errice head. dumb hoe!! lol, they think instagram and real life is the same.

  6. Lol this funny all Chevell Powell the one weh name beautiful beginnings pon Ig him did a f**k fi gi Har free entry to quad… Di f**k muss good why him run through so much gyal Inna the same circle… Big up dem the party fi full a gyal so f**k fi entry yes dwl… None a dem a nuh batty man unuh stop it thou!

  7. Always read…never comment…just hope these boys are not sending in their own profile for attention….as u were with the dash out of these hot girls business

  8. Who Chev Neva sleep wid though she run through men and women in Kgn like how ppl drive through the toll road to go Portmore …. Chev body count fi a young gal high …. Lol

    1. She a di next one fi a gyal weh so shape good and have such a nice smile not even a lada fi tekk her from point A t point B, all she do a depend pon ppl fi take her round and about smh. Tell yuh bout instagram famous celebrities

  9. den ah weave dat inna him head? no sa! d man twine een two braids and so much name a call pon him cocky .. him dehven look good i wouldnt even loook twice!!! the one weh name TINO however i looked one day :ngakak :malu

  10. Chevelle a ole whore from long time and love gwan like har body count nuh high. Walk and f**knoffnthe whole a di man and woman dem a Kingston all skatta she f**k off. Wutless gyal weh a promo from 19 oh long. Yes dem boi yah like f**k promo gyal

  11. Chev still live at her mothers house a kotch that’s why me Nuh watch dem when me see dem a road inno cause den gwan like dem nice Chev look like from she can walk she start tek man till dis day and cannot have ntn

  12. unuh fling up Chevell mek WI run the file! Cause WI need fi talk bout the white man batty shi use to lick out Inna Spanish court fi things dwl!

    1. yuh know from yesterday the pink wall commentors a gwaan real bad. But Chevy is now married and doing make up a hope she change still, cah ppl can change.

  13. Married to who ???? A wa dis ooooooooo. Hype hype gyal lik she weh love gwan still live wid har mumma. Di time she tek a watch people she guh stop lick out batty.. A ya suh nice

  14. I cant believe Marshalee breed for him? She woulda swear she decent, all mi swear she decent. When she 1st deh wid Menace she was like this nice uptown girl. Den she strt par wid bare groupie nd groupie out harself, she nd Menace lef two twos mi her seh she a breed fi this yah man yah. She wutlis badd. Nd him have a nxt babymadda she did inna war wid, boy how the tables have turned.

  15. Chevy even shot a dyke I know of think it’s few years ago. Cah manage just like how javana shot…..lol nah say a word! Glad mi nuh bout that life and chanel F**k konshens first discovered wuk! Alright might gone

  16. A nuh lie u a tell abt the shot part cause two ppl me knw go under her and say she have a weird odor problem and me say no fi a pretty girl she shouldn’t have no odor but several ppl chat so

  17. javana have herpes long time. She get it from Bounti. Ask her bout the pills dem she go china to buy to push up in her vagina to try stop her infection. Chevvy even a f**k the man that own Fiction, Squeeze him name. If you go there tomorrow you see she itch up inna VIP with her gyal dem. Chevy huh have nutten, a pure cheap clothes she wear and her one brazilian deep wave hair she wear everywhere. for a young gyal her file nuh nice in a kingston city.
    the idiot gyal name Marshalee, she run gone breed like she a proper wife. you ever see that boy put her up on his insta yet????? him always a talk how him single just to ketch the rest a idiot gyal dem. Javana moved out on venal to go pick up TINO TNS. mi hear Venal a walk and a cry cause ppl did tell him Javana is a whore and a whore will always be a whore. lol…. javana want to roam road freely and venal was stoping her progress so she run him whey. Dem TNS bowy huh have nutten, dembruck, look if you ever see one a dem in a decent pair of shoes, nice clothes or watch before. only knockoff these idiots wear so i don’t know why gyal a go crazy fah. den oral game must be out of this world.

  18. And tino a nyam out under javana and she have herpes yuck lol me hear say tns oral game a nuh ntn normal especially tino him wild wid fi him tongue very aggressive it will mad u

  19. long time jav have that problem, she have to go doc every month for treatment. pretty girl but very very dirty. all the men looking at is the outside because she looks really nice but her pussy stink bad bad. and she love backdoor sex too so a lot of germs passing through her canals. and remember a nuff man a f**k her so lots of semen, juices and germs, virus all around.

  20. I know Chevelle Powell is she the same one that tried out for Miss Jamaica lives in Portmore …across frm Waterford High..not sure if it’s Portsmouth over there name….very pretty girl..I know she is openly Bi

  21. No man this Jav girl full a problems under her troubled because if her two man dem venal and tino bisexual and she a sex them her little problem cannot heal …

  22. A lie mi NUH believe say javanna and venal left plus she still a promote him store hard pan her ig and facebook…. But then again she occupy a space in Deh so mi NUH knw…..but when I can tolerate javanna I CANNOT STAND THE ONE ERRICE….. Mi Neva see a Gyal love attention soh mi rass from her myspace days

  23. Jav and Her man no lef a lie Ppl a tell …. The man no have no penis lol that’s why she stray every now and then go give Tino …errice she need Fi stay Pon the hill a reevaluate Her life and go to God and pray fi she keep under her calm … Chev pretty girl but she walk and gwan like she a goodas and hunniluv so u walk and dash a so dii woman and man dem chat u Chev a u me hear say ur tongue have power u is a great eater u eat with passion lol

  24. no but jav a f**k Nino n few others but shi and the man good back now.. Duh know how unuh sey Nino a batty man though that is a lie… Bwoy can f*k good to! Dwl chev she now deh wid wah man name blue she a try hide him and nuh know him a tek her fi fool cause him live a Mona n shi think constantspring him live a him f**k house… She no stop tek things from the doctor gyal n she no want Har… Mi did hear bout the white man and ass licking to enuh dwl.. This one now just need fi tek out dah braid deh..

  25. these Ppl that think dem file no deh road.. Chev she love watch Ppl file n her own loud up!! After you f**k so much as ur hustle u nuffi have car n house? At least the jav girl have a likkle store . Over to she now from venal ketch her wid flippa him should a run Har dwl every time the man fly out fi go get the China goods shi find a new f**k.. Nino just happen to be chosen this time. N she well freaky! Nino him now bwoy did a treat him ex rite enuh she just wasn’t bout that life.. Mi hear sey any gyal him f**k dem mad dwl mi feel like mi wah find out!! Dexter fi just gwan mek money fi him youth weh a come n stop try buy bokkle n dem thing deh.. And yes met him suck pussy to.. Young kings man dem suck pussy to n a one batty bwoy Inna young kings.. Kitt! Mek mi stop now yah… Oh wait portmore society man dem to suck pussy the one money mitch gyal a squirt Inna him face

  26. The truth Cah hide fi long the only one mi see F**k dung foreign and yaad and happy wide likkle assets yah now a rosie!!! Curtis did a good job

  27. Chevel a whore bcuz she knw the man girl n a fren di gyal pon ig. Long time mi si the play but it look like the girl neva av no clue wah a gwaan Deven si seh chevelle a tek r man n she go still f**k him. Mi hear seh she madly inlove wid him and him naw gi r ntn a just f**k and freak him a freak r out. A big eediot gyal that. Just like r mouth r pu $$ y loose.

  28. No man so you mean to say that you really ah talk bout which and which man ah suck pussy ah portmore like is a bad thing. Ah wonder how yuh kno wmoneymitch girl squirt inna him face. yuh mussi did deh deh….big up the whole portmore society dem ah trying yutes. da dash out file something deh bout people weh have ntn fi do wid this post sound like the envy fi d ppl dem up up up up. unuh doh know weh dem yute deh ah come from. D man dem say hustle and 9-5 n school at d same damn time. Portmore society name nuh need fi call up. yah look ah hype offa d man dem hype.

  29. Kmft please take unselfish and skip to a next article it sound like a ur face the girl squirt inna talk the truth it did nice don’t lolol

  30. A suh dutty badmind nah no life people stay . Love call up people name. The yutes dem a yutes weh a work hard and a do dem thing so what of dem suk pu$$y . Me realize a pure send een a gwan from wa day ya a ppl weh a work hard and ppl a try tear dem down. Jamaicans are sooo f**king badmind. Whoever keep sending these people in have NO LIFE. Fukn losers

  31. Ammmmmmm please try yuh best and avoid mi. yuh ah one ah dem ppl deh weh love talk just fi hear yuhself talk becaw nothing weh yuh seh awhile ago nuh mek sense. PORTMORE SOCIETY FULL AH GOOD YUTE AH DAT ME SEH. F**K OFF!

  32. Kmft it nuh make no sense to u cause u obviously dumb as f*k u furthermore we are in a forum on the Internet therfore I cannot talk to hear myself I am typing words so what u just say no make no ras sense

  33. @ ammmm if memory serves me right you said “u SOUND like ah your face the girl squirt inna” i didnt bother to ask how exactly one can sound like that but since you wanna act all mighty and profound i will retreat since you are the chosen one with the super power of hearing typed words through the interwebs. take the 3 points! the hate and suss will not stop the gentlemen of portmore society from continuing with their ventures. so you can cuss and rail up behind your keyboard all you want. Have a blessed day

  34. First of all nobody gives a flying f**k abt port more society I don’t make my money in Jamaica so that don’t have shit to do with me I was joking around u dumb f**k

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